I was you. Never Trusting. Always Searching.

When I see people who think they don’t have the answer, it’s really sad for me because I was that person.

If I see someone getting more PR training for the reason that they think there’s a right way to get featured.

Or that there’s a right way to launch and expand. Or there’s a right way to host events. Or that there’s a right way to sell high end. Or that there’s a right way to manage your business and hit big goals.

It makes me sad!!! Or I guess, really I feel sad because I know that this is not the aligned way. It’s not the actual fulfillment feel good joy way.

It’s the way you think that’s going to happen. You think that when the PR hits and you’ve got a bunch more followers that it’ll be easier to sell and you’ll actually feel free like your photos look and you’ll be able to finally relax!!

But it’s a lie. Really. Like, those things clearly work in terms of strategy, but they aren’t the thing that is going to get you the feeling you really want. Nope. They just aren’t.

You think they are. You move away from them and then back to them because you think that they are the solution.

But let me ask you this..are those people like you?? Are they soul driven? Intuition driven? Spiritually driven??

Is that why you’re hiring them? Because they aren’t. Fine! If it’s aligned, fine.

But is it REALLY aligned? Just ask yourself that.

The truth is that you already know how to expand your business, get amazing PR, attract people to you who fall in love with you and so on.

You just have to trust yourself to do the damn thing.

And again, let me reiterate that none of these strategies and tools I’m taking about are bad. I’m not knocking them. What I’m saying is that sometimes it is in fact aligned to work with someone, as an intuitive person, who is strictly strategy oriented. Most of the time it isn’t. For the intuitive people! Most of the time (and you can send identify here) the intuitive people #you are trying to find the thing to make them feel more certain about their direction and the way in which they are doing their work, getting their work out into the world.

There’s this very deep...
But is it all going to fall apart? Feeling. 
The, I need to learn these strategies from the experts so that I can get on top and stay on top. 
With the underlying idea that if you don’t do this next thing that it all might crash and burn. 
Even though you know how to manifest, have already done deep work. You’ve manifested thousands and thousands, millions even of dollars!! But there’s still the feeling of, oh shit..under the joy that comes with travel, yoga on the beach, spa days etc.

I know because I was you. 
The oh shit feeling lingered for a long time even after I hit almost a million dollars in revenue.

Because it’s not about the money coming in, the strategy being certain, the amount of people you reach or who follow you. It’s about the feeling you have within yourself just as you are, knowing that you’re fully supported by you and the divine. You’re one. And yes, I know that you know that. But do you really know it?? Or is there some deep seeded shit that you need to clear out to really get it. In your cells.

The feeling you want isn’t waiting on the other side of another 100,000 followers. It’s inside right now. When you get it, feel it, really feel it, and sustain it, THEN the people come and the money comes and there’s nothing to ever worry about, even deep down.

Because you get it. The one universal truth. You can never do it wrong. You can never mess it up. You are here for a reason and you trust every part of that, along the way and once you arrive at each destination.

Allowing each new level to reveal itself. That’s when you know it’s real. That’s when you know it’s locked in. The very truth inside of you, being truth, acting as truth, coming through you, pure truth.

Trust it. 
It’s really all you have to lean on. 
With love,


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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I’m Ariel Frey, intuitive messenger, business mentor, and visionary entrepreneur building an empire, living in Chicago, IL with my husband and daughter. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about creating success from your soul and truly living free Read More

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