Spiritual + Rich: Your Intuitive Gifts Turned ON

for $5000 Sales

With Ariel Frey

You've tried doing all of the things...

Like photoshoots, Facebook ads, getting more training (knowledge), funnels

And you're fucking frustrated right now because it's not happening for you.

You don't have the $10K months (or $5K clients) you want

You're getting people who say "I can't afford it" on your sales calls

Or who say yes and then run away, never to be seen again.

You are doing the freebies and on Facebook live but...

You aren't getting consistent clients and the clients you do have, aren't getting results

Some do well (for a while) and some make no progress at all

And frankly you're drained and getting burnt out

Sometimes feeling like you want to just shut your computer for good

(like, is it better to just go back to a 9 to 5, where this is easier?)

I enter. Your problem is solved!

Do not go back to your 9 to 5 and first I'm going to need you to shift your focus, right now.

This bootcamp is about you letting all of the stuff you don't need (funnels, ads, FEAR etc) fall away so that we're left with beautiful YOU and your gifts, which only you have, that energetically attract your Soul clients [$5000 Pay In Full Sales + 5 Figure Months].

Yes, it's possible. 
Yes, I've done it. (and my clients too)

With a newborn baby.'ve got no excuses.

This is not meant to be hard. Your success is not meant to be stressful or frustrating. 

It's meant to be fun, playful, freeing...

AND make you a lot of money ($$$ cash + sales)

Imagine This

Maria Hayes 


[Zero Business To $6K]

Without A Website

+ Click Here To Read About Maria (The Seer)

Spiritual Badass!! Maria came into my bootcamp knowing that she had a connection with her intuition but had ZERO BUSINESS. She sold two $3K packages in a week.

Imagine this...You are working a corporate job, have no idea how powerful your intuition is, and you want to start a business but really don't have time for all of the technical set up (website, funnel etc). You see me (Ariel) and my bootcamp and decide to sign up because you feel like it's what you need to do.

You don't have any business structures at all. You've never even sold anything and yet, using your genius and intuition you make thousands in the first month of the bootcamp.

Then Maria revealed even more of her intuitive gifts to herself seeing that she has psychic abilities to see exactly where money is hiding for women and CEOs and what they need to do to get it now. She made the small tweaks to see how epic she is and that no one has her unique gifts. She stopped caring what others think about what she has to say and her truth.

If you want money to come to you easily from your divine gifts that already exist within you, then this bootcamp is exactly what you need now.

Fall Bootcamp Is Officially Open
Investment $997

P.S. I will not be hand holding. You must do what's uncomfortable to get results (say F you to the fear) and take 100% responsibility for your success. This is the kind of client I want you to attract too.

I used to do all the shit that everyone tells you to do too! But guess what?

    • I was tired of doing all the things
    • I was tired of clients not respecting my time
    • I was tired of feeling like I’d plateaued at lower priced packages
    • I was tired of working with people that weren’t committed to the work (so they didn’t get results)
    • I was tired of spending so much time setting things up and figuring out technical bullshit
    • I was tired of working so much (until 1am every night) that I didn’t see my hubby...and let’s be real, sex and date nights became minimal because doing all the things was taking up my time.

    So I found another way. I allowed my divine gifts to come through and started using my intuition to create spontaneous sales and results for my clients too. 

    I stopped working all the time and started spending lots of time with my baby and husband. I no longer felt anxious about the hustle of making money. 

    There's peace of mind knowing the truth, that you can make money whenever you want.

    I started saying what the fuck I mean all the time and created true emotional freedom.

    When you see that all you really need is YOU, magic happens and everything that you've wanted for so long as an entrepreneur finally falls into place. 

    The Details Of The Bootcamp

    Pre Program Momentum Calls

    Date: August 16th, 1 hour of training with Q&A via zoom
    Description: What it takes to get massive results $$$ out of this program (responsibility, masculine + feminine, and $10K months [clients])

    Date: August 23rd, 1 hour of training with Q&A via zoom
    Description: Understanding how your intuitive gifts work, how they come to you.

    Live Training + Q&A Calls

    Week 1: August 30th 12pm central time | 10am pacific | 1pm eastern
    Details: 1.5 hours of training with a 45 minute face to face Q&A via zoom
    Description: What only YOU can do, awareness of your genius and how it works with clients

    Week 2:  September 6th 12pm central time | 10am pacific | 1pm eastern
    Details: 1.5 hours of training with a 45 minute face to face Q&A via zoom
    Description: The energy behind your marketing (soul resonance)

    Week 3: September 13th 12pm central time | 10am pacific | 1pm eastern
    Details: 1.5 hours of training with a 45 minute face to face Q&A via zoom
    Description: Your unique marketing blueprint (positioning)

    Week 4: September 20th 12pm central time | 10am pacific | 1pm eastern
    Details: 1.5 hours of training with a 45 minute face to face Q&A via zoom
    Description: Trusting yourself and speaking the truth (you selling the shit out of your genius)

    Week 5: September 27th 12pm central time | 10am pacific | 1pm eastern
    Details: 1.5 hours of training with a 45 minute face to face Q&A via zoom
    Description: Unlocking the $10K month (or full pay)

    Imagine This

    Niki Wells
    [From $2500 to $20K]

    IN 30 DAYS

    + Click Here To Read About Niki (The Goddess)

    Spiritual Badass!!!!!!! $20,000 Booked ($12,250 cash) in 30 DAYS. (Or how to start using your intuitive gifts to energetically attract your dream clients...and break my client crew record (Highest Booked + CASH month) A new record is broken people! And it’s the (nature goddess) Niki Wells.

    In ONE MONTH she did what she’s been dreaming of for the last 1.5 YEARS: (Fastest SALE of my clients EVER: She booked $7200 in 3 hours) Her “I guess I’ll keep teaching business systems, even though it drains me” GONE $20,000 in contracts SIGNED $12,250 CASH in the bank with EASE And make that $30K CASH in July...that’s what she’s on track for. She was so over the bullshit and fluff online making her feel like she didn’t have her $hit figured out or she didn’t know what she was doing… Because Niki is fucking good at what she does! Her spiritual gifts were just being underutilized because she was told that THAT is not how business works.

    Niki had invested $50K in her business with no return and was tired of the online lies She wanted something REAL when she came to me And that’s what I gave her. You see, Niki didn’t need anyone to hold her hand. No. And she was certainly not afraid She knew that she IS powerful and has POWERFUL insight to share. And she was on the edge So close! (But still feeling lost for a whole year)

    What took her over the edge? (And will take you there too!) Exactly what makes Niki….Niki. Her UNIQUE intuitive gifts...what makes her bank $12K cash in one month And how she went from making $2500 all year to $20K in her first month. But how does this even happen??? You know she was over hearing the bs about using FB ads and funnels, so that’s not what got her there (and you don’t need them either)

    Niki had TWO annoying problems: People saying that they “couldn’t afford it” on her sales calls or “not being ready”....WAIT, what is there to not be ready for when you’ve got a bada$$ like Niki. Struggling to put everything into action - Being TOLD that she needed to LAUNCH, plan, and organize (So of course, she was still making $5K months, when she should be doing 5 FIGURES EVERY MONTH) And remember she’d already invested $50K with no return. Can you imagine how fucking frustrated she was? Yeah!

    So instead of putting more systems into place or doing endless mindset work to “heal herself” which she DIDN’T need, we dug into Niki’s spiritual gifts (or why she’s actually on the planet) instead. She stopped doing everything complicated…..AND Made sales so freakin EASY. Which means powerful, fun, authentic And spontaneous sales, whenever she wants them! What happened? Her soul became FREE finally and her intuition started doing the talking in her marketing Sales calls became, “tell me how to send you money now” And clients do what she tells them to do = RESULTS.

    So just in case, you want to make $20K sales and $12K CASH in 30 days too… How about you say no to the launching and planning….and let your intuition run your business (sales calls and marketing too) to push yourself OVER THE EDGE. You already know how powerful YOU are… You’ve just got to own it ;) It’s that easy.

    Commit And Enroll Now
    Investment $997

    What It's Really All About

    If you read nothing else on this page, read this.

    The bootcamp is about you making $10K months with your intuitive gifts and creating the true freedom in your life that you deserve. I expect you to be selling $3K or $5K + packages, energetically attracting your soul clients, and transforming all of the relationships in your life (yourself, your loves, your clients). This is about YOU knowing your unique gifts and feeling in every fiber of your being how epic you truly are. You understand the how behind getting your clients massive results and your business grows itself. (the results speak for themselves)

    Imagine This

    Cindy Ellen


    [$147K in one week] 

    that's not a typo 

    + Click Here To Read About Cindy (The Business Energy Coach)

    Cindy was already making money in her business, but it wasn't consistent. One month she'd make $1k and then a couple months later she'd hit $10K. She wanted to have consistency in her income and have more freedom because you know she was working all the time.

    So that's exactly what she did AND she easily got an investor to hand over $135K. Read what Cindy had to say and watch our video below too.

    "I sat in a room of about 150 people at an investor's network meeting.

    When the speaker asked if anyone had any success stories they want to share. I didn't think about it, I stood up and walked up on stage and took the microphone. Something has completely shifted in me - because this is not something that I'd normally do - I've NEVER done anything like this before.

    I talked about the 2 properties I've purchased in the past 3 months and how I found investors, flipped etc. I talked about how, through my volunteer work in my community, I've become so connected that I have deals falling on my lap, I just need investors with cash to close on the deals.

    After I got off stage 4 people came up to me.

    Friday I met with one lady to explain what I had done previously, and how I want to move forward as far as investments.

    She's given me $135k which I'm going to use to buy 2 properties.

    This will produce $12k/yr in income for me directly plus 50% of the increase in value of the properties."

    Absolute spiritual badass!

    Watch My Video Testimonial With Cindy

    Here's Where You're At

    • You're really fucking tired of doing all the things (mindset work, funnels, facebook ads...)
    • You are hustling your ass off and still not making the money you want
    • You're really frustrated because you got into business to feel free, but you just feel burnt out
    • You've invested a lot of money into trainings on webinars, tele summits, Ads, and mindset courses without the return that you know you deserve. 
    • You want your clients to come to your sales call with the money ready to invest...but you keep hearing, "I can't afford it" or "I have to think about it" on your sales calls.
    • You want to be making way more money, now. 
    • Your clients have been getting hit or miss results and you want them to be kicking a$$

    This is your opportunity to turn it all around instantly. I'm talking about spontaneous sales, people asking how fast they can pay you, and only working a few days a week. Seriously! 

    Are you ready for this?

    This Is DEFINITELY For You If:

    • You've been attracting clients to your discovery calls who say they can't afford it
    • You haven't been attracting anyone to your business, at all
    • You have clients that are draining for you and sometimes a pain in the ass
    • You've been spending a lot of time on strategy and mindset but not getting results
    • People are booking discovery calls with you and then not showing up or say they don't have the money
    • You're done with struggling to make money every month
    • You want a real and raw business that's actually authentic
    • You are ready to do whatever it takes to get massive results now, even if it's uncomfortable

    This is NOT for you if:

    • You think it's ok to get on a sales call without the money to invest
    • You are not willing to do whatever it takes to make sales and cash in your business
    • You make excuses for why things didn't work or for your actions
    • You think it's ok to be asking people to invest in you, when you haven't done it yourself

    Commit And Enroll Now
    Investment $997

    If you know you want this, you're excited and want to make the leap, and if you're over making less than $5k every month, then take action right now while you're on this page and sign up. 

    Don't tell yourself that you're going to do it later, because you probably won't. What usually happens is your old patterning tells you to just play it safe and then you end up staying exactly where you're at right now.

    This isn't just about you making $10K months, it's about you creating a whole new way of living where you start to expect that what you deeply desire, those big visions and dreams, they are happening no matter what. And so they do.

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