When you've lost your way, connect back to service. Always.

It’s always about connecting it back to service. When I couldn’t find my spark anymore because the money making wasn’t doing it for me, I connected back to service.

When I was in doubt about what I could do and create, I connected it back to service and again saw my true power.

When the fear came about about who am I, or do I deserve all of this, or can I handle this responsibility, or will the other shoe drop if I allow myself to be this successful, I always connected back to service.

I also remembered all of the people who came before me who did stupid shit in their past and then turned it around, created transparency and allowed their fullest selves to shine through with no anchors from the past. Every line cut.

Connect your work to service in your mind and in your heart.

I did this as I sat down to write in my journal this morning about the next thing I desire to create.

It seemed petty or kind of like a distraction to my mind, until I connected the full picture.

I allowed the full vision to come through because I was open to receiving the connection to service.

I chose to be open to seeing how my desires are always in service to the greater good.

I know, just like you, that I am here for a big purpose and only a tiny bit of that has been created already. There’s so much more.

When the new desire comes up, I can choose to say - oh that’s silly, why would I create that? I should just focus on what I’m doing right now.

But really..no, I shouldn’t.

Doing any of the shoulds and not the things that really set your soul on fire and allow your spirit to feel like it’s expanding to the infinite depths of the universe, should be outlawed. Like the wild wild west, baby.

Your desires are of true service. They are perfectly aligned with service. They are the only service that you need to be doing because when you allow your soul to feel those big sparks of joy and excitement, you radiate that energy out into the entire universe.

You change the energy of every place you step foot in.

You can send messages to people across the world. They get a spark of information or an idea from your intention for them.

This is how it works.

And do you think that if you are staying with what you think you need to do or what seems logical or practical that you will feel this same way? Do you think that the daily grind of the same tasks will light you up to the place where you are actively doing what I’m saying and therefore also believing it? No. It won’t.

Because the expansive free feeling that you are meant to have all the time is only available when you allow it in. It’s only available to you when you are saying yes to the things that create it for YOU. Those are very specific things.

You are a powerful woman.

Don’t pretend that you aren’t. You are.

Don’t pretend that you are afraid of that power either.

You aren’t. You’re just simply afraid of what you think people will say and think about you fully owning that power – and of course being happy all the time in that feeling.

This is there energy where dreams are made, what they are made of.

This is the energy of instant manifestation.

This is the energy of knowing, truly knowing that it’s all working out for you always.

This is the energy of gliding through life in a state of radiance, knowing what you are creating, allowing it all to come to you, and having fun in the process.

Why live life if you aren’t going to allow it to be fun. You must.

There isn’t anything waiting on the other side that’s better than now. Now is now and now is fun time. Seriously.

But you have to choose it.

And most of the population thinks that they don’t get a choice to feel how they want to feel always. They think that they can’t feel free and expansive, and joyful and happy and confident and powerful and beautiful and radiant because of their circumstances.

But you know different. You know the hint of different.

So go ahead and claim it.

Stop being afraid to choose it and claim it as yours.

It is yours just because it gets to be yours because you are infinitely loved and so wise and a perfectly perfect human being with human flaws that make you so perfect because you are a part of Source, a part of love through and through.

So choose that power for yourself.

I can definitely tell you, it’s an easier way to live than how you are choosing right now. And the money that you think is going to make everything better and stable and fun, well that comes too. But it comes after the feeling.

You get to where you want to go by being there now, before you see any evidence of it. Before before before.

Trust yourself, boo. 
It all starts there.
xo Ariel



Ariel Frey is an intuitive business coach and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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