I Was Working For The Worst Boss In The World, ME.

I remember when I used to sit at my computer for 12 hours a day
Forgetting to eat breakfast and lunch 🥗 
Sucking down a huge soy coffee ☕️ 

Trying to figure out the best tech for making my new course evergreen AND I  literally had not sold it yet. 

My husband would come home and I would cry on his shoulder because I was so frustrated that I wasn’t making enough money to pay all of the loans that I had taken out to invest in my business.

The reality though was that even though I was so stressed and so frustrated and so overworked from the worst boss in the world... ME.

I could’ve changed everything if I was just making my business simple and focusing on the right things. 

One day I just decided that enough was enough and I was going to be the only person who changed this. Nobody else was going to swoop in and figure out what was going to make me happy.

So I had to figure out how to simplify my business. What it really comes down to is you focusing on two things. 


.... and then of course working with your clients because they can be your greatest resource for creating a sustainable business. hello referrals, results marketing, and staying with you long term. 💁🏼‍♀️

So just do a quick check in… Are you really focusing on things that are moving your business forward? As in $$$ making activities? 

 Or are you getting distracted? 

And if you are distracted then what are you really afraid of? Getting too big and not being able to handle it. Not knowing enough for your clients.  What people are going to think. What is it really? 

The best way through fear is action, so figure out what’s really stopping you and press forward, sis! 

xx AF

Ariel Frey


Success Coach, writer, and all about making a global impact. In 1.5 years I went from working as a server to creating a quarter of a million dollar business.

Now I'm dedicated to helping driven female entrepreneurs like you make more money, have more freedom, and breakthrough to the next level to live your most extraordinary life.

Your gifts are meant to be in the world in a big way!

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