Are you ready to Reach the
next level in your business?


  • Selling out your programs and services with a sales process that works.

  • Attracting new followers and paying clients every week with on brand marketing.

  • Feel empowered as the CEO of your business to trust your intuition when making big decisions.

  • Having complete control and freedom around your schedule. You’ll be hiring a team to scale up.

  • Attracting clients you love working with who play 100% full out in your work.

  • Seeing the deeper subconscious mindset blocks holding you back and rewiring them for higher levels of success.

  • Scaling your brand to multiple 6 figures and beyond with smart systems and strategic action.

How would that change
your life and business?

I know how possible it is because I’ve seen my clients do it.

Client Results

  • Sold out her live event with over 30 people!

  • Left her corporate job 3 months earlier than she had planned.

  • Had her first $10,000 sale with a client she loves

  • Generated $20,000 in revenue consistently every month

  • Scaled her passive income funnel to 5-figures in automated monthly reoccurring revenue

  • Transitioned her business model to high end (5 figure only) sales

  • Booked her first clients and fully booked her coaching business

  • Generated over $200,000 in sales in 30 days though connection with her audience and without stressful launching

  • Hit her 6 figures in revenue goal, months before she had planned!

  • Hired team members who are as passionate about her business as she is, so that she could take a hands off approach to running the business and focus only on the work she loves.

  • Fully booked out her one-on-one program so that she could live the digital nomad lifestyle traveling around the world.

  • Crossed the $50K month in revenue mark while working part time

What’s Included

  • 1 90-minute Transformational Intensive Mindset + Manifestation Session.

  • 1 Intensive Business Strategy Session to map out your next 90 days with clear actions for you to take.

  • 3 Transformational coaching sessions, which can be taken within the 90 days together

  • Unlimited Messenger Access

Hey I’m Ariel!

CEO & Founder of Ariel Frey Media

I’m a 28 year old serial entrepreneur and mom of my super sweet two year old daughter, living in Chicago. After years of working in the restaurant industry I decided that it was time to create a massive impact in the world and financial freedom for myself. That was over 4 years ago and today I’ve made over a million dollars in revenue in my business.

That wasn’t easy. Some people will tell you that it is. The truth is that being an entrepreneur requires taking huge risks, relentless action, daily mindset work, and continuing to keep going toward the direction of your goals and dreams, no matter what.

That’s how you really create the success you want!

It’s exactly how I made 6 figures in 7 months, multiple 6 figures in my first year in business, and have helped clients generate their own 6 figure months in revenue.

That’s why I love the work that I do so much. I get to help women like you create a life and business from their gifts and values.

That means more impact, more freedom, and a bigger ripple effect for people around the world.

My 3 month program is for you if you are ready to do whatever it takes to have a multiple 6 figure business and beyond. If you value honoring your personal values and want to create more joy in your life, while selling out your programs, generating more income, and trusting yourself to create the empire you’ve been envisioning, this is for you.


This is Perfect for you if…

  • You’re ready to sell out your programs and create crazy momentum around your brand.

  • You’re trying to figure out what strategy is going to work and nothing seems to be giving you the results you want.

  • You’re ready to put in the work to scale your business to the next level.

  • You’re really good at what you do with clients, but you know the missing piece is converting clients.

  • You want to finally get clear on your ideal client, brand message, and niche. It’s time to drop the confusion and create powerful marketing that stands out.

  • You want to master client attraction so that people are reaching out to you, ready to work together.

  • You want a coach who is a partner in your success, who gets you, and knows what is required to build and scale a business that gives you freedom.

How it works

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Next Steps

1:1 Business Success Coaching With Ariel Frey

Pay In Full For 3 Months: $5000
Payment plans available

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