Love Has Compound Interest

The worlds (or words) that flowed out of me this morning in my journaling that was not surprisingly cut short by my daughter waking up and yes..screaming straight away.

It’s her usual thing.

But my love from the night before, before my spirit swam in the sub conscious other realm stuff of infinite possibility, that love was still there.

So I peacefully got up and greeted her.

This was not normal.

Why? Because normally I feel the frustration bubble up. I feel my heart contract. I feel all the feelings all the time.

I am a highly highly emotional person.

But mostly, up until I was pregnant, I kept it all inside. Inside my mind of constant chatter, rolling around this idea, that situation, this past experience and so on.

This is one of the reasons they say that Type A creatives have a hard time (more than that really) with depression, anxiety and all of the feelings.

We feel all the people, all the time.

We tune in on it when we want and go back into our thinking all of the thoughts abyss at other times. Most times, I’d say.

We feel the shredding fierce frustration of anger and guilt when we aren’t able to produce the work that we know we are here for.

And I’ve worked on this for many years.

First it was the stuffing down of all the emotions. I stayed quiet.

Then it was the outbursts. The screaming.

The anger. So much anger.

Then it was the numbness. Feeling like it wasn’t ok to be frustrated, angry, down, feeling guilty, shame, sadness, or anything other than complete immense joy.

Then the confusion. Letting the feelings all out again, but in a little way. Opening the door and then slamming them shut. Like don’t come out too far because I don’t want to feel mother F-ing crazy and I don’t want other people to feel the crazy either.

That was too far gone. They knew they crazy was there. How could they not.

And now the peace.

Now what I feel is the calm after that wild fucking storm of emotions.

Now what I feel is actual love radiating from my heart, the capillaries expanding, the presence in my life, the ability to not just handle all of the things and situations, but to feel differently about them.

Then there is not handling to do. None.

Then the strong doubters or toxic environments don’t feel like anything because my lighter brighter emotion of love and joy over powers it all.

It’s not like I’m a zen Buddha. I still get frustrated, but it feels normal human. It doesn’t feel bat shit crazy anymore.

You get me, creative one. I know you do.

And so, how did I get here?

Because that was a lot of emotions to go through.

Compound interest in love.

The more that you cultivate the feeling of love inside, the more you feel it. The more your perspective changes without having to physically consciously change it. It just shifts because well…love.

The more that you can see people for who they really are - not the doubts, fears, judgement of themselves that they carry - and you’re not triggered by any of it.

The more that you practice the feeling of love all the time, the more that it stays with you, sits with you, and you look at the world through the eyes of it.

It’s what I felt this morning. Even when I didn’t get all of my purpose work done right in the morning like I wanted to. Which, as you know for us creatives feels like the end of the world sometimes. You will truly only understand that if you are tuned in intuitively as a creative.

It just felt like…and, I know it’s all working out for me. Not a telling myself that in order to believe it kind of thing, but an actual feeling.

Not a balance between things where my brain is rushing thinking about when I’m going to get this piece written that I know needs to come out of me.

Not an anxiety driven question of will it really be the same when I get back to it later.

Just a knowing. Just a full on knowing of my divine support. God IS love anyway. That’s the whole thing.

So the emotion is within you. Emotion is a choice. 99.99% of the population has no idea that this is true. Maybe you do. I hope that you do.

Emotions, perspective, joy, love, happiness, are all CHOICE.

It’s not about settling. It never is.
It’s about choosing what you intend on and choosing where you focus your emotion. This is where all of the things get done. This is where manifestation happens quickly. In many cases instantly.

This is where it truly does seem to all be working out for you. Because it is. That’s how it gets to work for you, when you choose it.

And when you feel the love in one moment, then again in the next, then again the next day, it grows and grows and grows.

There was one time when I told my husband that even though I want to adopt, I didn’t think I had enough love in my heart like other people did who I felt would be perfect to bring a child into their family through adoption. Now, that’s a flat out lie. Of course I have enough love.

But it didn’t feel that way. It didn’t feel like a choice to have love, to feel love, to experience love.

It felt like the frustration, shame, doubts, and all the other things over took my mind.

Until I chose that they didn’t have to.
You get to choose that it doesn’t have to be a constant back and forth of contracting energy and then flooding excitement with a 4 shot espresso in hand.

You get to choose that you can sit in meditation for 5 minutes, cultivate love and it radiates through you and to everyone you meet all day long.

You get to choose that the yo-yo of emotions doesn’t have to be there.

We’re not making being human wrong. Of course you’re going to be feel negative emotions at times, but you always know how to come back home to you.

You always know how to come back to center.
To that loving place where you feel most you, you are most you, and by the way…the place where you actually feel the most free, no matter what is happening in your experience.

It’s there where the life you want happens.
Right there.
There’s nothing you have to do to get there.
You just have to be there.
Then you’re there.

And damn does it feel good. 
Remember…this is your one life. So live it well. Feel free, live free, be free.



Ariel Frey is an intuitive business coach and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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