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She Turned $10K Into $200K

Holy mother forking shirt ballz, right?!!

It makes sense though and here's why. 

The work that I do with my high level clients (6 figure & 7 figure folks) focuses on TWO key things. 

  1. Owning the work that you truly do with clients -- owning it in your marketing, which means understanding it so you know how to speak about it. Then owning it in your mindset, by really getting the uniqueness of the work that you do with clients and why they actually get results.

  2. Getting out of your own way, along the way.

The truth is that you already know the strategies to use and have amazing entrepreneurs around you to pump you up on the daily. 

You selling higher ticket and expanding your business more easily into the legacy brand that you want it to be is about truly understanding the depth of the work that you do. 

I've seen insane results happen when my clients really GET this. 

Their personal value goes up and belief in themselves increases tenfold. That's what happens when you actually see and understand the work that you're doing with clients and why they are getting huge results with you. Not to mention that it increases the results that you help them get because your work is more focused. 

It's way easier to command high end prices that way too!

The client who I'm talking about that created a 20X return on her investment with me was ALREADY successful. She wanted to transition her business into a high ticket sales business where she was booking high level clients who did the work -- all of it!! She no longer wanted to have a business model where people pay a little and then show up a little. 

She wanted to have a massive lasting impact on her clients!

That's what I see with a lot of new clients who come to me -- you want to sell high ticket ($10K - $60K) and don't know how. 

You have a high ticket program and it's not selling well. 

You want to make the transition from course sales to high ticket or just want to add in high ticket sales as a new tier of your business model and want support to really see why it's worth it for someone to work with YOU and ONLY you at that level. 

That could look like a mastermind, groups, or 1:1 coaching work but it also creates a trickle down effect of value and a unique selling point in your lower end programs.

Even though you've already created success in the past, doing this new thing feels really scary, right?! I've got you. 

What I'm able to do is dive into the work that you're doing with your clients and the work you're not doing, but know you can do. I show it to you so that you can see it, fully own it, believe it and bring it into your business. 

This massively ups your confidence and positions you as someone who has a very unique product that people want to buy.

Once you see it, then it's time to bring it to market. You know there will be gaps and blind spots along the way -- you've seen them before. 

I always say 'new levels, same devils'. 

We'll dive into those gaps and perspective shifts you need to make but aren't able to see because you're so in your own company! 
Gaps within your...

And as always with any good coach who is also highly intuitive, I'll bring ideas to the table that you may not have thought of. 

The investment for this is $2500 a month ($13,000 in full) for 6 months plus 10% of all new revenue generated during our work together. 

If you know that this is for you, you want to level-up now, and build your legacy brand click here and let's dive in! 

xo Ariel


Ariel Frey is an business mentor and success coach. She helps you create create multiple 6 figures in your business using mindset, solid strategy, and massive action. Ariel is the host of the Intuitive Success Podcast! It’s packed with tips to help you create more money in your business and freedom in your life. Click here to listen now!

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