How To Have Sales Calls That Convert

This is my super power! Most of the time when clients come to me they are either new to doing sales calls or they’ve only done sales calls where it felt pushy, weird, awkward, slimy, and they feel exhausted by the amount of sales calls they have to do just to hear one yes. We’re about to change all of that!

What I’ve found is that the key to sales is to help your clients feel empowered. Let me tell you, I have done sales a lot of different ways. This works best.

When your new client says “heck yes” to working with you, enrolling in your course, or buying your product, you want them to feel like they just made the best decision for them.

So remember that sales are not about being pushy, using sleazy tactics, or convincing anyone in any way, ever. EVER.

I promise!

Ok, so now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how to actually have sales calls that convert.

  1. Do The Selling Before The Sale Happens!

This means that you want people to know that they are going to be your next favorite customer even before they get on the phone with you or go to your check out page.

The only thing that you want to be doing on the phone or on your sales page is helping people feel even more confident in the decision that they’ve already made.

So how do you sell without selling?

This all happens in your marketing. You want to be creating a movement with your marketing that people want to be a part of.

To do this you want to be exited about what your business is all about! You want to be clear on the problems that your business solves and why it’s going to be life changing for people to become your clients or customers.

Essentially you want to believe and be telling people all day long why your products or services are the best thing since sliced bread.

So how does that happen without you feeling like a total schmuck?

It comes down to that value that you bring to the table..the social media table. Every day you want to be showing up on the platforms that you’re most active on, sharing content with your community that solves their most pressing problems.

Don’t worry about giving too much away! There’s always more to learn or understand, so I don’t think that this is even possible in your marketing.

For example, if you’re a health coach and your ideal client is moms, you probably want to be sharing content about how to eat healthy on the go or the genius way you’ve started meal prepping.

You’re showing up as who you are, talking about what you believe in, and your perfect customers are going to resonate with you.

2. Be Yourself All The Time. Yep.

So this might seem a little too simple, but stick with me. One of the things that I see all the time, having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, is that most people are trying to be the version of someone they think is successful.

Have you ever seen someone that you admired and then tried to be like that person or emulate what they were doing, hoping for the same results? That’s what we’re talking about here, lady!

I see this all the time and the problem is that we end up with this half human, half unrecognizable species brand that leaves your potential clients really confused.

Here’s a quick action step for you!

take some action, yo

Write down all of the things that you genuinely believe in about your product or service, what gets clients results, and what you think really holds people back the most.

Then think about who you’d start showing up as if you didn’t think you had to be a certain way online to be successful. What does she say? How does she act?

Now, I want you to start being this person all the time, every day!

When people know what to expect from you because you’re consistently YOU, they start to trust you and can decide if they really resonate with you.

3. Objections: Show Them The Story They Are In.

A lot of people are afraid of objections or have no clue what to do with them. Usually what’s going on is we’re afraid of being rejected and we think that hearing “I need to think about it” means no.

That’s just not true at all.

Most of the time objections are really confusion or fear.

Sometimes people may be really afraid of taking that next step or they still aren’t clear on exactly how your work is going to help them so they don’t feel confident that it’s going to work for them.

What I love to do with objections is see what’s underneath them.

So if someone says “this isn’t the right time” I might ask them when they think the right time will be.

This is a genuine question out of curiosity. I think that’s the key here. We never want to have an idea in our head about what we think is going on. We want to just be the observer who is here to be of service.

If they said, “I’m not sure what the right time is, but this just doesn’t feel like it,” I might say, “do you feel like it’s not really the right time or are you afraid of growing your business?”

What this does it open up the conversation so that you’re holding a safe place for them to really explore what is coming up.

This might actually not be the best time for them, but they are the ones who know if that’s true or not. Your job is to help them come to the next best decision for them.

4. Follow Up, Boo.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your sales call if someone said that they needed to think about it or talk with their husband. So if you’ve thought in the past that this means it’s a ‘hard no’ because they didn’t sign up on the phone, we’ve got to change that idea asap.

A lot of the time, the money is in the follow up!

Someone may literally just be the kind of person who takes alone time to process and then they make a decision.

What you want to do is send an email a few days later to check in. You can also send a resource that you think would be valuable to them.

If you need help writing something, make sure to grab the Free Sales Conversations That Convert Workbook below.

Make sure to keep following up every few days until you hear a clear yes or no.

I’ve learned a lot about doing sales over the past 4 years in business and this is my take on it. I think that to figure out what works for you, you really have to stick with what you believe and also try things out.

I have tried about every method in the book, from using a script to being pushy and while there are totally outlines to follow that can work, I think that the most empowered way to have sales calls is the way that feels best for you.

All my love,
xo Ariel


Ariel Frey is a business coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create influential brands, thriving 6-figure businesses, and change the world!!! She believes that success comes down to simple scalable strategy, massive action, and the right mindset. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast where she loves to show women that they can create the life they’ve been dreaming about. Listen and subscribe here!

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