Your life can be whatever you decide it to be, if you choose joy first.

Your life can be whatever you decide it to be, if you choose joy first.

It doesn’t matter what is happening in your external circumstances, the mess, the drama maybe, or even the lack of what you want.

None of that matters.

It only matters as an indication of where you were when you created it and also where you maybe are now.

Meaning that the reality that you have now is just a byproduct of what you were thinking and feeling like in a previous time. Could be yesterday or a month before.

Either way all things come from your thoughts and feelings - so, you manifested this. Hence, life will meet you exactly where YOU are. Which means life will meet you where you’ve decided to be inside.

In your thoughts and feelings.

It’s the funniest thing for humans though because what you see is what you get. That’s our general mentality.

And even when we venture into the entrepreneurial realm where there is personal development galore and we know that we have to change our mindset, up-level and such in order to go to higher levels of sustained success, we still often have trouble seeing what actually IS instead of what is in our reality.

As in, we just look at all of the shit in our life that we don’t like, focus on it and create more of it over and over again until we die.

But the cool thing is that you know there’s a different way and so on a conscious or maybe subconscious level you’re searching for it and ending up right here right now reading this.

Because you know there’s another way.

So what is it?

Well, it’s the joy. It’s choosing the joy in every moment and being aware of it in every moment.

It’s choosing to see the truth of what IS - which means that you choose to look at all of the things in your reality that you do love and then choose to focus your energy, thoughts and feelings, on everything you want to call into your life, because you DO control it all, and you continue to focus on that until it’s in your reality.

That’s where the joy is.

The joy is never WHEN you get to the thing. Nope.

You just think it is. 
Or maybe you’re past that mode of thinking.

The joy is when you are focusing on where you want to go and what you want to call in that you feel expansive because you KNOW on a soul level that you are calling in all of your desires in those specific moment. When you do that, you are feeling the joy.

And so it is. The joy is.

And the desires are.

They are there right then and there energetically and you are in a release state where you aren’t trying to figure out how it’s all going to happen - you are just trusting that all will work out perfectly for you and your desires are on their way to you because you focused on the thing that brings it all to you.

The joy. 
The dreaming of desires is always where the joy is.

The gratitude for the present is always where the joy is.

And when the joy goes away because your human-ness comes back in and is like - oooo I’m pissed about this or that person. Well, then you just focus back on what you do want and move on with your experience.

No one else and no thing else controls how you feel and therefor the reality that you have.

Only you control it all.
So Amen to that and xo from me.

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