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Do you desire to build a business that is aligned with who you are and what's important to you?

Is it your dream to have a simple, scalable business that allows you to travel, spend time with your family and say yes to the 5 star restaurants, hotels, and spas?

Are you determined to create a multiple 6 figure business and beyond this year?

Then *spoiler alert* this is for you.

My name is Ariel Frey and my purpose is to help you create the success you've been dreaming about.

Driven female entrepreneurs come to me to receive results like this. These are my actual private client results and this is possible for you too.

Clients Who Enrolled As 6 Figure Entrepreneurs
$20,000 3 month sales
$100,000 sales months
$300,000 launches
$40,000 in sales in 2 weeks
Multiple $60,000 cash months
Consistent $50,000 cash months
$10,000 in passive monthly income
Their client booking $20,000 pay in full clients

Clients Who Enrolled With The Goal Of 6 Figures
First $10,000 sale
$20,000 cash months consistently
$14,000 sales day
$17,000 cash weekend
Sold $10,000 in one week with no website
Their client booking $12,000 sales after one session

My story continued...
When I started my business I was a server in the restaurant industry and decided to put in my two weeks notice so that I HAD to become successful very fast. 

And that's exactly what I did. 

I hired my first coach and within 6 months I had almost hit 100K in sales and within two years had a thriving multiple 6 figure business. The only problem was that I was physically exhausted and mentally burnt out.

Then I got pregnant! I had no idea how I was going to run a successful business with a baby, but again I had a due date so I had to succeed so I got coaching support.

In the first few months that Francis was born I made $173,000 in cash without funnels, a nanny or photoshoot. 

Since then I've hit $100K months, scaled my business so I can watch my baby grow up, and helped clients do the same. 

The secret to my success and yours is what I intuitively created when I had to figure out a way. I call it intuitive success! It's my framework to a simple, scalable, and impactful business that truly fulfills you. One part strategy and one part trusting your own guide equals the profit and impact you've been dreaming about.



Intuitive Success Is Simple, Scalable, Impactful.

It all starts with what your desire to create. The ideas that pop into your head and hunches you get are your intuition and they are part of what you are meant to do...your purpose. 

In order to bring your brilliant ideas into the world and help your clients get results with them, you must simplify. If anyone is going to understand what you do and use your unique method then it has to be straight forward and actionable. We call this your delivery!

If you want to make big profit in your business then you've got to know how to scale the unique work that you've created. 

And that's where the impact comes in. The more people you reach with your work, the more lives are changed. 

It's a system.
One that I created...yes, intuitively..to help you change the world one client at a time.

Understand how to get people results with your brilliant ideas, learn how to scale it, and create the profit with a purpose that you've been dreaming up.


  • Six Months Of Private Coaching
  • 18 50-minute coaching sessions
  • 2 90-minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited support M-F for all of your business questions, to review marketing, support you with your clients, and help you meet every monthly sales goal
  • Bonus: Virtual VIP 2.5 Hour Intensive ($4300 value)

Pay In Full Bonus: VIP Intensive In Chicago ($8,000 value)

Six monthly installments of $5000

(or $25,000 pay in full)

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