You Never Have To Bring The Past Into The Future

I know I already wrote about this, but it’s coming up again for me today and so here we are and I’m writing about it.

When I asked: What am I meant to share with the people today? As I do every day. That’s what I heard. So I followed the thing.

You may or may not know this about me or my business, but I started it back in 2014. Really it was before that, but I started actually hanging flyers up at Whole Foods and Starbucks in 2014 for my Reiki business that I thought I was going to have.

I was scared, but had that spark of joy. You know the one.

I manifested an office space that I could afford at the time, which was $300 a month. I couldn’t believe it! It was right around my house too.

And then I went on the journey of being an entrepreneur, doing success, and living life the way I wanted.

During different parts of that journey, when I actually started making money and taking on clients, then shifting my direction and shifting back to soul truth again, and then shifting more - as you
do when you evolve into the person you are meant to be - I did things that the version of myself wouldn’t do now.

For example, act from a fear state or stay in a relationship way too long that I knew wasn’t right for me.

I think we can all relate to this and have had these experiences. It’s literally called life.

But there was something in me as I’ve gone to higher and higher levels of success, understanding of how the laws of attraction, manifestation, and psychology work - that I do everyday with my clients
in my work - that kept bringing up the past.

Almost as if the higher I go, the more that I need to feel bad about the things that I did in the past that wouldn’t be in integrity for me now, but felt totally like what I was meant to do then.

Honestly, it’s such bullshit.

And I had to tell myself as such.

Actually, I spent some time milling those thoughts around, trying to ignore them, and ultimately just got fed up with the stupid ideas that at some point were planted in my head in childhood.

‘Don’t look at how you feel’ ‘You must repent for your sins’ type of bullshit.

So here I was faced with this mental cross roads of sorts where I could see myself carrying this around with me. Getting frustrated and things that were totally fine. Carrying the story into daily life here.

Of course, never with my clients bc you put all your own bullshit beside when you do this work. That’s just how it is and always is.

But in my daily life like driving to the gym.

And so I had a talk with myself - Ariel, enough is enough and you’re not who you were then and none of that matters. So it’s time to forgive.

Forgiveness work is actually one of the things I do with my clients in some of my programs, but it really is a daily practice when things come up that you don’t feel good about.

Of course there are limiting beliefs, yeah. Those need to be dealt with too. But the forgiveness work from memories, experiences, and people who’ve passed through your life is huge.

So I leaned into the feeling. Said I’m sorry to myself for the past.

And allowed myself to step into the future and the present.

I think the message here is that it’s ok to let the past go. There aren’t sacrifices that you have to make now in order to be happy because of things that you did or experienced back then. That’s just a Goddamn lie.

Even if you’re Catholic (or another religion) like I grew up and there’s this undercurrent of needing to feel bad for things that you did and even when you go to confession you freaking still somehow have this unspoken obligation to carry around this guilt
and shame for who you’ve been. Because you can never be perfect like God.

Well, you’re not meant to be perfect. That’s not the whole thing. You’re a human, but stop feeling bad about it! We’ve got to stop feeling bad about being human beings.

It is what it is and the whole point is to learn and experience more and more levels of joy and service.

You know what the freaking purpose of your life is. You know you’re here to serve other people and enjoy your life. You know.

So ditch the past bullshit. It’s not worth it.

It’s just stealing your happiness, which you deserve to have abundantly in every moment.

You are meant to feel free and so you deserve to have that freedom - to feel the way you want to feel.

It doesn’t involve the guilt. Or shame Or doubt Or blame Or anger

Let it all go. 
Release it.
Forgive it. 
Move on.

It’s all a choice. 
One that only you can choose. 
xo Ariel



Ariel Frey is an intuitive business coach and visionary entrepreneur building an empire. She helps you create success from your soul and truly live free. Ariel is the host of the Babies, Biz, Beautiful Life Podcast! It’s packed with divine messages, practical wisdom from a self made multiple 6 figure business owner, and is everything about how to live your most beautiful life. Listen and subscribe here!

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