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BURNT OUT With Launches To Making $60,000 In 15 Days And $113,000 In Sales In 8 Weeks. Zero Launching. Zero Hustle. 

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From $3500 Fees To $20K Fees In 30 Days And Selling Out Her $30K Fee Mastermind In 7 Days [$300K Booked In One Week]

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Mariah coz

From Selling $2K Courses To $20K Fees And $213K Sales [$113K CASH] In 30 Days

"In December when everyone else was packing it in for the year I decided to make a big pivot in my business and take on clients, create a small group program AND a Mastermind. Of course I hired Ariel to help with the transition! So far in December we've booked in $213k in sales just from the new offer, with $113k in cash. Beyond that, I just have the confidence to get the sale and know without a doubt that I can deliver."