The more people you attract the more you expand

The more people you attract into your space and community the more free you will feel. This has been an interesting concept for me, one that I’ve hidden from my own brain, I think hoping that it wouldn’t really be the true idea that I had or exist at all.

But here we are, it’s out and it was true in my mind, until I chose a different story.

I have to tell you, as I write this and expand into my next era of being, we’ll call it that, the computer keyboard has really conveniently stopped working properly. So I really really REALLY have to let go of it being perfect as I write this and also really let go knowing that what I’m meant to share will come out.

That’s what happens with highly intuitive people as they connect more and more to the divine – technology isn’t a fan.

So on that note, it actually directly relates to my whole point today and story that I was telling myself for so long, unconsciously.

Perhaps it’s not a fan because I’ve not been a fan of allowing the interwebs to connect me through my words to all of the peoples. Or maybe my powerful energy just fucks with electricity. We’ll go with the latter.

The story: The more people I attract into my life - community, husband, family, children, love in any way…meaning that the more people I attract to me by expanding my vortex energy and pulling them in from just who I am being, the less time and space I have for myself. Therefore the less freedom I have.

Freedom is my number one.

To feel free and expansive and loving and abundant is everything I always want to feel and more and more levels, higher and higher every day.

That’s the whole point. The feeling and being there. That’s where you need nothing and feel that you always are enough because you literally are resonating in enoughness.

This idea that I had, who knows where it came from, is why I didn't’ ever want to get married, have children, and have strayed away from having really close friendships for most of my life.

Some people might say that it’s being an only child and the ‘syndrome’ that comes along with that, and while I’m willing to admit I do have some of those traits, this is deeper that that.

This was about my desire to expand and the fear I was holding around doing that.

I thought that if I let myself expand to the enth-degree in my being that I would lose myself with all the people, wanting things from me, needing part of that presence that I had created and expanded.

I noticed this first with my husband. When I would be in my complete flow state, so high, so loving, so expansive, he ALWAYS wanted to be around me. That’s kind of the point though, lol to attract people to you through your energy.

The whole point is to attract people through who you are being, people who want to resonate in that same space and are called to do so.

Now my child is screaming downstairs and I’m sure it’s because she too wants to be in this energy space that I’m holding as I write this. Little kids always want to expand, play, have fun, and experience the endless possibilities of their mind, which is tethered directly to the divine. Who, of course, gives them all of the ideas that they have to create.

When my husband would want to be around me as I was flying high in this state, I would get annoyed, irritated, frustrated and push him away thinking that either he was going to bring my vibe down with his very earthly presence (he’s extremely grounded) or that he was going to take up my time while I was in this space.

As if the energy or feeling could go away at some sudden point and I’d never be able to get it back. Fascinating, right?!

I’ve always associated that feeling with money. Which, of course is the feeling of money. Abundance, expansive, free feeling is the feeling that attracts money to you because you aren’t needing anything or wanting for anything because you are everything in that moment. You can feel the truth that you are connected to everything you need, therefore you don’t need anything.

So when I was inn that state I would push him away because I was afraid that it could go away – the state. If the state when away then the money would too and even more so than the money, the high feeling that I had, the feeling of freedom would go away.

You can imagine how well that worked for my relationship!! LOL

The point and the truth here is that you always expand to receive what you are ready to receive. The abundant feeling never goes away unless you believe that it must go away for some reason.

Where this really relates probably for you, if the husband thing didn’t already set sparks flying inn your mind, is with expanding your community, attracting more clients who are perfect for your work and thrive in it, and massively growing your income.

If we believe that in order to do this we have to be in an expansive state, which we do, but we also at the same time believe that this expansive state goes away when we attract everything we want into it, then well fuck me.

Right?! We’re expanding and contracting all the time. The ups and downs throw you around like a rag doll and you feel like what the actual fuck just happened to me, after years of doing this.

You ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS expand more to accommodate what you have called inn. Your being is infinite so it will always expand , your energy will literally expand to hold space for all of the people you desire to bring into you work, your programs, your 1:1 clients, your community, your following, and your life. Friends, partner, family, children. It always all expands if you allow it.

It’s a feeling, not a doing.

The feeling is your heart opening, like a light beaming from your chest, a smile coming across your face, feeling safe, feeling free, seeing your energy expand across the entire universe as you sit and receive everything you desire. Like a vase space of love. That’s what your energy is capable of.

It’s simply a choice. That’s it.

It’s always a choice to go there, to get there, to stay there.

It’s never any more complicated than that.

This is where you automatically receive it all. This is where you want for nothing. This is where the idea of need never occurs to you. This is where you feel truly free and you are.

Love you, Ariel Feel Free, live free, be free.


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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