The Container your gifts must be in for you to create a legacy as a celebrity mentor


[Part 2 of the 6 part live video series]

My notes: 

Yesterday was Part 1, if you haven’t watched that go do so! I shared with you insight that you’ve never heard before about intuitive gifts. How everyone’s spiritual gifts are different and your process is unique from everyone. This is what will sell in your business.

Take notes today! You will want to watch this again.

Today this livestream is about your container.

What the hell that even is.

And that your container has to be from your soul or you’re going to be working with the wrong people who don’t get results.

And your business needs to be built on your client results. That’s what will keep it around for years to come and you can stop doing so much marketing, ads, funnels etc if you want when your marketing becomes your results.

What is a container?
3 months 1:1 at $10K
Group of 10 people high ticket
Online course

There’s a huge difference in all of these and a huge difference in how your gifts reach people depending on what container they are put into.

For example:

If you have gifts that are meant to be in a series of live events that are high ticket with 10 people each but you are putting your gifts into 1:1 and an online course, that’s a problem.

Your intuitive gifts aren’t going to make the impact that they are meant to.
You’re going to be hustling to get people into the program because people will feel that something is off about it.
The people who you do get into the program are not going to be the right people. They aren’t going to get the big results.

For example:

If your gifts are designed for 6 figure entrepreneurs and they are meant to be in a six week live program with a 5 day retreat at the end of the program, but you are putting your gifts into an online course instead...that doesn’t make any sense.

6 Figure entrepreneurs who are confident in what they are doing and want to go to the next level are not going to sign up for an online course to do it.

So you’re going to have people who are signing up for this course who are not the clients that are meant to be benefiting from your gifts and they may get some results but it won’t be the big results that keep your business around for 10 years...make you a celebrity mentor...or create your legacy.

Putting your gifts into the wrong container is also not fun for you! Which is obviously the #1 thing that we want for you. Your happiness is most important.

And you see this happening all the time everyone in business. For example a strategist will have you step into a container that is not the container for your soul, is not unique to you…..

You should do an online course to scale your need to do this first before you do speaking. Or you need to have a bunch of 1:1 results from your 3 month program that I think you should be in before you speak. You have to do x,y,z before you go and speak...which YOU know is what your soul is meant to be doing.

This is why you’re experiencing all of the problems like burn out. Like hustle. Like not selling the high fees that are in alignment with the work you do.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t gotten the results you want…
Selling with ease
Having fun in your business
Making high cash every month

You haven’t been in the right investment with the right mentor

When you put your gifts into the right container the way that it’s received by your clients is better so you have a bigger impact over all.

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Two live events

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Part 3 is your unique execution. It’s happening on Wed Nov 8th at 10am Central Chicago time.

This is  your unique business strategy or where you're meant to be with your gifts and container. This has to be unique to your soul otherwise you’ll continue to be in the struggle until the end of time in your business. Trying to get high vibe to get out of the struggle. But still in the same place going round and round.

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