My Take On Investing

Having invested over $200K into my business, I have some pretty strong opinions about investing. Some of what I invested in was totally necessary and some truly didn’t make any sense at all from a business perspective. I learned my lessons along the way! Here’s my take on investing in your business.

If you're going to make an INVESTMENT in anything, you have to have already DECIDED that you are going to back up that investment.

➡️That means that if you're investing in a coach, you want to make sure that you are actually solving the RIGHT problem in your business by investing with them.

➡️It means that you KNOW you are going to put in all of the work, until it works. There is no other option.

➡️It means that you are going to be coachable. You are willing to look at the scary things that you may not want to look at because seeing them and overcoming them will create a rapid elevation in your success.

➡️It means that you have already DECIDED that you are going to make that investment back and again, there is no other option.

There have been MANY investments that I've made over the last 6 years in the entrepreneurial game that have been 'not so wise' investments. There hasn't been one time that I've looked at any of them as the WRONG investment though.

I had already decided, before I invested, that I was going to back up my investment with my decision to get everything that I needed in that moment, out of my investment. 
And I did.

I always made my money back, because I decided. 
I always grew, because I decided. 
I always paid off my loans, because I decided. 
I always showed up for the work, was coachable, and succeeded because I decided.

So if you haven't decided yet that success is inevitable for you and that your investment in a coach to help you bust through 6 figures into multi 6 figures is the EXACT thing that's going to get you there -- then don't invest.

Don't do it. 
Only when you're ready.
Only when you're going balls to the wall. 
Only when you have the guts to back it up and take the risk of putting yourself on the line and saying -- I will succeed no matter what.

When you're there...
THEN you're ready.

xx Ariel


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Ariel Frey is an business mentor and success coach. She helps you create create multiple 6 figures in your business using mindset, solid strategy, and massive action. Ariel is the host of the Intuitive Success Podcast! It’s packed with tips to help you create more money in your business and freedom in your life. Click here to listen now!

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