Let Business Be Simple

Hey girlfriend, I know it feels like you’re missing something because everybody else seems to be rocking out with these crazy high numbers and huge followings. 

You’ve been doing this for the last couple of years so you should be there by now.. right? That’s what you’re thinking. 

You’re super smart and you’ve had big success in the past but for some reason, it’s just not sustaining itself. Or to be totally honest you get bored with what you’re doing. 

You’re just so frustrated and questioning if something’s wrong with you since you know how driven and determined that you are. 

Your clients have gotten amazing results, so none of this makes any sense but it’s becoming really discouraging that there’s so many ups and downs in your business. 

It’s OK! Take a step back for second and just take a deep breath. I know that’s probably the most annoying thing anyone could ask you to do. 

We just wanna start with a clean slate. 

You're a REALLY smart, driven, passionate, intuitive, and a leader. 

Sometimes, when you’re so in it, it’s almost impossible to see how valuable you truly are. It’s also incredibly difficult to see where you're stopping yourself, over-complicating things and can be three times as profitable as you are right now. 

It’s not a strategic problem for you and you don’t need to learn some kind of manifesting secret... 

It’s really about allowing yourself to let business be simple. Clearing your mind of all the overwhelm letting your intuition insight do the work for you. 

xx AF

Getting Real About What People Want

Trying to make everything look perfect is this weird idea that we got somewhere along the way probably with Kim K's super symmetrical face...

And in our business it’s actually the opposite of what we want to do. 

1. It slows down the creative process like whoa.

Because you’re sitting there trying to figure out if whatever you’re putting out is going to resonate with someone who you have no control over...you don’t know how they feel. You don’t know what they ate and if that’s affecting their mood. You have no idea what their current perspective is.

Yet, you’re sitting around wondering if the sentence in this email that you’re sending out is going to make or break your sale.

2. People love people who are real. 

Authenticity is what sells and if somebody can see that you are real, vulnerable, and they relate to you because they can see themselves in you, they will trust you. They'll also want to know more about if your product is going to help them solve their problem. 

It’s that simple. Don’t complicate it up with an unattainable standard..it’s not what people are looking for anyway.

They want to admire YOU and know they can actually get to where you are. 

xx Ariel

Ps I’m a huge Kim K fan. She’s a genius marketer. 


Have you struggled with this pattern? 

I know I have. You know..the one where you know you need to do something, but you just DO NOT want to do it. 

And it's not like you're not really wanting to do it. You know that it would be pretty fun if you actually started, but getting yourself to start is literally *the pits*.

Can you guess what this is? Fear. 

It's just fear of doing the thing. Will you do a good enough job? Will other people think it sucks? ...am I right??! 

Here's what I tell clients when this arises...

You're going to impact somebody if you show up imperfect and that's the whole point.

So today, I want to encourage you to just show up as YOU.

You're beautiful and messy and probably awkward like me, but it's cool. Because you being you will inspire others to let their freak flag fly. 

And that's when we all actually start to create change. 
xx AF

I Was Working For The Worst Boss In The World, ME.

I remember when I used to sit at my computer for 12 hours a day
Forgetting to eat breakfast and lunch 🥗 
Sucking down a huge soy coffee ☕️ 

Trying to figure out the best tech for making my new course evergreen AND I  literally had not sold it yet. 

My husband would come home and I would cry on his shoulder because I was so frustrated that I wasn’t making enough money to pay all of the loans that I had taken out to invest in my business.

The reality though was that even though I was so stressed and so frustrated and so overworked from the worst boss in the world... ME.

I could’ve changed everything if I was just making my business simple and focusing on the right things. 

One day I just decided that enough was enough and I was going to be the only person who changed this. Nobody else was going to swoop in and figure out what was going to make me happy.

So I had to figure out how to simplify my business. What it really comes down to is you focusing on two things. 


.... and then of course working with your clients because they can be your greatest resource for creating a sustainable business. hello referrals, results marketing, and staying with you long term. 💁🏼‍♀️

So just do a quick check in… Are you really focusing on things that are moving your business forward? As in $$$ making activities? 

 Or are you getting distracted? 

And if you are distracted then what are you really afraid of? Getting too big and not being able to handle it. Not knowing enough for your clients.  What people are going to think. What is it really? 

The best way through fear is action, so figure out what’s really stopping you and press forward, sis! 

xx AF

The Story Of My First $20K Month

It's not what you think...

I didn't have a brand photoshoot.
I wasn't running FB ads and I had just started a small Facebook group.
This was when Periscope had just being the hot thing...I know, that's like the dark ages now. 😂

I had just put in my notice at the restaurant I worked at for the 3rd time and decided that this was it. I was going to make it!

The truth was, I had to make it work. I had to be successful. Why? Because I had been sticking my toe in and out of my business for about two years trying to book clients and figure out what I needed to do to be successful.

I had money going out and once I was done serving, I was going to need more money coming in. Me = holy balz 😳

There were times when I absolutely did not know what I was doing.I totally felt scared. And I wondered to myself...am I F%^king insane??

Then everytime I had to say to myself...Ariel, you're not going to think like this. You are making money and you're doing it now.

I wasn't going to let any kind of emotion or fear run the show. When I made that decision what happened was truly amazing.

I started training my mind to believe that I was making money when I wanted it. $6K in sales...that's happening tonight. Another 3 sales...yes that's happening tomorrow. It worked every time.

This might sound hokey. Just believe and it'll happen!! Right??

But it's true. When you've truly decided that you are making your goal happen, it happens. Period. That's exactly what I saw and what you can see too.

I was putting my order in to the universe and the energy of that came right back to me. 

Everything is energy so in this case it looked like amazing clients and cash in the bank in a couple of weeks.

Now, are you wondering about sustaining that? Well that's where understanding attraction marketing, what makes your work truly unique, and a little more mindset come in.

My work is results driven and I’ve been in this game with a multiple 6 fig biz for 3 years, so if you feel the pull...that desire in your gut to say yes and get your breakthrough, then take the leap and trust that you’re supported. 

You really always are supported. And I’ve got your back too!

xx Ariel

Expect Your Desires

Ever find yourself doing one post or one livestream and then getting discouraged that 10 people didn't just reach out to you about wanting to work with you 1:1???? ....

I see you lurking. It's ok, you don't need to comment. No one needs to know. BUT, you might want to acknowledge that pattern because it's probably causing you to NOT attract your next sale. 

....nooo not because of some magical force, but because thoughts create emotions and vice versa >>> which equals the next action that you take. 

(one thought isn't going to mess up the whole universal flow that is delivering your next win 🌈)

You'll hear from anyone who has gotten what they want, #success, that they first decided and then took action until it happened, expecting that what they wanted was going to arrive. No questions asked. 

Here's the scoop, you've already done that too, you've just forgotten about all of those times. So how would it feel to choose to think onward about the next thing you want to create and just expect that what you desire is on it's way? 

It's a muscle 💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿so let's get to exercising!  

xx AF

Intuition & Strategy

Let's just say it wasn't that easy for me to figure out how to do this once my daughter became more active. 

Why? Because I had always run my business in flow. 

You can call it that..basically posting when I felt inspired, focused on what I was selling and doing that really successfully. $20K sales feel pretty damn good, I've got to tell ya. 

But as she started growing so did my desires for an influential brand.

I want to inspire and help more people every year. The drive probably coincides with my desire to show my baby that she can be and do anything she puts her mind to. 

When you want to expand and reach more people you've got to take action on that, which takes a little more time and focus. When someone decides that they're not going to take a nap during the time you planned to do a FB live, you're kind of shit out of luck. 😂

When people talk about how they ONLY do inspired things in their business I now think to myself...you definitely do not have a baby. And that's OK. Everyone's strategy works for them. We're all individual and unique...so it's cool. 

But if the always in flow thing is making your head spin and you can't get anything done or seem to be working all the time because there's zero focus, then this is for you. 

The need to incorporate intuition with the strategy to run my business like a CEO while also tuning in, speaking from my soul, and being the person who grows her business to 7-figures is where my framework, Intuitive Success™ came from. 

The truth is that baby or not you've really got to have a structure and strategy that feels good to you AND THEN you add intuition in to fill the strategy.

And I'll let you in on a little secret...every successful entrepreneur who rocks out the flow also has a strategy, even if they aren't aware of it or talking about it. It's there. 

Figure out your strategy and structure.

Take the things off your plate that you don't want to be doing. Allow yourself to have the space to implement and take action on what's going to get you results.

Create the container for yourself and then allow your intuition and insight to flow through it. This is what $100K months are made of and is exactly how I created my first one too.

xo Ariel

Two Things

I have literally self-sabotaged with this pattern so many freaking times...can you guess what it is? 

Distracting myself with things that I don’t need to be doing to move my business forward because for one reason or another I am afraid of actually moving my business forward. 

The big fear for me is always about what people will think which is why I try to put myself out there as much as possible to get over that fear. 

I remember being so frustrated because I felt like I was doing all the things but my business wasn’t moving forward... 

As it turns out, its not about doing all the things, it’s about doing a couple of things really intentionally and consistently. 

So if your sales have dropped or you’re not where you want to be, start focusing on only these two things. 


This of course isn’t an invitation to go crazy spamming, but it is an invitation to really get intentional about the content that you are sharing which is your marketing.

When you do that, you’re not going to need to book ten sales calls a week in order to enroll four clients a month. Maybe, if you're brand new to sales calls you might want to do that for a month or so, just so you can figure out what your sales style is. There’s nothing wrong with that! 

Instead of focusing on creating a bunch of new freebies or a new program, just focus your energy on marketing and selling so that your business has sustainability.

Then from there, it’s time to expand your business starting from the inside out. This is where you build new programs and gain a deeper understanding of what clients need.

Marketing & Selling
Is that your focus? 
xx AF