Getting Real About What People Want

Trying to make everything look perfect is this weird idea that we got somewhere along the way probably with Kim K's super symmetrical face...

And in our business it’s actually the opposite of what we want to do. 

1. It slows down the creative process like whoa.

Because you’re sitting there trying to figure out if whatever you’re putting out is going to resonate with someone who you have no control don’t know how they feel. You don’t know what they ate and if that’s affecting their mood. You have no idea what their current perspective is.

Yet, you’re sitting around wondering if the sentence in this email that you’re sending out is going to make or break your sale.

2. People love people who are real. 

Authenticity is what sells and if somebody can see that you are real, vulnerable, and they relate to you because they can see themselves in you, they will trust you. They'll also want to know more about if your product is going to help them solve their problem. 

It’s that simple. Don’t complicate it up with an unattainable’s not what people are looking for anyway.

They want to admire YOU and know they can actually get to where you are. 

xx Ariel

Ps I’m a huge Kim K fan. She’s a genius marketer. 

Ariel Frey


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