The only way you'll EVER feel like you've actually made it!

If I had known where I had to go to get here, I don’t know that I would have ever kept going.

It’s not like I haven’t enjoyed the journey, but it’s been tough for sure and some days still are.

But it’s all just a choice - of how I decide to perceive it and handle it.

I made it hard because I thought I had to.

I thought that it was noble or not ok to have the stress and work load.

Even though it’s never what I wanted.

I wanted to write and play and speak and be free.

But instead I struggled, did the grind and did all the things to try and MAKE it work.

But I knew somewhere within me, the truth.

The truth that it isn’t about the do or the struggle.

It isn’t about the nobility in our society of working hard, one upping everyone else with all the work you are doing.

That’s how we become caged in our own lives, unable to see our way out of the maze we made around ourselves.

That’s how we create disease in the body. Oh hello stress!

It just isn’t how humans are meant to live.

Our bodies are these sacred temples that must be fueled by joy and play and excitement and fun.

I’m not saying do nothing.

I’m saying do EVERYTHING that FEELS like you’re doing nothing at all.

Get lost in the art and creativity.

Get lost in the joy that comes from sharing your message.

Drop the rigidity.
Drop the need to make it so fucking hard!
Drop the idea that to win (whatever that even is) that you have to do anything other than be and do and receive exactly who and what you are here for.

Here to do!

Not the little shit.
Not the play it safe and coast a while, shit.


Stop. It’s killing your spirit.

I would know.
I thought I had to just do whatever it takes even if that meant drowning my own spirit.

Waking up with exhaustion and showing up for life with dead eyes.

My daughter goes around life exploring and playing and being curious. She does that we wants, expecting that joyfully playing all day is just what is done.

There’s no other concept in her mind


Until we create it for them
Do this.
Don’t do that.

Right and wrong.
You’re good and bad.

Here’s the big secret truth (that you already know)

It’s all bullshit.

If you are an artist, you paint because that’s what you do.

If you are a messenger, you speak because that’s what you do.

If you’re an entrepreneur you build empires because that’s what you do.

Who you are is already there.

Are you doing THE(ir) do? - Society’s do.

Or are you doing YOUR DO?

Your God given gifts to the world.

There’s only one way you will ever feel like you made it, like you got there, like you are complete.

If you do your work, do it fully and do it every single day.

Then expect to want for nothing because every feeling you are working so hard for

the relaxation

It’s all here, in the here and now, right now.

You always choose.


xo Ariel


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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I’m Ariel Frey, intuitive messenger, business mentor, and visionary entrepreneur building an empire, living in Chicago, IL with my husband and daughter. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about creating success from your soul and truly living free Read More

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