What makes you truly unique from all other coaches

You've been the girl who pulled up five of your favorite coaches sales pages and then wrote yours by clicking over to each one trying to decide what you loved the most. 

The cat is out of the bag!!!!!! (shhhh me too)

You weren't trying to copy, you just love what they do....it's obviously working and you were trying to gather inspiration. 

It's not YOUR fault that you are looking outside of yourself for the answers. You've just never had the awareness of what makes you so amazing, until now.

YOU have intuitive gifts that are unlike anyone else's. You've probably been taught that your intuition has to come to you in a specific way, which isn't true at all. 

That's like saying that ONE specific thing will make every woman orgasm. You and I both know that's wayyyy off. Am I right? 😉

Your gifts, the combination of them, the intricacies of them are totally unique. The way that your insight works and how it's designed to help other people is completely different from every person in the world. Yes, all 7.3 billion people. 



Some people are very good at seeing images of problems and solutions. 

Some people have a knowing of the business strategies that will work best for their clients. 

Some people know exactly what foods their clients need to eat and the combination of those foods to sell more. 

The work what we are all doing is to help people get connected back to their highest self and to be in alignment with who they truly are.

The difference is exactly how we (YOU) do it. 

Your process with clients is divinely unique, just like your intuitive gifts. 

When you understand it completely, you become a different person. 

Instead of looking at everyone else's programs or strategies to see what's working best and copying it....😳

You know what makes you different so you start speaking in a way that no one has ever heard before. You start talking about what you do in a completely different way. 

The soul is unique. So the gifts must be unique. The strategy the gifts are marketed in must be unique too. 

And THAT is what sells. 

Your confidence goes up completely and you know that when you tell your clients to do something, that they will get results from it. 

Your words come directly from higher consciousness because you are higher consciousness walking around. 

You don't need to focus on getting high vibe to have the answers or look to someone else for them. 

You already know. 

The first step is getting connected back to who YOU truly are. 

And that's exactly what we do. 


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Ariel Frey


Success Coach, writer, and all about making a global impact. In 1.5 years I went from working as a server to creating a quarter of a million dollar business.

Now I'm dedicated to helping driven female entrepreneurs like you make more money, have more freedom, and breakthrough to the next level to live your most extraordinary life.

Your gifts are meant to be in the world in a big way!

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