THERE IS NO SECRET KEY - So Act Accordingly!

THERE IS NO SECRET KEY - So Act Accordingly! 
The only difference between you and the other people doing more than you - not physically more, actually physically less, but with more income, clients, impact, social media following and so on.

The only real difference between them and you or this gap that it feels like you have is that they've decided and you haven't.

That might feel really hard to hear because you're trying so hard to do it all right and make it happen right now. I know that when I heard it the first time it felt sooo annoying to me. Like I wanted to throw a brick at a wall. That level of annoying.

I had worked and worked and worked until burn out. I had been the highest achiever that I felt like I could possibly be.

But really, I hadn't.

Because achieving isn't about doing.

Now let me explain because I too am a Type A high achieving intuitive entrepreneur type and so I get that it doesn't always make sense to the logical mind that you CAN achieve a lot without doing more stuff.

That's the key here -- the stuff.

As the type A high achiever, even being as intuitive as you are, (which you ARE), you are always looking for another thing to do to make it all work.

What's the strategy? What's the thing? What's the secret key? What is going to work, dammit?!!!

That's how it feels, right?! Right. 
I've been there.

So you try and try to find the thing. You invest. You search. You are relentless. This is one of your best qualities - other than all of the other good ones, spiritual, compassionate, loving, smart, resourceful, wise and the list goes on!

There is no secret key.
There is NO secret key.

So I want to save you a lot of time and heartache looking for the magic thing that is going to make it all work, make your business take off in the way you want, scale big, and then allow you to relax. That's what you're looking for..isn't it!?

The magic secret key is YOU. It's you!!!

Isn't that great! That means you get to stop searching for things outside of you to make it all work. That means you get to DECIDE that right now, within yourself, that it's going to all work out perfectly for you and so it does.

When you decide and you are in the feeling of joy -- because you will be once you've decided that your dreams are going to be your reality and be your reality right now -- you get the intuitive hits on what actions to take next.

The divine speaks to you and says "do this or do that" and you HEAR IT. You hear them. Then you take the actions and things manifest quickly.

All because you decided that it could be so. 
You decided that this is how the whole thing could work for you - because it does work like this. And you decided that what you want is possible for you now and you are going to choose it.

You are going to pluck it out of thin air (aka infinite possibilities) and bring it to you now through being in the receiving mode - which is joy and certainty.

So it's never about not doing more actions or slowing down to slow down. It's definitely not about taking all the actions to take all of the actions either.

It's about (manifesting, having the success you want, attracting the following you desire) deciding that it can be yours, choosing that this can be done your way (the universe's way) and that it's already done.

Then acting accordingly -- in alignment with the feelings and thoughts that feel good, which are always coming to you, all the time.

The possibility of you having what you want now is HERE right now!! Like, now. Seriously right now!

But you have to choose it. 
That's the first step. That's really the only way. 
xo Ariel
PS If you want to do business a different way, the spiritual way, the intuitive way for creative visionary dreamers who know they are meant to do big things and impact a hell of a lot of people -- yes, that's you. I'm speaking to you. I know. - My Spiritual Badass Business Bundle is OPEN.

You're tired of the strategies. You're so over the hustle and it's time to do it differently. You want to do business the aligned way, the spiritual way, the way in which you can just follow your intuition and things happen for you. All of the things that you want to manifest instantly, without you having to learn another strategy or tactic to do it the 'right' way.

There is no right way. There is only your way.

I'm helping you uncover it and step into a fully aligned intuitive business that runs itself through your energy. Simple business. Nothing complicated. But it works. And it feels really F-ing good.

Of course it does. It's aligned! It's success done your way. 
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