How Do I Start Selling To Clients Who Are Already Successful?

Question: I've surrounded myself with a lot of influential and successful people and I'd LOVE for them to be my clients, but right now all of my programs are for NEW service based entrepreneurs. How do I make the transition?

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Answer: This may be hard to hear but right now you're seeing those people as more of an authority than you or you're not seeing what you have that they would want. 

First what you must do if you really want to have a piece of your work that's focused on working with people who are more successful than you is to understand exactly what your unique gifts are that solve their biggest problem.



Are you serious about getting help with this?

If you want to start working with authorities in your industry as your clients you may want to consider my private work where I help clients start doing this now. 

Most of the time entrepreneurs are concerned that they'll have to completely change their brand or develop a new brand if they are going to actually be seen by authorities who want to work with them. 

The opposite is actually true. There's no reason to change your current brand. Working with peers and authorities requires you to have a deeper understanding of what only you do...your legacy of work that's been created from your creative mind and experience. 

Through that deeper understanding you'll develop more awareness about what the new entrepreneur needs and can start to integrate this into your current work for better results for your clients. 

It's really a win win all around! Understanding the unique strategy and body of work that you are meant to bring into the world at this next level of your potential only increases your impact and bottom line exponentially.

With love and in service,

xo Ariel

Ariel Frey


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