Private Coaching With Ariel Frey

  • You’re working so hard, trying to figure out what strategy is going to stick, and nothing seems to be giving you the big results you want.

  • You are really tired of doing things in your business that take up a ton of time, but provide very little reward.

  • You have that pesky thought in the back of your head that keeps saying, maybe my work isn’t enough, and you want to kick those beliefs to the curb now so that you can stand out powerfully in your niche.

  • You want to finally get clear on your ideal client, your brand message, and unique selling point within your niche. It’s time to drop the confusion and create powerful marketing that stands out.

  • You want to master client attraction so that people are reaching out to you, already ready to work with you and ready sign your coaching contract before they even get on the phone. They know that you’re the one!

  • You want to only be doing things in your business that feel really good to you and delegating the rest so that you have tons of time in your week to pour back into yourself, spend time with your family, go on adventures, and anything else that sets your heart on fire.

  • You want a coach who is a partner in your success, you gets you, sees you, and knows what is required to build a sustainable business that gives you freedom.

  • You are ready to do the mindset work required to run your business like a CEO and create the big success you know you’re meant for.

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Are you ready to Reach the next level in your business? Imagine being able to….

  • Create financial security. You’ll always know exactly when money is coming in and how it’s coming in, which means that you can finally let go of it being top of mind.

  • Have true time freedom! You can work as much or as little as you when, when you want it, depending on your personal goals and values. Ultimately you’ll know that you have complete power over your schedule.

  • Feel empowered as the CEO of your business. Trust your decisions completely and know that the next move you decide on in your business is the right one to get you where you want to be.

  • Have the feeling of certainty in your business. Finally let go of the anxiety and racing thoughts around who you’re serving, your brand message, and what strategy is going to work.

  • Attract clients you LOVE working with, who do the work, go all in, and easily pay you!

  • Create complete alignment in your brand, programs, and work with clients. This looks like you doing the work that you love every single day, showing up fully as you in your marketing, and building the empire that YOU want, not a version of someone else’s success.

  • Have the tools to easily identify the limiting beliefs and ideas in your mindset so that you can focus on the solutions to those, to create breakthroughs and higher levels of success any time you want.

Go To Your Next Level

Decide to have it. That’s the first thing. If you want to have big success, the kind you know you’re meant for then you have to decide that you get to have it. When you really make the decision and there’s no other option, your belief and actions will always back up your decision. That’s where you see huge results.

Once that decision is made, everything you need to create your vision will always show up in your life. It’s your job to say yes to it. The fastest way to create aligned success and true freedom financially and time wise is to get support in making it happen. Hire a mentor who has walked the path before you, has already figured out what creates success in life and business, and can help you to create the version of success you desire.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve taken huge risks, learned from trial and error, and made huge mistakes….now I’m on the other side of it all. I have created the freedom I always wanted with an aligned business that inspires thousands and deeply fulfills me. Let’s create your version of success in life and business!

When you fully show up for the success you want, you will hit your goals, fast.

I believe in accessibility and true partnership in coaching, which means that I’m 100% in this with you! Having worked with hundreds of clients, I know the power in feeling like your coach truly has your back. It’s so important to have support from someone who honors your values and truly sees you. It’s my promise to have that level of connection with you. I also know that when you feel empowered in your business strategy, mindset, and consistent action, you win. So that’s exactly what we’ll be working on together.

What to expect

Clients working with me have created amazing results:

  • Sold out her live event with over 30 people!

  • Left her corporate job 3 months earlier than she had planned.

  • Had her first $10,000 sale with a client she loves

  • Generated $20,000 in revenue (cash) consistently every month

  • Scaled her passive income funnel to 5-figures in automated monthly reoccurring revenue

  • Transitioned her business model to high end (5 figure only) sales

  • Booked her first clients and fully booked her coaching business

  • Generated over $200,000 in sales in 30 days though connection with her audience and without stressful launching

  • Hit her 6 figures in revenue goal, months before she had planned!

  • Hired team members who are as passionate about her business as she is, so that she could take a hands off approach to running the business and focus only on the work she loves.

  • Fully booked out her one-on-one program so that she could live the digital nomad lifestyle traveling around the world.

  • Crossed the $50K month in revenue mark while working part time

What you get

Your 6 Month Coaching Package Includes:

  • 18 45-minute one-on-one coaching calls with me (3 per month + 1 week for implementation)

  • Basecamp Access for between calls so that you always feel completely supported and can get all of your questions answered. This provides us the opportunity for daily coaching M-F. I always respond to my clients within 24 hours so you always have what you need.

  • Unlimited Voxer access for daily support

  • Access to all of Ariel’s digital courses, programs, and masterminds while working together.

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About Ariel

After years of working in the restaurant industry I decided that it was time to create a massive impact in the world and financial freedom for myself. That was 4 years ago and today I’ve made over a million dollars in revenue in my business.

That wasn’t easy. Some people will tell you that it is. The truth is that being an entrepreneur requires taking huge risks, relentless action, daily mindset work, and continuing to keep going toward the direction of your goals and dreams, no matter what.

That’s how you really create the success you want!

It’s exactly how I made 6 figures in 7 months, multiple 6 figures in my first year in business, and have helped clients generate their own 6 figure months in revenue.

That’s why I love the work that I do so much. I get to help women like you create a life and business from their gifts and values.

That means more impact, more freedom, and a bigger ripple effect for people around the world.

My 6 month program is for you if you are ready to do whatever it takes to have a multiple 6 figure business and beyond, which includes the daily mindset work required to stay the course. If you value honoring your personal values and want to create more joy in your life, while selling out your programs, generating more income, and trusting yourself to create the empire you’ve been envisioning, this is for you.


How it works

Email any question you have to

Chat with Ariel, receive the payment link and process your card.

Receive access to basecamp, my private voxer line, the sales pods group, and all digital content.

Next Steps

Private Coaching With Ariel Frey Investment:

Pay In Full For 6 Months: $25,000

Payment Plan: $15K deposit + $2500 monthly there after

Email to to chat with Ariel.

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