You are worthy of it all, so choose what you want.

There are unlimited possibilities in existence for you to choose from, so you just have to choose.

It’s not really an overwhelming thing when you think about what you really desire.

Not what you desire out of what aunt susie said that you need to do or what your mom told you was right, but out of what you truly want.

Because that exists for you right now. You know that, right?!

Yes. Your desires that you want already exist for you right in this moment. Everything that you want is already available and everything that is required to bring that to fruition is already around you right now.

Ok, so where is it?!

Well, it’s there.

But if you are doing what most people do which is focus on all of the problems that you have and try to fix those problems or people (haha) then you are simply using your energy on pushing the things that you don’t like, trying to make them change.

It doesn’t work.

You are literally giving attention to what you don’t want, which brings you more of what you don’t want.

So you think that you’ve chosen what you desire and said - hey, this is what I want and I will have it.

But then a second later you go thinking about what you don’t like in your life and business…

The clients who annoy you The money that you want, but don’t have The friends who have all that drama The launch that didn’t work so well The program that no one is buying The click through rate you’re getting How the strategy that worked for someone else feels horrible when you do it. Ok, so all of this is great evidence, but it’s really ONLY THERE so that you can know WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO WANT.

Then your job is to just focus on what you want.

How do you think you feel the most joy?

Yep, by thinking about all of the things that you want.

And it’s not in a longing way like —oooo I wish I could have that, but I can’t. No. Not like that.

And it’s not in a gripping way like –I have to have this now otherwise ____is going to happen and I am freaking the F out. Yeah, no. Not like that either.

It’s like this –oh my gosh this is so exciting that this thing is on its way to me. I’m so excited about this and this and this that I’m going to do with it or have from it. It’s so fun that I get to have this. Ahhh I’m so excited that it’s coming by x date. It’s so fun.

Now, if you’re very much in a state of not liking anything that’s going on in your life right now or feeling pretty powerless over the feelings that you currently have, well then you’re going to feel powerless over the feelings you have and not really like it’s possible to be genuinely excited and in belief about what you desire that you know is on its way to you.

Because you won’t believe that it’s on its way to you.

You’ll still be thinking about what’s wrong with you, the work that you have to do on yourself to get into belief and how you shouldn’t have to be doing that any more at this point in your business or even just that it’s so hard to change your thoughts and you know what I’m talking about in this piece, but you just don’t feel like that’s possible.

Well, none of this is really serving you. Let’s just start there.

And if you want to change your business, have more success, better clients who get better results and take more responsibility for their empowerment, happiness, and success with you, then you have to decide that you’re going to first feel better.

Then you have to decide that you’re going to focus on what you want and feel the feeling of having it before it’s here in your physical experience. Then hold that feeling, which I have to say is the most fun part of it all….and then I think the fun-ness is matched when the thing you want comes into your LIFE!!

Woooo. I’m getting jazzed just thinking about it.

So I have a very deep understanding of how this all works, as I have been studying it for the past 6 years, but even when I didn’t fully understand it like I do now from this vantage point, I could still have faith and believe in the power that I have and that you have.

I could still believe that my thoughts do actually freaking become things and always become things because what I think determines how I feel and how I feel is always a reflection of what I experience in my life.

Meaning that if you are focused on what you want and how exciting that is for you, then well by golly, you’re going to receive that. Ah!! So cool right?!

But if you’re doing the opposite of that and not in a state of joy because you aren’t at all focused on what you want and rather you are focused on the fear of not having what you want, well then you’re going to draw to you in your experience more things to be afraid of.

Sorry, not sorry. That’s how it works and you need to know to actually set your soul free.

Because when you set your soul free you are in the experience of actually manifesting the things through your feeling of already having what you desire and that feeling is JOY. Pure joy and happiness and excitement and possibility.

Who the hell wouldn’t want to feel that?!

Well, I guess only people who think that they can’t feel that and want to stay where they are for some self sacrificing false reasons that really do not serve them at all.

But hey! To each her own and that’s not you or me…so just keep sharing your light and joy and when they are ready they will spark that light within themselves to feel better and have more of what they want.

And so, in conclusion, since this is sounding like a full on personal essay on the way to experience total joy and fulfillment in your life through the process of creating everything you want…..

My point is that YOU CREATE IT ALL.

Stop giving the responsibility over to someone else or something else.

Stop thinking that it’s not in your control. It is all in your control. You decide how you feel.

Stop thinking that the only way to happiness is to get to the thing that you want - it’s not. It’s in the feeling now, which is the journey to receiving what you desire.

And those desires keep coming so you will never get to any stopping point, which really should feel exciting and expansive, not exhaustive.

And if it does feel exhaustive, then you’re pushing and now allowing to receive, so please stop that because it will be so much more fun in your life to experience immense joy.

You create it.

You can choose any action. There are no rules about how to live life.

Maybe don’t do anything illegal that puts you in prison, but that’s about it.

There are no rules of business and ways you have to do it.

You decide. You choose.

It gets to be your way and when you believe that THAT is the way that it gets to work most easily for you, that it always works for you, and that’s the only way it’s meant to be…well

You’ve made it.

You figured out the thing.

The gap between having and not having joy And having vs not having everything else. You know…money, time, sex, all of the above.

Having is just feeling is just choosing is just believing that you are worthy of the happiness that you are most definitely worthy of.

Just because.

You are you.

And you always have been worthy

All along.



Ariel Frey is an intuitive business coach and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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