My Client Taylor And Her Second $63K Cash Month

Goddess Who Parted The Seas: #CELEBRATION

$91,000 [$63,000 Cash] in 30 days
TWO $25,000 sales
Live Event SOLD OUT {asked for the sales $$$}
$60,000 cash AGAIN this month with *JOY*...and January is supposed to be slow haha
[...Just in case you want to pay yourself a $20,000 paycheck this month and walk on water too]

The only CATCH, you EASILY make more time AND actually have a life, working less….warning, it’s extremely fun.

I remember when Taylor paid my five figure fee in full. She felt terrified and SO good at the same time....ready for HER own pay in full clients.

She had an $80K sales month back in January 2017 with a huge launch (sucked all her time into a black hole of exhaustion) which as you know, drains creativity right out of you closing $10K 1:1 full pays was like climbing a mountain with balloons on the bottom of your feet (but these don’t pop).

Taylors frustration did finally [POP] though. Clients expected her to be on call 24/7...didn’t value her (still asking her to manage their facebook ads)
She was creating programs that she wasn’t that into and knew wouldn’t make the impact she wanted
Only 10% of her desires actually happened, because she walked on eggshells for her entire life [NEVER said what she really believed]
And that went for her intuition too….everyone would think she was insane if she started talking about her spiritual gifts, right?

She wanted to make A LOT of money $$$ using her intuition (which is very strategic btw ;) ) and be KNOWN for HER unique work..speaking, writing, deeply changing women’s lives through their STORIES.

So we talked...she passed my interview...and we started checking “change the world” off her list. 
First we started with her larger vision...I see every detail (including gifts), since confidence always comes from WHAT and HOW you do what you do and in ONE WEEK Taylors creativity exploded


**TWO clients ask her for the $20K sale

Second I showed her exactly where she was allowing her intuition (insight, creativity) to leak out all over in her relationships.

Boom, clients respect her and her work week..cut in half [no more crying answering messages in bed]
**Another 5 FIGURE Sale [This time $25,000]
**Message from her client…”omg I just did $27,000 in sales this WEEK”

Now taylor is very good at marketing..her gift ANGLE is storytelling, but when you are telling the story out of “I’m afraid to be who I am” the words sound a little different.

So we changed that as well...10% truth became 100% I am ME and I don’t give a fuck if you like it. I am a beautiful brilliant soul with a very important purpose that will be shared. I see me as the queen and now you will too.

**Then her FIRST $60K cash month arrived, *poof* with a 3 day work week while she took up horseback riding as her new hobby

**And her first live event..SOLD OUT

**A Second $60K cash month in January was next

What’s next for Taylor? Her New York Times Best Seller of course! Five Figure Mastermind sold out, 6 FIGURE months and crowds of powerful women flocking to HER to see her SPEAK.

CONGRATULATIONS Taylor! This is just the beginning ;)

Now for you, the high achiever, I have TWO private spots ONLY if you want to part the seas with your presence, lifting only three fingers and radiating….The World Is Mine. 
You must make $7000 minimum a month to apply

If you are not a fit yet, I’ll recommend my Turned On course
Where clients are doing $10,000 sales with NO website, effortlessly
….and that is $997, in full, no application
email me to get in.

You don’t see a 90% private delivery rate anywhere else.

Ariel xoxo

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