How I Actually Took A Vacation *Away From My Business* [and my $ still went up]

How I Actually Took A Vacation *Away From My Business* [and my $ still went up] When I Stopped Hiding My Intuitive Gifts From Clients.

After launching yet another course on business strategy and feeling like I was begging people to enroll [with more bonuses, urgency, and live calls with me]...I started to feel like WTF is wrong with me that I can’t make this work???

I was exhausted working morning and night trying to create new trainings to give people more value….so that someone would notice me [and buy].

You know, the ol’ 6 figures in 6 months freebies weren’t working anymore so how were other people make $50K months and traveling first class? I didn’t get it.

Why had selling become so HARD for me?

I knew that I wanted to use my intuition in my business [and hired multiple people to help me do that exact thing] but still didn’t know HOW to use it with clients.

So of course, my confidence was in the toilet….but I knew there HAD to be a way to combine the two.

Turns out...there is.

Selling wasn’t actually hard for me at all! It was selling the shit I didn’t like talking about that was difficult and draining.

I was terrified of talking about my intuition publicly [everyone will definitely think I’m crazy]

The idea of completely switching gears in my business made me want to throw up [even though it’s what I had wanted for so long] because I thought it would mean the community I worked so hard to create would all leave.

Clients I had would want to focus on their website and I’d do it with them even though I knew we needed to go way deeper into their relationship with their mother [but omg I didn’t want to piss anyone off]

I got to the point where I was really tired of doing everything in my business just to keep everyone else happy with me.


Can you guess what I did?

I took down my website and threw away everything I had created….I had no plan b.

I started saying exactly what I SAW for clients and didn’t question myself EVEN when someone got defensive *because I was right*

I told people I HAVE INTUITIVE GIFTS and they are fucking amazing. Brilliant! I didn’t care what anyone thought about me.

I started telling people exactly what I believe….even if my ideas weren’t warmly welcomed by everyone, that was no problem. Like I said...I GOT that I’m brilliant.

What happened?

I actually took a vacation...stopped working...because I had so much money coming into my bank without being at the computer 24/7.

[and I hadn’t been on a vacation (or taken a weekend off) in OVER A YEAR!!!!]

I had found myself...finally I could see her.

I just had to stop hiding the woman who actually goes against the grain….ME.

[which BTW is the opposite of what everyone tells you to do]

That’s when $20K sales became easy.

With or without the computer ;)

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