Journal Prompt: Being Ready To Receive

You will always expand to allow space for what (or who) you are ready to receive.

I am ready to receive them. I am ready to allow them into my heart and energy. I am expanding now to hold space for all of the beautiful spiritual beings on earth who are ready to shift, raise their awareness, more into a new level of consciouses awareness, knowing that they are supported, there is nothing to be afraid of, it is safe to expand and let go. And so it is for them and you who allow them in to receive this miraculous change.

Use this as your mantra! Journal on.

If I was in the space where I felt the feelings of being ready to receive and that it felt safe to receive, how would I act differently? How would I feel differently? What would be different or change in my life?

Get to it! And as always, let me know what breakthroughs you had.

Love you,
Feel Free, Live Free, Be Free.


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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I’m Ariel Frey, intuitive messenger, business mentor, and visionary entrepreneur building an empire, living in Chicago, IL with my husband and daughter. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about creating success from your soul and truly living free Read More

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