How your spiritual gifts are designed to make you famous


[Part 1 of the 6 part live video series]

My notes: 

Your unique intuitive gifts are designed to make you famous!

Obviously impact and cash too.

When you don’t know your gifts you don’t really know what you’re doing.

People are not usually aware of their gifts and when you aren’t aware of what you do and how you do what you do, you can’t consciously create anything amazing or unique.

Your gifts are completely unique, unlike anyone else’s.

What I mean when I say your gifts is how your intuitive gifts work and how your process works, meaning what you do with clients and how you deliver to the clients get results.

There is a specific way that your gifts work together. This is where your legacy is started. This is where you start to create it.

A legacy is completely different from everyone else’s.

Most mentors believe that your intuitive gifts are the same as everyone else’s

Images, symbols, akashic records, chakras etc.

However it’s very unique to every person.

The believe this because THEY themselves aren’t aware of how they are different from everyone else so they are not able to see how YOU are different from everyone else.

And the truth is that it’s not their fault they are teaching this way

It’s not your fault that you didn’t get results with your intuitive mentor

...they just weren’t ever taught this so they didn’t have the awareness and the same is true for you

This is why there is no point in investing in mindset courses if you don’t understand what you do, how your gifts work and how your process works because if you don’t understand that, then no amount of removing limiting beliefs is going to make you sell or 10x your cash

We will talk about why limiting beliefs are not even really a thing on a different part of the video series.

So when you DO understand your unique intuitive gifts and how they work, which is your process, you have complete confidence in what only you do. From this place you always make sales.

So if you aren’t aware of your unique gifts then you really aren’t authentic or connected to your highest self because the soul or highest self does know the workings of her gifts and is always connected to them.

What is happening now because you haven’t had the awareness of your gifts?

Burn out, hustle, looking at other people’s work and seeing how to put your own spin on it, not trusting yourself completely, feeling disconnected to your highest self, not feeling that spark in the morning, investing with a mindset or intuitive mentor and not seeing the 10x results you wanted.

What happens when you do have awareness?

Confidence, 10x your sales, knowing what only you do, never looking at other people’s work to put your own spin on it, clients who get big results, easy sales, no anxiety around your clients getting results.

So how do you get this awareness of your gifts?

A Lister - my program for mentors, coaches, service based entrepreneurs making $7K - $10K a month already who want to never again do a cookie cutter strategy, want understand what is going to make you famous and create your legacy. Once you're in this program, you'll never again worry about cash and your clients will get big results.

29 spots.

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In Part 2 of the series you'll understand why your container has to be from your soul or you’re going to be working with the wrong people who don’t get results. And your business will grow big from results, so that is a problem.

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