About Ariel

I'm Ariel Frey and just like you..

I Know I'm Meant To Make A Big Impact In The World


About Ariel

I'm Ariel Frey and just like you..

I Know I'm Meant To Make A Big Impact In The World


Ariel Frey Is An Intuitive Success Coach, Entrepreneur,
And Writer with a multiple 6 figure business Who Used To Be A Server IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY


She knows what it's like to be hustling at a job that drains her soul, wondering when life is going to get good, and wishing that she could create an impact in the world. After 11 years bussing tables, serving, and working in a kitchen she decided to go for her big dreams and never looked back. 

So she decided to start her coaching business, put herself out there before she felt 100% ready, and quit her job as a server before she had any idea how she was going to make her dreams work. People asked her what would happen if it didn't work out and told her to have a backup plan.

Ariel's response was "Being successful means there is no plan b."

In 2015 she started her business and started live streaming her journey online. In her first month she made $4200 in sales and by 3 months had hit $31,400. Within 18 months she had created a quarter of a million dollar business, which was no small feat. It didn't just happen by chance either.

She decided to transform the way she thought about success, took big action -which included five figure investments in mentors, and chose to believe that anything is possible. Now she helps other women around the world do the same.

Ariel coaches women helping them to create breakthroughs in their life and business, shift old patterning, transform beliefs that aren't serving them, and live truly fulfilling and freedom filled lives. 




I Always Felt Like I Was Meant To Impact A Lot Of People


but for a long time I didn't know what that
looked like or how to get there

When I was 13 I started working in the restaurant industry and continued doing that for eleven years, and pretty much grew up there. At 19 I moved to Chicago and snagged an incredible opportunity working with a great restaurant company. The grind and late hours of that industry wore me out, plus I was so drained by doing something every day that I didn't feel was making a difference in the world.

So I got really into personal development and intuition to fill myself back up. I actually grew up seeing and sensing spirit, but didn't realize what I was actually experiencing until 2012. Around that time I received my Reiki Master Teacher certification, set up an office, then realized that I didn't want to be tied to one location. I wanted freedom.

So I made the decision that from that point on I was going to figure out how work for myself, doing something that made an impact and gave me freedom...some day.

Honestly that's how it felt. Like something would happen one day, but it might take forever.

So I did what I could, from where I was, with what I had and I studied online business obsessively for three and a half years. Finally when I knew that it was time to take the leap away from the restaurant industry, I used everything that I had learned paired with my intuition and quickly grew my online coaching business to where it is today.

Creating my dream happened so much faster than I had imagined.


Here's what my life looks like now

I've been able to leave the restaurant industry after 11 years and create my thriving online business

I've gotten to travel around the world while working from my laptop

I've gone from working late nights to making a quarter of a million dollars in my business in just 18 months

I've sold out group programs and worked with 1:1 clients from around the world

My clients have built successful businesses, quit their jobs, and even made 6 figures in 6 months.

I've gone from living in an 8x8 room to having my dream 3 bedroom house in Chicago

My community has gone from zero to thousands of incredible women

I've had the opportunity to work with the top online industry mentors




This Isn't Just Meant For Me

It's Meant For Your Too


I believe that success in life is a choice and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Wealth, world impact, raising consciousness, healing the planet, going after your dreams, traveling the world, funding that charity you've been wanting to contribute all comes down to a decision to take action.

The amount of impact that you create is directly related to the amount of action that you are committed to taking toward your goals and dreams.

I'm here to help you make that happen. Whether you are just starting your business or have been struggling to get it off the ground, my free guide Build Your Freedom Business: 7 Steps To Go From Zero To 5 Figure Months is designed to help you get clear on where you are now and what to be doing to create your dreams.


Ready To Finally Create True Freedom?


7 Steps to go from zero to 5 figure months

Download my free guide + workbook and discover what is holding you back from the success you want as well as what you must be doing to consistently meet your goals. 


personal work


Ariel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre, has training in Tony Robins Madanas Strategic Intervention Coaching, is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, has mentored with renound medium Delphina of Spirit Guiding and has trained personally with Emily Williams of I Heart My Life

Ariel Frey is a rising star in the coaching industry and a mega blessing to the world. She’s gone from a girl working in a restaurant to a thriving Business Strategist and Coach with clients all around the world. It’s been an honor to be on this journey with her, and I know she’s going to the top! Hire her while you still can - it will be a game-changer for you and your business!
— Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life Limited

media bio


Ariel Frey is an Intuitive Success Coach,

entrepreneur, and writer with a multiple 6 figure business.

In 18 months she went from working as a server in the restaurant industry to creating a quarter of a million dollar business and a global impact.

Now she's dedicated to helping driven female entrepreneurs make their biggest dreams in life and business happen.

It's her mission to help women around the world live fulfilling and purposeful lives through their dream businesses. She sees her work as being a part in shifting the collective consciousness and helps clients connect to their true source of wisdom within. 

She's on track for a million dollar year in 2017 and is just getting started!