About Ariel Frey

Hey! I'm Ariel. I'm a mama, wife, and entrepreneur. My priorities are definitely in that order. My favorite things are spending time with my family and helping women create their version of success in their lives.

I've always been a super driven, type A, but highly creative person. What I've learned on this business journey and with my daughter is that life isn't perfect. We're all human so let's be cool having the human experience, which is highly imperfect. You can read more about how I got to that realization over on my lifestyle blog Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life.

I help entrepreneurs just like you create simple, scalable, and impactful businesses with my signature framework, Intuitive Success™ so that you can have a wildly successful business that is aligned with the life you want. I believe that you've got to have structure if you want to do anything successfully, BUT what fills that structure is your intuition. Decide what you want, believe in it 100% and then take action until you get there.


What got me here

I had been in the restaurant industry for 10 years and knew I needed to get out asap. I wanted to impact people’s lives and use my obsession with personal development to do it. You’ll always manifest what you’re looking for. That's when I stumbled on coaching. When I started my business four years ago and started teaching my first couple of clients how to build websites, I had $200 to my name and was working as a server in the restaurant industry. My goal was 6 figures in 6 months. I didn't know how I was going to make that happen, but I did something really important:

I made the decision that I was going to be successful.

Within 3 months I had done my first $20,000 month in business and in one years time had created a multiple 6 figure business. We're still going strong 3 years later and helping other people just like you, grow your business so that you can have the freedom you truly desire.

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