What Do I Do With Fear?

Question: How do you take action on something when it's uncomfortable? I know I'm in fear but I don't know how to get the feeling to go away or what to do with it. 

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Answer: This is sooo common! So first thing is first, I want you to know that you aren't alone in feeling this way. 

It really doesn't matter if you are a 6 figure entrepreneur, 7 figure coach or just starting to see momentum, fear comes up at every next level. 

What you do with the fear is what is important in you moving forward no matter what and fulfilling your purpose on the planet. 

You need to understand that the fear that you're experiencing isn't really yours. It was programmed within you by your parents a LONG time ago for one reason or another. And that is OK. This isn't about blaming anyone, it's just about awareness. 

What I believe is that when you understand something it's so much easier to take action on it, have clarity of mind, and press forward no matter what obstacle comes in your way. 


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1. Know that the feeling is not going to go away but you can turn it into excitement for what is next. Growth is uncomfortable. So if you feel afraid and allow your mind to go into all of the reasons you can't do something you're going to be pretty freaked out. 

If you get your mind excited about the opportunity to grow, you're going to be on fiiiire 🔥about the next thing no matter how terrifying it is! 

2. Take the action that's right in front of you. It's going to be uncomfortable, but on the other side of the discomfort is where your result is. 

3. Focus on service. When you're feeling afraid of doing something that you know could result in your receiving what you desire, you're focused on YOU. 

Ahhhh did you just have a big realization? 

You're really thinking about...

Omg what if I do this and then someone comments something mean

Or I totally mess up the brand that I created

Or all the authority that I've built goes into the toilet because I took a risk

It's all on you. 

Get your mind on service. How can you HELP the people you love to work with or want to work with? 

How can you be even MORE of service to them? 

This isn't about over delivering or working yourself to death...it's about receiving incredible ideas for your clients or to help people come to the decision to become your clients. 

Do those three things and you'll be all "wooooooo yeahhhhhh baby!!!"

And doing *fist pump dancing* around your office. Promise. 

With love and in service,

xo Ariel

When you Launch And The Next $10K Sale feels like the most boring thing ever, but you have to feel excited about it to sell…

Gotta make that paper, ya know?!

You are destined to tank your business dreams, peach, one day, one way or another.

You see it’s not the $10K or the 3 months or you that’s the problem

*It’s where your mind is at, how it’s thinking about this…which isn’t your fault btw, it’s what you’ve been taught (you can’t see what you don’t know you can’t see).*

See here’s the typical coach mentality

Which I know you’re doing right now....

>>tripwire > low priced offer > signature program > high end group > 1:1

(and when those don’t sell {higher end} you dink down the price for 60 days…

again, gotta make that $$$)

The more people the better

Grow your list by 1000 a month (or a week)

The 3% will buy

Run a challenge, give the value they want

To build that know, like and trust factor.


There is another way.

When you do this (above) it’s all coming from “omg what do I need to sell right now so that they buy!”)

Do you know what actually makes them buy?

When you stop caring if they buy or not.

…uh, but Ariel how could I do that, I need them to buy from me to sustain my business (and get to a million dollars this year…or in the next 18 months, maybe two years)

And there in lies the problem my love!

You don’t know in your mind that you are going to take YOUR work and make a millie out of it! Hehehe #milliemillion

Because it’s not your work…it’s pieces of what you think you need to sell to win.

That’s like going into all of your coaches underwear drawers, pulling out random pieces, putting them ALL on and then thinking it’s going to make you feel sexy….and have the most mind-blowing sex with the hottest guy ever….because you went into all of their drawers and are borrowing their underwear.

It’s hilarious when you think about it!

What you need is confidence behind your work…and to know what the hell that even is first.

But again you can’t see what you don’t know that you’re missing

That’s where I come in ;)

When you do your work…from your soul (the unique creativity meant to be brought into the world by you and carried across the planet by your personality)

The fee goes through the roof [hello $20K and $60K…of course you’d be paid in full for that..see how you feel about yourself, below]

You know you are worth it [I deserve the best of the best..anything I want and am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness]

You “get” the return [clients bring home the bank]

And have the confidence to back it up [I’m the shit hehe]

Then do you see how you don’t need to book another 10K 3 month client after the trip wire, signature program and everything else…they aren’t the 3% of your list..

Since you don’t even need a list anymore if you don’t want.

When you launch what’s in your soul, it actually LAUNCHES without you having to hoist it up from the bottom with every fiber and muscle of your being…exhausted at the end.

It shoots off like a rocket to another galaxy of success…and you can wear glitter eyeshadow or anything else you want.

You soul sells..so it expresses you exactly as you are (which includes your work...which does shift completely)

You get to be exactly who you are..doing exactly what you're here to do. #freedombaby

xx Ariel