Private Coaching

for the ambitious female entrepreneur


With Ariel Frey

Do you want a business that’s aligned with who you are and what you want?

Are you tired of doing all the things in your business that drain your soul?

Do you want to feel free and flowy to run your business like you want to?!

Are you ready to manifest your big goals and have fun doing it?

Do you want a business that grows month after month whether you’re selling courses or 1:1 coaching packages?

Then *spoiler alert* this is for you.

My name is Ariel Frey and my purpose is to help you see the truth about what actually creates success, help you design a business that fuels your soul, and have bigger results than you ever thought possible.

This isn’t just about business. It’s about you living on purpose as an entrepreneur who serves the world in your unique way and gets massively compensated for it. There’s no reason to wait to have this life I’m talking about. Your time is now.

It’s Your Time For More

I get it! I know what it’s like to feel deep down that you are meant to have a big presence and impact thousands of people. I was the chick with a dream, working as a server in the restaurant industry. I had about $200 to my name, but I knew I was going to be successful.

I didn’t know how. I didn’t worry about the how. I knew that by deciding, the path would be shown to me. That’s exactly what happened. The key here is that I decided.

I made the choice to be successful, go all in, hold nothing back, and make the life happen that I wanted.

Once You’ve Decided, There’s No Stopping You

What you need to go to your next level will always appear once you’ve chosen to take that path. That’s exactly what happened for me. I didn’t totally know what I was doing when I first started, but I learned as I went and taught what I knew. Within 7 months I had hit 6-figures in my business and within a year I had a multiple 6-figure business.

I was flying by the seat of my pants, hustling my ass off.

Then I got pregnant! I had no idea how I was going to run a successful business with a baby, but I had a due date, so I had to make it work. I figure it out along the way and created a sustainable business that allows me to spend most of my time with my daughter.

In the first few months that Francis was born I made $173,000 in cash without funnels, a nanny or photoshoot. This is all because I made the decision first, got the support I needed, and made it happen.

My Purpose Is To Help You Take The Path Less Traveled

Since then I've hit $100K months, scaled my business so I can watch my baby grow up, and helped clients do the same. The thing about success is that it’s not really success unless it’s aligned for you. You want to love your life and business. You want to feel on purpose in your work! You want to know that there’s always more and everything you desire is yours because you’re worthy of it. That’s what real success feels like. My job is to help you get there.

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Erica Wernick

Before working with Ariel, my business was doing fine financially, but I was essentially miserable every day. The sales strategy I had been using felt completely out of alignment, but it's what "gurus" had taught. My mind was so stuck on doing things the way others were doing things, and seeing that as the only way. I'm so glad Ariel helped me break free of that! Since working with Ariel, I now work way less (sometimes only 2 hours a day), I'm 100000x happier, and I just hit my biggest month I've ever had - $23,000.

Ariel doesn't try to push her ways on you. She helps you figure out YOUR way -- in terms of alignment, what makes sense for YOUR business, and financial (and mental) sustainability. It's been SO refreshing!

Erica Wernick
Hollywood's Leading Success Coach

Mariah Coz

"When everyone else was packing it in for the year I decided to make a big pivot in my business and take on clients, create a small group program AND a Mastermind. Of course I hired Ariel to help with the transition! We've booked in $213K in sales just from the new offer in one month, with $113k in cash."

Mariah Coz, CEO At Mariah Coz


Feel What It Would Be Like To…

  • Attract clients to you who can’t wait to sign up for your next offer

  • Feel aligned in your business, on purpose, and confident in your offers

  • Show up as 100% you, tell your story, and say what is true for you

  • Raise your prices now and call in clients ready to invest in your work

  • Uncover and release limiting beliefs keeping you from your next level of success

  • Create your next course, mastermind or event and sell it out

  • Know what truly makes you unique in the online space in your niche

  • Have a simple business strategy that feels good for you and works to meet your goals

  • Work every day from ease, flow, and joy.


What You Get

When you sign up for private coaching with me, you receive:

  • Six Months Of Private Coaching

  • Unlimited Voxer access

  • 45-minute sessions 4x a month if needed

  • Access to all of Ariel’s programs, listed below.

  • Support M-F via basecamp for all of your business questions, to review marketing, support you with your clients, and help you meet your goals.

  • Access to any all programs Ariel releases for the next 6 months, which includes live events, courses, and masterminds.

The Bonuses

In this private coaching container you also receive:

  • Simple Scalable Impactful 12 Week Program - $1997 Value

  • Influential Attraction Marketing 6 Week Course - $997 Value

  • Manifesting Money & Mastering Your Mind 5 Week Course - $1111 Value

  • Access to any all programs Ariel releases for the next 6 months, which includes live events, courses, and masterminds.


Tabita Dietrich

Ariel is truly a wonderful mentor and person. What I loved most about our time working together is that she never put me in a box or tried to apply a certain way of doing business or strategy to me.

Her signature framework to keep it simple, scalable and impactful is truly what she helps you with in your business. Her intuitive insights and her knowledge about marketing yet keeping it simple at the same time were always gold treasures for me.

She is a mentor who walks her talk. She is real and genuinely cares about her clients success. I not only increased my revenue and cash but I freed up more time for what is important to me.

I also always felt heard and seen for who I am and supported not only as a client but as a friend as well.

If you are looking for a mentor who supports your vision of success and has intuitive insights that help you achieve that, Ariel is your person!

Don’t look any further and trust your intuition if you feel called to work with her.

I will always look back at the time we worked together and appreciate it deeply!

Tabita Dietrich
Best Selling Author, Mentor


What Clients Have Done

Clients Who Enrolled With The Goal Of 6 Figures
First $10,000 sale
$20,000 cash months consistently
$14,000 sales day
$17,000 cash weekend
Sold $10,000 in one week with no website
Their client booking $12,000 sales after one session

Clients Who Enrolled As 6 Figure Entrepreneurs
$100,000 sales months
$300,000 launches
$40,000 in sales in 2 weeks
Multiple $60,000 cash months
Consistent $50,000 cash months
$10,000 in passive monthly income
Their client booking $20,000 in sales


What You Can Expect

You can expect that when you do the work, clients will show up for you and you’ll succeed more than you can imagine! I’m not here to tell you that I have a magic pill and that I’m going to take responsibility for your results. That’s not how anyone creates their dreams.

You have to be relentless in deciding, believing, and taking action on your goals and dreams.

My job as your coach and mentor is to see the roadblocks, old patterns, and perspective shifts that you need to make. I’m here to help you become aware of the mindset shifts you need to make, help you uncover the strategy that feels best for you, and help you take the path less traveled that feels aligned for you. There are going to be hills, mountains, and bumps along the way. That’s normal! It’s why you have a coach. To help you get to your next level even when you can’t see the top of the mountain yet. I can see it. My job is to see what you’re capable of that you’re not even aware of yet and help you get there in the fastest and easiest way. You do the work and I’m by your side the entire way.


Next Steps

  1. When you’re ready to sign up, email my team

  2. Once you’ve heard from us, come back here and use the payment buttons below to sign up.

$44,400 paid in full or 6 monthly installments of $7400

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Esther Loke

Best coach ever. I've worked with a few coaches and the support, knowledge and guidance I received from Ariel was simply amazing. My favorite part about working with Ariel was that she is so cool! I feel really comfortable around Ariel. She listens without judgement and asks really deep questions to get to the core of any issues I was facing. I was literally floundering around in my business for a year because I was caught between whether I should do what everyone else is doing because it makes money or do the thing I love AND make money. Ariel guided me through discovering what I desire and love to do, at the same time, gave me clear, practical steps to take to turning those dreams into reality.

Esther Loke
Marketing Strategist & Owner of e-Commerce Boutique iheartfancyfree


Korie Lance

"I believe finding Ariel was Divine intervention!

Since working with Ariel I have made $11,250 in my coaching business and my salon business went from $45K to $63K per month in sales!

I've also had so many shifts! I now believe that I am always completely worthy, no matter what. That I can never make a mistake or do anything 'wrong.' That it's ALL about growth and lessons! And that I deserve to love my life, live it to the fullest, and share my gifts with the world to make it a better place."

Korie Lance
Founder And CEO At The Mae Salon
Intuitive Success Mentor

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Michelle Ohana

I was feeling pretty down because although I had a pretty good first month in business with $4500 in sales, I was burnt out, unsure of what I was actually doing, and I had no confidence. I knew that I wanted to help people, but the way I was doing it didn't feel aligned at all. Then one day I opened my computer and Ariel was doing a livestream.

She spoke about using your intuitive gifts, and everything she said spoke to me, I knew she had to be my mentor. I invested everything I had, and before our first call I more than doubled my price for my coaching and made my first $6k sale. Then it was a $10k sale. Then a $12k sale.

The greatest gift I got from working with Ariel was my confidence. She showed me how to use my spiritual gifts, and made me see how powerfully intuitive I am. She helped me to trust in myself and in the Universe, and when that happened, I let go of the me that used to be so afraid, and I stepped into my role of a leader and mentor to women.

Not only that, but everything in my life got better! I finally listened to myself and moved back to California like my intuition had been telling me (but I didn't trust it!), my relationship with my husband got even better, and my relationship with myself is better than ever.

Now I have a business that is always evolving and is always feeling aligned with who I am. And instead of being afraid, I completely trust that I can help each and every one of my clients. And I do, every time.

Thank you Ariel for changing my life! You made me see what I couldn't see, and I am eternally grateful. xoxo

All my love,

Michelle Ohana
Intuitive Success Coach, Spiritual Guide and Healer