You have permission to create...all the time.


I used to think - ok well, if I want to really relax in my business, take a break, take some time off, just feel FREE...really freaking free...then I need to have one product, one service, one main thing that I sell.

I'll figure out how to sell that really well with you know, a system, a really great funnel etc.

Then I need to learn more, have a fancier funnel, better systems, more people working for me and the list really did go on and on.

When I did my first launch, did it all by myself, and it ended up bringing in $70,000 in revenue, because I was doing the things that I preach and teach all the time, I really did believe that I needed all of those things.

Why??!! Because I got really burnt out doing all the things by myself. Now, of course I know that this made zero sense and I should have hired much of what I was doing out to someone else, been intentional about hiring, and just went all in with only the things that I do best - speak, teach, write, be the face and energy of someone who leads and wins. Duh! That's my whole thing.

But I didn't and so like I said, I got burnt out. 
So I thought, ok well then to relax and just be able to have this thing (this BEAST) sustain itself I need to learn something else because I'm clearly not doing this the RIGHT way if I feel like this.

So I hired some people, fired some people, really tanked my business in the process trying to figure out what the actual fuck was going to create sustainability and ease.

And I learned a GIANT lesson along the way -- the school of life. It's the best investment ever. Like, seriously!

I learned that there isn't a right way. This whole industry is made up and I get to do it MY right way. You do too.

I learned that my only and only job -- or two or a couple jobs really 😜 are to be the person who has the things that I desire and live in the vision within my mind and body before the vision is here in reality.

Write, speak, teach, do my thing channeling, sharing perspective shifts and intuitive insight. That's it. That's all I need to be doing.

And with that, what's important to remember is that INTUITION IS CREATIVITY. It's one in the same.

All creative ideas come from the divine.

So when I was trying to fit myself into the ONE funnel box or the one sustainable strategy box, which meant have one thing that you run and then keep tweaking that over and over again, it truly felt like my soul was dying. Like..omg are the leaves even green? Do the trees even speak to me any more?! That's what it felt like.

Because CREATIVITY is my thing. It's always been my thing. It's your thing too, which is why you're reading this. Why else would you be this far into this piece?!

It was my thing when I danced, played piano, and did art as a kid. It was my thing when I took the advance placement art classes and designed the cover of our high school year book. It was my thing when I almost became a fine art major with a focus in photography. It was my thing when I went to school for musical theatre performance and actually got a degree in that!! BFA baby. It was my thing when I started channeling and writing and learning everything about spirituality. It was my thing when I started speaking.

It was my thing all along and your thing too.

That's why you CAN'T FIT US INTO A BOX. You can't just put us in business and go, ok do this one thing and just keep tweaking the strategy.

We feel like we are dying, that it's not working, and then we try to find all of the reasons that something is wrong with us because CLEARLY this is the right thing (the experts said so) and why is this just not happening for us.

Well....because it's actually NOT the right thing for you. The right thing for you is to have a team who gets that you're the freaking creative genius and what you do is create. They take care of all the other things.

What's right for you is being creative every day. Speaking, writing, designing, connecting!!!
all day long. 
That's the thing that creates the ease, relaxation, joy, and feeling of total expanded lit up love for life, your business, and all of the people inn it!!

You're actually doing your craft, what you're here to do in the world and serving in the way you're meant to serve.

That's the only way for people like us. Women like us. That's what we do.

Anything else is simply a waste of our God given talents, desires, and wisdom.

So this is your reminder to create, even when it feels like it's not going to make the most money and even when it seems like what the actual F are you doing?!

Create even then. Because the energy of you creating is ALWAYS what brings in the money, the clients, the extra joy, and everything else you want.

You already knew that.
You just needed a little reminder.
To come back home to you
and what you really know is true. 
xo Ariel
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