there’s nothing wrong with you and I’m tired of people telling you that there is


Ok, so I think that this is especially present in the spiritual space, but it’s like sugar coated with “there’s nothing for you to fix about yourself”

Yet you’re doing everything wrong and if you’re not attracting what you want then you inherently have deep issues that need to be taken care of.

The mother wound The father wound etc.

So I’m not saying that this work isn’t good work for some people. Hey, maybe it’s super helpful for you.

What I am saying is that while there are limiting ideas that may be in your mind from mom, dad, society and everyone else, those are in no way things that make you unable to meet your goals.

You might feel anxious or have doubts or waver in your belief about something….

BECAUSE YOU’RE A HUMAN BEING With a brain and that’s what brains do.

It’s so normal!

But here’s what this whole shenanigans looks like in the spiritual coaching entrepreneur industry, just so you can self identify.

And why am I writing about this?! Because a.) I experienced the emotional consequences from this work and b.) I’ve had countless clients come to me for help with shifting these false beliefs they were taught – since you know, energetically you’ll always attract your soul clients who need exactly what you have.

I don’t want any more people to buy into this idea.

Ok, let’s get into it.

The idea here, as you already know, is that you have to keep digging into deeper and deeper experiences that you had as a child or an adult and feel the emotion of that in order to let the emotion come up and out. Some of these memories you may not have even remembered.

If you know what I’m talking about, keep reading. If you’re like what the actual hell, then I dunno…maybe keep reading?!

Either way – so many people have been taught that there was something wrong with them and what they felt wasn’t true. That’s what this post is about, minus the details.

So back to the bizarre thing…

The whole goal with this work that is being taught and done is that once you’ve let the ‘repressed’ emotion come out (if it even was anything that existed in the first place) then you won’t have fear or anxiety anymore.

At some point you’ll be so detached from what people think, how they feel, and feel that you don’t need anyone or anything, that you’ll say and do whatever you want, therefore making more money.

Here’s what I know for sure. That ain’t the way to make money and actually feel good about your self. Or feel joy, happiness, excitement or any of those other giddy emotions that you’re really wanting to have in your life as a whole, which includes your business.

I know I’m preaching to the choir!

Here’s the thing. Even if you didn’t experience that type of fucked up coaching that I bought into and trusted, you may have been told that you didn’t know what you were talking about, you didn’t know what you were doing, or that what you felt was invalid.

None of that is true. You do know what you’re doing. You’re actually the ONLY one who has the answers for YOU. You know exactly what you’re talking about and always have the words to say. Your feelings are always valid and lead you to the next desire, decision, and big win!

Are there limiting beliefs to uncover and rewrite, OF COURSE!!!!!! You’re a human.

Will there be yucky emotions that come up? Yeah!!!!

Again, you’re human!

Most people are having ups and downs all the time every day.

It’s just that we’re creative. You’re a writer, messenger, speaker, teacher and the work that you do is SO CREATIVE!!!!

You know that your best work requires you to be in a joyful state. That never ever ever means that there’s something wrong with you if you wake up feeling terrible.

The key here *now I feel like I sound like a professor, but we’re going to go with it *

is to know that you’re in control of those feelings that are coming up. You can choose to change them whenever they come up. You can sit with them for a few days too.

Ask yourself – what are you teaching me right now? How is this mean to serve me?

Then write. Get out your journal and go to town!

Write out all of your fears that come up. See what is REALLY creating the funk or anxiety. It’s ok that it’s there.

If you want to feel differently, simply practice the act of changing your emotions.

Decide what you want to focus on. Do you want to feel excited? How about joyful? What about giddy like a little kid?

What makes you feel like that? Focus on yourself doing that. Hell, even make plans to go do the thing!

Just know that you’re always where you’re meant to be. Life is ALWAYS working for you, on your side. You’re always supported. And every natural emotion is there to serve you.

Trust yourself. Play by your own rules. Do what feels good to you. That’s where the best inspiration, insight, and creativity always comes from.

You’ve got this. You always have and you always will.

xo Ariel
Feel free, live free, be free.
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