How to book $76,000 in sales in 5 days without launching

How Do You Do $76,000 In Sales [$52,294 CASH] In One WEEK (5 days)? Two $18K full pays. [WITH A 4 MONTH OLD BABY...who wakes up all night long]

That is not a typo 😉
(It happened in one week, with a baby….who again, wakes up all night)

None of this...
no launch
no FB ads
no hustle of any kind
no stress
no funnel
no freebie

Just a few short posts
with some selfies
That is it.

There's not a lot of stuff to do.
The actions are not hard at all.

Actually for a couple of these sales I was with my baby on a walk and getting a pedicure.


Uncomfortable. (just like this post) VERY. VERY. UNCOMFORTABLE. Yes.
Why? You have to take actions you’ve never taken before in order to get a different result.
And those are scary...until you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The How...?

You make a decision (a couple really)
To be who you are, first. No shame.
All your intuitive glory, goodness, and goddess
Totally free and naked

You remove the fear
And choose where your focus resides.

You understand what only you can do
Your spiritual gifts
Given to you
As your purpose

Which is what we do
When you step into my paradigm
The old programmed patterns that have kept you at inconsistent $10K months, with stress, over delivering to your clients, hit or miss results…
The belief that $20K sales have to be hard
You really understanding the ins and outs of your spiritual gifts
Your divine process
What makes you millions
And changes the world
So you’re no longer a 6 figure entrepreneur working 8 days of the week
YOU are a thought leader
With true FREEDOM (time and of mind)
Which all starts from within…
You decide
The A Lister Program is now OPEN.
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You’d be pretty silly to not snag one of the limited spots available. 


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Ariel Frey


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