Why I had my website restyled, but you don’t need one for $20K sales.

Hello and welcome to my delicious new website! When I reached out to the amazing ladies at Go Live HQ it wasn’t because I thought that I needed a website redesign in order to take my brand to the next level or look more fancy to get sales. No, that’s very backwards.

I reached out because right now is turning point in my business and I thought it’d be really fun to have a visual representation of who I’ve become.

The key here is that the inside has to shift first before the outside can follow. What I mean is that having a restyled website isn’t what’s going to sell your programs. If it does sell your programs, then it’s going to be with clients who may or may not get results. I’ll explain this a little later on.

YOU sell your programs because of who you are. You must know who you are though, which means understanding exactly what your unique intuitive gifts are in order to be your authentic highest self. From that place, you always sell.

And then if you want to go get your website redesigned, have a blast!

YOU sell you. Period.


You must understand your gifts, know the specific container they are meant to be shared in, and the unique strategy that your soul is meant to do. This triad is where your energy shifts and you start to perceive yourself differently.

Your worth increases and you can see your truest self. This means that you start to expect different things in your life, like people who pay in full, clients getting massive results, and joy all the time. In this energy, you no longer have fear, since your highest self doesn’t experience fear.

So you can see how THIS sells a hell of a lot better than you putting your own spin and branding on someone else’s strategy...that they got from their mentor. ;)

And here’s where we get to the client piece of this.

When you are not in your true authentic self, meaning you don’t actually understand what it is that you do that’s different from anyone else and you don’t know the container or intuitive strategy to market it….

You sell to the wrong people. You sell to people who are not really the clients that your highest self is meant to work with. That means that some of them get minimal results, maybe one gets high results, and the rest don’t see results at all.

And you allow people into your programs who are not at the standard of your highest self either. Meaning that they aren’t taking 100% responsibility for themselves or aren’t people who you are over the moon excited to work with.

Hold up! This isn’t your fault. It’s just that you haven’t ever had the awareness before.

Until now.

The truth is that what you do is completely different from everyone else. The way that your intuitive gifts work and your process is truly unique. No one else in the world has the same combination of gifts or same process as you.

So when you understand yours, you’re aligned. Your energy changes and from that place the $20,000 sale is so easy.

You literally start thinking….why the hell wouldn’t someone pay me $20K in full right now? Where’s my money? Give it to me. I am so excellent!

And it’s obvious to you that the sale doesn’t come from a new photoshoot or a rebranded website. Your $20K sales or $30K or $60K come from within.

You get to just be you, which is fun, and you make a lot of money.

So just incase you are over only making $10K per month and hustling all the time….I’ve got an invitation for you to apply for my highest level program A Lister, so you can bring back the pleasure to your business and sell $20K sales easy….just by being who you truly are.

Sounds amazing, right!

I know. And this is the only place you’re going to get it.

With love

Ariel xx



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