It always shows up when you DECIDE. (+ Mentorship is OPEN!)

Everything shows up for you as you need it.

Everything. Everything. Everything.

I can’t say it enough, or with enough gratitude behind my words.

It always shows up for you when you need it.

For your highest good.

For the good of all.

It’s always always there for you.

Think about it. Any time that you’ve decided and chosen that something was a need for you, it showed up.

You were on the receiving end of the manifestation.

Someone had the idea to reach out to you

Work with you

Sign up for your program

Give you an idea!

Help you out in some way

Or some other kind of magical circumstance happened so that you received everything you need.

It’s always how it works when you declare.

When you decide, the universe (God) shows up for you.

Because your desires are the desire of the universe for you, placed within you (your heart and mind and spirit) by the Universe herself.

It’s how it works. It’s how it has always worked. It’s how it always will work.

The magic is so real. So alive and well.

That idea that YOU had to work with someone…they manifested that. They decided that you or someone better would be there.

So the signal went out into the ether, pinged the person, multiple people (or you in this case) who chose to listen to the call. Who were also thinking the same thing, had declared and decided the exact same thing.

“omg it’s magic!!! You showed up in my life at the perfect time. I don’t even know how I found you, but you just appeared and this is the best ever because what you do and how you work with people is exactly what I’ve been looking for.“

This has been said to me time and time and TIME again, because there is no time. There is not really any space. It’s all energy, all a perspective, no real waiting has to occur.

The ping is sent out and immediately available for you to receive, if you allow it. If you allow in the thing that you desire.

If you aren’t holding some story that says you can’t have it for some reason. A reason that just isn’t true and hasn’t ever been true.

Cut that shit out. Drop it.


Feel it in your heart, the capillaries expanding, the vast feeling of the entire universe, the love, the gratitude.

It’s yours b*tch, take it. Listen…the message is the message and if curse words come out, then they do. I just write them how I hear them. 😜

You are the one who gets to declare and decide what you’re available for. What is next for you. What you want.

I just did this in my own life around a few things and just as it ALWAYS works, the one that I felt most powerfully about and had the least amount of attachment to (it happening now and controlling it) showed up immediately – like within a few hours, in the most unexpected way.

I never ever ever in a million years would have thought that my desire would manifest this way. But it did.

Because that’s how it always works.

God makes miracles happen when you get the hell out of the way.

When you drop the control. Drop the attachment. Feel completely ok about where you are right now. Not putting any meaning on it. It’s not bad or good or anything. It just IS. That’s all.

And it’s the same for where you’re going. When there’s no meaning behind where you’re going – that you’re going to be good enough when you’re there, worthy enough when you arrive, or bad if you don’t get there, then there’s nothing to be clinging onto.

There isn’t anything to grip onto so tight that it feels like agony in your own brain and then in your body and is carried out everywhere – your programs, relationships, yoga class….omg.

You get it. I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

It’s always what you decide and then choose to let go of. That’s what manifests instantly. Will you allow yourself to see it. Will you allow yourself to do THAT, which literally IS doing whatever it takes.

Will you allow yourself and trust yourself and choose for yourself to do the thing that 99.99% of the population will never do or never know how to do because it’s the scariest damn thing ever to let go and trust?

Will you?

That’s where all the dreams, the vision, the service for all of humanity, the philanthropy, the leadership and the utmost spiritual being within you lives.

There. Within you. Already.

Right there.

Will you answer the call?

You always always always choose.


My 1:1 mentorship is officially back open and we’re about to bring it. Bring it to the world, all of you, complete whole you with the message you’re here to share, embodying the complete spiritual being you’re destined to be.

Yes it means way more money. Have you looked at my client results? Or seen that my clients book $20K sales and sell out live events??

But it’s also about coming home to you, trusting your own divine intuitive wisdom, your word, creating your craft your message and your (dare we call it this) movement within the world.

It starts with the stripping away, the funnels, the things you think you need to do, the ads, the strategies, all of the things you’re paying for that you most certainly don’t need and also all of the ways you’re acting (showing up) that you know aren’t really you.

Maybe you can’t even see this all yet?! Maybe.

Or maybe you just want the intuitive guide to help you step into all of who you know you already are.

That’s me. :)

Doing the calling, calling in the things, the people, everything you know you are meant for. Calling it in now.

Enrollment is open and applications are coming in! If you feel the call, are sucked into the vortex of what I’m saying and how this all feels, and if you know that you’re supposed to be filling out the application now…don’t hold back.

Trust yourself. Do it now.

Spirit always leads you to the right place at the right time. She lead you here. Feel into it. Allow the gratitude and energy to take you away. Dream and again, don’t hold back. Allow yourself to be seen.

I look forward to seeing all of you within the application.

Love you Ariel


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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I’m Ariel Frey, intuitive messenger, business mentor, and visionary entrepreneur building an empire, living in Chicago, IL with my husband and daughter. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about creating success from your soul and truly living free Read More

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