Hey! I’m Ariel

Hey lady! Here’s the real deal story of my journey over the past few years as an entrepreneur. As you read this remember that these are the highlights and of course lowlights too. There have been so many freaking lessons along the way, perspective shifts, insights and more than I could ever explain in one about page.

That’s why I have my programs! I share everything I’ve learned and continue to learn with my clients.

As you’ll see, I’ve done the work and continue to do the work every day so that you too can find your own way, create your own version of success and live truly free.

It all starts by feeling free and that’s actually where my journey begins.

Shall we??!

Part One: The Journey Begins

Ok, so lets be real. You know that the journey began before this because it always begins before you think that it has. Then you look back in retrospect and see how you were preparing for this moment, or that moment, all along!

I’ve always been creative, always been an introvert, and have always be a highly intuitive spiritual being.

That last one was chosen for me! I’ve seen spirits, know things before others did (like people dying, people calling, and events that would happen) and I’m able to tune into people on the deepest levels.

I didn’t start to really own all of that until a few years ago and even then it took me about 3 years to really say – HIII THIS I WHO I AM.

But the journey to being in this business began about 6 years ago (at the time of writing this) when I decided that I was going to use my amazing spiritual gifts that I had to create a business.

I knew that I didn’t want to work for anyone else, I wanted freedom, and I was working as a server in the restaurant industry at the time – so I knew I wanted out of there for sure! And fast. I worked in restaurants for 10 years.

This was long before the internet marketing and coaching craze came about. There was only ONE program that I could find to teach me about how to find my ideal client. It was $997. I invested right away. Then I invested again in a $16K mastermind to help me create a 6 figure business. I had never seen anything like it!! I was hooked.

omgggg someone who is going to help me create my business. This is the magic secret key, I thought.

***wow, you didn’t know that you’d be reading a full on novel today, did you?! Well. Welcome to the club. I didn’t know that I’d be writing one. But I just always allow my spirit to take over and write the damn thing.

Turns out that I’m the magic secret key. So are you.

But I didn’t know that truth until a few years into investing and getting nowhere. Like seriously.

I had learned a lot, but hadn’t made any money!

Until….. I hit my breaking point at work and in life, really.

I had NEGATIVE -$420 in my bank account, was working as a server, this woman yelled at me for not bringing her sauce in a timely manner and I just couldn’t even any more.

So I talked to God. I said…I need a miracle.

Within 10 minutes, I felt myself being called into a bookstore. In those moments of asking for a miracle, I believe that I chose to let go. I gave my struggle up and said, ‘hey I’m just going to take a chance here and let go’.

I felt like I was trying to find something in that bookstore. Was it a craft book? no. Was it something about design? nope.

Then I heard in my inner ear “TURN AROUND” It was so loud. I obviously had to listen. I mean, I did just ask for a miracle.

I saw the book. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. I picked it up and opened it. The insane part, that completely blows my mind even to this day is that when I opened it, I opened it directly to Chapter 9, the power of your subconscious mind for wealth.

Whattttttt, mind blown.

It was in that moment that I DECIDED.
I decided that I was no longer going to struggle.
I decided that I was going to be successful.
I decided that I was going to inspire people.
I decided that I would trust my intuition and share my gifts with the world.

That’s what I did.

I was relentless. On livestream every day sharing my insight with the world. It was amazing how much momentum I picked up, so fast. Of course, this was because I had decided, was trusting my soul, and taking relentless action toward what I had declared was happening for me.

I made my first $2K sale!! Omg. Then another and another and another. Within 3 months I had done $31,000 in sales and had a $20K month too.

The power of this work blew my mind. I was happy. Present. Excited. On purpose. Loving life! It was amazing.

Then…..well, it wasn’t.

I lost trust in myself. I started looking at what everyone else was doing and trying to emulate it. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into programs and mentors to try to fix myself and find the magic key.

I stopped listening to my own intuition all together.

I burned myself out, hard.

Ok…so definitely not trying to scare you or anything. This is just my journey.

I have to say that I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the shitty stuff. I genuinely mean it because I can look back at each shitty thing that happened and do two things with it.

I can see how a.) I chose it. There was something within me that created that circumstance or experience.

And b.) I can see every lesson learned and piece of wisdom within me that came from each experience. It’s actually pretty wild to look back on because I feel like a completely different person now.

Let’s be real. I am a completely different person. My understanding of manifestation, human psychology, how to get people results and the list goes on, is off the charts!! BECAUSE I had these experiences.

I mean, at one point while I was pregnant I literally thought I was going to have to go bankrupt because I was in such a mindset spiral about how I didn’t think I could be a mom and successfully run a business. That downward hill lasted about 9 months, until I did the damn thing and started created $80K - $100K + months in my business.

Your energy, your beliefs, and your feelings are everything!! So of course I was taking actions that didn’t make any sales and kept me at my computer for 18 hours a day.

It was when I really started to own my truth, decide that I was going to come out and say - hiii I’m a super spiritual person, have been this whole time, and by the way I know things and see things for my clients - that things really started to take off again for me.

This isn’t about me being really intuitive. It’s about the fact that when you are who you really are and you do business the way you really want to do it, ya win! Every. Single. Time.

I decided again that I was going to be successful and impact lives in the way I was always meant to.

I also started seeing that by me NOT being my fullest self, not sharing my gifts, not doing life and business in the way that set my spirit free, that I was being selfish. I was doing a lot of people a disservice and obviously, I was going to be miserable too.

So I HAD to choose to change. I HAD to decide to live freely, allow my spirit to shine, my intuitive gifts to be known, and let my personality out…all the way.

I HAD to. To give other people (like you) permission to do the same and to fully live my purpose every day.

For women like us, there is no other way. To live. To love. To do this life.

We have to let our spirits be free.

So here’s to you today. My wish is that you see the content I put out there, explore my journey, take my courses, and experience the evolution with me. The evolution of us as a collective consciousness and also you, a beautiful soul who gets to choose her experience in every moment.

Allow me to be your guide.

And remember that life is not a ‘do it and be done with it’ thing. This is an experience every day where you get to choose who you want to be and what you will do on this planet. I know you’ve got a fire inside of you. I see you, visionary. I am one of you.

You’re the only one who can choose to trust yourself, to choose that you are always making the right decision for you, the one that is for your highest good. You are the only one who can truly lead the way for you. So do it. Lead the way. When you do, the people will follow.

Love you,

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