Oh my God, if the fear is in the way well then it needs to move over! That’s what I would say to my soul sister, so of course I’m saying it to you because I’d expect that if you are on this page, reading this and interested in my work, then you are in fact a soul sister.

The fear is always going to be there. That’s what you have to understand, but it doesn’t have to rule the show and you can actually use it to get what you want.

You can flip it, turn it into excitement, and tell it to take a back seat because your soul is the only one in control. That’s what this essential Ariel Frey training is all about!

What we Cover

  • You acting as exactly the person who you want to be. The woman with the multiple 6 figure and 7 figure business. The leader who attracts in everything she desires.

  • Shedding the fear, letting it go, and releasing the need to hold onto doubt or anxiety.

  • Exactly who you would be without the fear, if you took the action anyway!

  • Taking the aligned actions on a moment to moment basis to stay in total flow and source energy. I’m sharing how that’s the exact state I was in as I created this training.

  • How to trust where your joy, desires, and intuitive guidance is taking you even when you can’t see how it’s all going to work out for you.

F*ck The Fear Training


Get immediate access to this recorded training, pulled directly from one of my most popular programs Highest Self.


Who is Ariel Frey?

Ariel Frey is a spiritual coach, intuitive messenger, and business mentor, building a 7 figure empire. She has had a multiple 6 figure business for over 3 years, worked with students from around the world, and helped clients create results like their first $20K months and multiple 6 figure launches.

Ariel is a mama to a toddler and lives with her husband in Chicago. She bought an airstream on a whim and is currently having it renovated for her family to travel across the US in 2019.