When you know it's not aligned, they will always reflect it back to you

Ahhh I’m so excited about this post!! I thought that this photo was so freakin perfect for this title because kids are so aligned, especially toddlers.

They’re never doing anything that isn’t exactly what they want to be doing, unless you tell them they can’t do something.

Then they have a massive temper tantrum because you’re telling them they can’t take the next creative aligned action for them.

We try super hard to never do this, unless my daughter is about to do something that is going to hurt her, like picking up a glass candle.

This obviously so much, SO MUCH, aligns with your business.
Do tell! I will. But first the photo 😍


Ya see, (said with my timid voice) I recently launched a program that I was medium excited about and a few before that where I was not excited at all. Yep. I did the thing that was OUT OF ALIGNMENT. omg can you believe it?! So embarrassing.

But I have to tell you because if I don’t tell you then how am I being in alignment. It would be out of alignment to not tell you. That’s what I do. I mess up or have an experience lol, and then I tell you the lesson so that you can improve your life!!!

PS If you find any typos in this where there is an extra n, just know that it’s my keyboard. I’m flying extra high on spirit today (no drugs, don’t do that) and it’s making my computer keyboard wonky.

The program I recently launched was mid range and the name came to me while I was doing dishes, which I hate doing. So of course, this was obviously the program that I was supposed to launch!! (said sarcastically)

The point here is that I was going from half alignment and half what I thought would sell. Big ❌no no.

I was planning the launch based on the numbers I wanted to hit. This is what any normal business owner would do, but I am no normal bitch. 😁

I’ve done that song and dance before where you decide on the program that seems fun, then do the numbers on how many people you need to buy, and grow your list so that you have a good 2% conversion rate. Gahhhh stab me with a spoon in the eyeball. Listen, it works for some people, but it’s boring to me.

What I had been told to do from there, that I just really could never get behind is get connected to the work I was doing in the program. That’s cool and good if you LOVE the program in the first place. If the program lights you up on FIRE, then yes that works great. But if it doesn’t, just forget about it.

Here’s the other thing. You’re not just a — I’m going to launch this because that’s a cute idea and then we’ll see how manny sell and in the meantime I’m going to take on 1:1 because that’s easy, put some in savings and then just coast — type of person. You’re just not!!!

So doing it that way, while it seems kind of like some nice pond water (aka a 9 to 5 job) is just not the thing that’s going to get you the income or level of impact you want. In fact, it’s going to keep you really freaking small.

Do you know what happened with that program I launched? It didn’t sell very well and I knew deep down that it wouldn’t because I knew it wasn’t 100% aligned for me.

It’s also what the potential clients were saying to me as well. I kept hearing — this program sounds so amazing and I want to work with you some day. Or — I love your work so much, but I just don’t have that money to invest right now.

This has nothing to do with the money or my ability to receive. I’m a freakin sales machine!!! I sell amazingly well actually.

But I ONLY do that when I’m fucking in love with my offer!!! You’re the same.

That’s why you’re reading this. You were lead directly here to get this mind-blowing breakthrough! Spirit is so great. Ahhh I love being a human.

Here’s the unfortunate pattern though that usually happens when the offer isn’t aligned. You try to sell it because you’re focused on making the sales, instead of doing your life’s work. That’s ok…no shame, we’re just pointing it out.

Then it doesn’t sell very well and you feel even more doubt or worry about making sales. Your mind goes into - omg why is this not selling, what blocks do I have, do I need to dive further into my limiting beliefs, what’s wrong with me, why isn’t this working?!!!!! And the anger builds up 😡 (it was about time for another emoji again)!

Then you create another program out of that place. The worry, doubt, fear, selling etc. That’s the place you NNEVER EVER EVER want to create from. You already know that, which is why you are here.

You know that to create your best creative work, share your beautiful and powerful message, and to do your work in the world, you have to be in joy. You have to feel peaceful, excited, calm, abundant, and lit up. It’s the only way.

THAT’S when the people come to you and buy. That’s where you meet your financial goals. That’s where the magic happens. It’s not in planning it all out. You don’t even freakin like planning!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breath. So we’re going to stop planning now.

You’re going to allow the inspired idea for what to sell next come to you, even if you’ve never done it before and even if it feels scary for you.

You’re going to launch the damn thing and it’s going to feel soooooo amazing to trust yourself and listen to your soul, letting go and knowing that you’re completely and totally 100% always supported.

In that state the people always come.

In that state, the people always pay.

In that state the people love to pull out their credit card and then message you telling you how excited they are to be in your program!

In that state they all binge watch your live streams.

In that state you are the leader, leading the people, doing the thing, being abundant, living the life where you do the work you’re meant to do.

So do it.

The time is now. It’s your time.

Let’s go, babe.

xo Ariel
Feel Free, Live Free, Be Free.


Ariel Frey is an intuitive messenger, business mentor and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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