How Do I Share More Of The Real Me Without Damaging My Brand?

Question: There's so much more of ME that I want to incorporate into my brand. For example I'm really funny, but I rarely share my humor because it's not in alignment with the high end brand that I created. How do I share more of the real me without damaging my brand?

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Answer: As someone who has really honed in my intuitive skills, it's so clear when looking at the online marketing, teaching, training, coaching industry...just how much of what you're talking about is going on. So I want you to know that you're not alone. 

The problem with continuing to try to be only a portion of who you are is that there are so many people you aren't connecting with. 

Everything is a mirror and like will attract like. So just from an "attracting clients" standpoint it's so important for you to truly be authentic in your connection online because if you are not you will attract clients who hide from you or hide parts of themselves from the world. It is much harder to get someone who is consciously choosing to do this to get results in their business. 

Why? Because marketing, sales, coaching, teaching etc. is all connection. The more depth to the connection, the higher quality the results, and the larger the transformation for your client and their client. 


Are you serious about getting help with this?

If you want to uncover and remove old patterns that are limiting the growth of your brand you may want to consider my private work where I help clients become who they are here to be without damaging their existing brand.

The other thing that's true is this. One of your goals with your brand is for it to be big...not just 7 figures or multi 7 figures big, but for it to be Kim K level famous. Okurrrr? 

People know A LOT about Kim K...if you know what I mean. Now this doesn't mean you need to have a sex tape....or talk about anything you don't want to. The point is that the more unfiltered you become in your brand the more you will truly connect with your audience and grow your brand. 

The longer that you choose to leave out your humor or who ever else is hiding behind your gorgeous photos...the longer your dream of fame and impact will take. 

Be you. Be bold. Make people laugh.

With love and in service,

xo Ariel

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