Have you struggled with this pattern? 

I know I have. You know..the one where you know you need to do something, but you just DO NOT want to do it. 

And it's not like you're not really wanting to do it. You know that it would be pretty fun if you actually started, but getting yourself to start is literally *the pits*.

Can you guess what this is? Fear. 

It's just fear of doing the thing. Will you do a good enough job? Will other people think it sucks? I right??! 

Here's what I tell clients when this arises...

You're going to impact somebody if you show up imperfect and that's the whole point.

So today, I want to encourage you to just show up as YOU.

You're beautiful and messy and probably awkward like me, but it's cool. Because you being you will inspire others to let their freak flag fly. 

And that's when we all actually start to create change. 
xx AF

Ariel Frey


Success Coach, writer, and all about making a global impact. In 1.5 years I went from working as a server to creating a quarter of a million dollar business.

Now I'm dedicated to helping driven female entrepreneurs like you make more money, have more freedom, and breakthrough to the next level to live your most extraordinary life.

Your gifts are meant to be in the world in a big way!

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