The first time I had sex with my husband 😍 and how it says EVERYTHING about why you are NOT booking 7 Figure entrepreneur clients at $30K fees for 3 months. 

Ya see, my husband...that type of man 😉 was not on my radar. 

I didn't think I could have him, but he had literally been in front of me for 3 years. 

This isn't about raising your standards with mindset, intentions or affirmations...or even hustle. [you better be damn sure I didn't hustle to get him 😂]

What happened on the first night we *hooked up* 😉 is exactly what happens when you STOP creating in your business from your insecurities. 

Which btw gives the 7 figure clients you booked $50K cash months...doing what is easy for them. 

So how do I do this?? 

By doing what's easy for me, of course hehe 😈

>> We call it *immediate restructuring* over here. A business built from insecurities will create more of it...and that is the opposite of ease <3

>>The ONLY things you need in your business for higher sales, more cash, and you actually being happy. [not the trying to get high vibe or more aligned or more positive so that you sustain your sales and show up well on livestream...none of that...because that isn't you really being happy. That, my dear, is pretend.]

>>Why the clients EASILY arrive that way...without you having to ask your team or husband to do sales calls for you..."open up the schedule babe. We need to get more people in the business."

>>Exactly how it's designed for 6 and 7 figure people...your peers. <3 Who ARE the perfect people to book $20K pay in full clients in the first couple weeks. 

...so this means *squeee* [excited sound] you no longer have to write emails while you get your hair done ;) 

You can just enjoy...let your mind wonder and still make 7 figures while sipping champagne. You know, since only a few clients are really required for $100K cash months.

xo Ariel

Ariel Frey


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