The space of attracting means not actually needing


I didn’t get this for a long time. Thank God we evolve and that’s the whole point. This way of thinking is so much easier.

Essentially I used to believe that through getting myself into belief in some way that the things I desired would manifest. Which is true.

So I would write my reminders everywhere, daily journal what I wanted, and walk around saying with conviction what I desired as if it was already here. I would use this tool (the speaking out loud, which I still sometimes do) to reprogram my mind and get into belief.

After I had done that whole thing for a while, I decided that it was too exhausting and apparently chose that I wasn’t going to do whatever it takes to receive what I desire.

So then, I didn’t receive the things I wanted, but I did receive the things I believed that I would get…which were not what I actually wanted.

Then I was like..well, there has to be another way to do this that doesn’t feel so exhausting, working myself up to being in belief all the time. The ups and downs of this are truly exhausting. There has to be another way.

Now at this time, you have to understand that I was in a lot of fear. I had chosen to believe that I couldn’t run a business successfully and take it to the million dollar mark and beyond while having a baby.

This is why I personally believe that I had a miscarriage the first time I got pregnant. This is likely not going to be a popular opinion, but it’s my belief for myself. End of story there.

So as I was walking around in fear, and really it was sitting in front of my computer all day long doing who knows what, that wasn’t generating any income because I was so in fear, so of course my brain wasn’t giving me any ideas to make money or expand.

From this place I felt like..omg I need to change this. Finally it got to that point. omg it has to change NOW.

But again, the fear was still there. This is important. Can you tell, how I keep bringing it up?!

From that space I chose some things to grow my business that indeed did grow my business and in a very big way, however the underlying basis of those things I chose, was fear.

I didn’t realize any of this at the time, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have done it. 20/20 hindsight blah blah saying. You get it.

However I DID figure out another way to receive what I wanted without the exhausting revving up and chanting or jumping up and down etc.

I decided.

That’s it.

This is actually what I had done again and again in my business and life when I wanted something, but this time I became aware that all I had to do was make a little shift in my brain and DECIDE.

The ONLY problem this time was that under that deciding was always fear. This fear was coming from the thing I had chosen to do to grow my business. Essentially it was the fear that if I didn’t make the money, then this things I had chosen would go away, and the idea was, that I was holding, was that if this thing went away, then all of my sales would too. So I had to pay for the thing, out of fear! Cute.

When more and more fear stars piling up in your life and on your naturally expansive being you feel like you’re completely losing yourself, who you are…which you are in fact doing.

I had a few wake up calls and was like…I’ve got to get out of here. Holy shit. This is literally like shit piled up on everything holy that is who I am. Make it go away.

And what I learned over time from this and also manifesting in different ways is that it’s not the revving up or the fear under the desire that creates the thing you want.

It’s the decision, yes. But the decision has to come from a place of absolute certainty.

The way that you do that is through NOT NEEDING anything. This is how it actually feels different, like it’s already done (your desire) because it is.

When you need something, like I needed the money, or I needed to get out of the restaurant industry when I first started my business, you feel that you don’t have something so you need something.

When you feel that you don’t have something, you sure better bet that you’re not going to attract it.

You have to feel that you already have the thing that you want to attract, in order to attract it to you. That’s how the whole thing works.

When you are in a state of needing something to happen or believe that you need anything, you believe that you don’t have the thing already that you desire.

That’s when it becomes next to impossible to attract. Or things get all wonky when you attract it out of fear and ‘omfg this has to happen now’.

That’s when it becomes the stop-and-go scenario where the only time that things manifest is when you’re - ‘omfg this has to happen asap’.

That’s not that fun of a place to live in. Trust me on that one. Been there.

So the point here is that when you’re in the feeling of having the thing already, because is is a feeling, that’s when it manifests instantly. That’s when it arrives out of seemly magic. That’s when you’re like ‘omg did that even just happen?’! And you feel like the most powerful person in the universe because you are.

That’s what happens when you make that little shift inside.

You stop needing things, start choosing your desires, feeling them as if they are already done, and thus they are.

Love you,
Feel Free, Live Free, Be Free.
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