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The Headturner

Take Your Business To The
Next Level In 8 Weeks




The Headturner

Take Your Business To The
Next Level In 8 Weeks


Create Freedom In Your Life & Business


If you want to be consistently booked with clients, launch irresistible offers, create sales funnels that convert, create more brand clarity, develop your leadership skills, master marketing and hire an incredible team, then you've made it to the right place at just the right time.

Are you ready to...

  • Take your business growth to the next level without hustling for 14 hours a day? (Yeah!)
  • Rapidly grow your list and your bank account? (Sounds amazing. I'm in.)
  • Have breakthroughs that take your marketing and sales to another level? (Yes please!)
  • Create an incredible team who help you triple your revenue? (Where do I sign up?)

To Get There You Need

  • To be the woman who is willing to put in the work up front, be resourceful, and have a no excuses policy.
  • To have certainty that you will reach your goals and get obsessed with attaining them.

  • To get clear on what business you think you're in and what business you really need to be in. 

What's keeping you from the even bigger success that you want is your marketing, sales, and the fact that you're still doing everything by yourself. 

Maybe you've launch a group program or have even made 6 figures in sales already, but you're nearing burnout and it needs to change ASAP.

I totally get it. 

You've tried raising your one on one prices to create more space in your schedule, but you still don't have the freedom that you want. 

You are in the right place, love.

Ariel Frey is a rising star in the coaching industry and a mega blessing to the world. She’s gone from a girl working in a restaurant to a thriving Business Strategist and Coach with clients all around the world. It’s been an honor to be on this journey with her, and I know she’s going to the top! Hire her while you still can - it will be a game-changer for you and your business!
— Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life Limited

no matter if

no matter if

This Was Designed For You

  • You're a new serviced based entrepreneur who is ready to rock, roll, and start creating results fast in your business, or the entrepreneur who has been dabbling for a while and you're finally ready to skyrocket your success
  • You're spending way to much time at your computer every day, feeling like you don't have time to exercise, and forgetting to eat because you've got so many client calls
  • You're are ready to finally leverage your time, create passive income, and reach more people with your business then heck yeah , you are in the right place!

I'm Ariel Frey a Business Strategist and Coach who went from server to building a multiple 6 figure business in one year. I now have a sustainable business that my team operates, sales funnels that consistently bring in income, and I've created true freedom in my life.

It Took Me Just One Year

To create a thriving business, launch a successful group program, and create a self study course. In that time I had the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible women on the planet who've gone on to become fully booked, replace their corporate income, and even create multiple 6 figure businesses of their own!

But There Were Big Bumps Along The Way


Yep. That's the truth. Even though I loved what I was doing, I was working incredibly long days and saw my computer more than my husband. It felt like I was always hustling to enroll the next client too. Maybe you can relate? 

Even though I had a couple of team members, I always felt frantic like I was spinning and honestly didn't see a way out. I was told that I had adrenal fatigue too. 

But then last year, I found out I was pregnant and thought my life was over. I had no idea how I was going to be an entrepreneur and be a mom at the same time. 

But I was experiencing burnout BIG TIME, facing overwhelm, chugging coffee multiple times a day, and ultimately could not physically support my child.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I feel like if I had been taking better care of myself from the get-go this wouldn’t have happened. HELLO, WAKE UP CALL. 

When You Need To Make A Shift And Resist, Life Will Make You Take A Different Route.
Life Is Always Working For You.

Fast forward a few months...I WAS PREGNANT AGAIN! (Let’s be real there was still a little bit of the “life=over” mentality because, um hello, raising a child takes lots of time/attention/love, but there was also a bit of “YAY!”)

This was the moment I realized that I had to step up as the leader and visionary of my brand and stop being the do-er in my business.

So I Changed Everything

I got focused in big way. I planned a huge launch, projected crazy-awesome numbers, kicked it up a notch with my rockstar team, grew my list, surrounded myself with people pushing me to next level, and then I went there.

I was the true leader and the visionary—not the do-er of all the things—and took care of myself and my little one.

I’m sharing this with you today so that you can learn from my mistakes and avoid them all together.


Get Ready For Next Level Success

TOTAL GAME CHANGER with my business!!! I have a team, sales funnels being built, new opt-ins that are converting, my list is growing and I am positioned for a HUGE launch of my upcoming group program!!!!
— Andrea Lucchesi, Andee Love
In working with Ariel I created a brand and 1:1 coaching program that speaks to the heart of my ideal clients, up-leveled my mindset and wealth consciousness, took consistent action to grow my business, and made the most money I’ve ever made in a month. ($12,407 one month after her launch) Ariel is equal parts magic and mega-marketing-mastery, she is a visionary and a luminary.

Liivi has since created a multiple 6 figure business in one year!
— Liivi Hess, Hello Shiny Life
As soon as I decided to work with Ariel everything changed and I’m celebrating 5 figure months and planning bigger and better things in 2017! Ariel Frey, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!
— Amber-Lee Schneider, Humble Lifestyle

I got to work

I got to work

How I Created Freedom

  • Transformed my mindset to start thinking just like the millionaires of the world
  • Invested well over $70,000 with mentors and a team to leverage my business
  • Studied the marketing of every successful industry expert who I resonated with
  • Started rocking out sales funnels, Facebook ads, marketing, and did a lot of testing
  • Developed my leadership skills and up-leveled my sales strategies

Before I knew it women were messaging me on Facebook saying that working together was on their vision boards, making $40K in sales per month became my new normal, I was no longer operating my business, and I had consistent passive profits rolling in.

I'm just a 25 year old from the midwest who had a big dream.

Now I have freedom, and extraordinary life, and am making more money.

In 8 short weeks you can be well on your way to creating everything that I have and more!




The Headturner


If you want to be consistently booked with clients, launch irresistible offers, create sales funnels that convert, create more brand clarity, develop your leadership skills, master marketing and hire an incredible team, then you've made it to the right place at just the right time.

I'm taking you behind the scenes and giving you the top strategies that I'm using right now in my business.

What Makes This Different?

The Headturner is for you if you're determined to stop operating your business and start owning it - which means have the freedom that you became an entrepreneur for.


This is what is going to get you away from your computer and back out into the world. You'll finally have the life that you wanted when you became an entrepreneur.


Having the support of people who are learning the same processes as you is vital! You'll get access to our members only private Facebook group so you have other ladies to lean on and get feedback from.


It's about more than sending an email here and there. You're meant to reach millions of people with your message, so I'm here to show you how to make it happen.


I'm here to be 100% transparent with you about what's worked, what hasn't, and I'm not holding anything back. You're getting the total behind the scenes look at my business.


Working with Ariel was a total game changer. Her no excuses approach to the Law of Attraction and manifesting was pivotal in gaining my first client before I had done one ounce of marketing. I made over $5,000 notably before my business was officially “ready.
— Leah Cullins, Success Coach
Ariel is a mighty little powerhouse who leads and inspires with the biggest heart. If it weren’t for her I would not have had the courage to find myself, my groove and my way out of a horrible corporate position that was consuming my life. While working with her I was able to build my now booming Online Business Manager business. I am proof that this lady can help anyone go from 0 to 100 in a short amount of time. She holds space for you, gives you access to her trial and errors, and provides you the tools to help boost your clarity and confidence.

I’m consistently having $10k months, have hired two team members and am waitlisting client. I’m now making more money than I was in my corporate job. Whether you have a plan or not, you simply can’t go wrong with this lady.
— Chelle Weech, Online Business Manager,
From the moment I found Ariel on Periscope and felt her energy, I knew I had to work with her.

I have gone from a girl with a dream and an idea to a woman with a brand and a program. Her positive spirit, knowledge, intuition and guidance are so in tune with the needs of powerful women entrepreneurs. I am not only moving forward, I am exceeding my goals. I am the success I’ve always knew I could be and am now fully booked.

Thank you Ariel! You are truly my motivation and inspiration!
— Melissa Vara, Confidence Coach

what you need

what you need


You'll Walk Away With

  • Clarity and breakthroughs around what is keeping you from next level success and exactly how to get there.
  • Sales and marketing strategies to make you more money while creating more freedom in your life.
  • Leadership skills to lead a company that's consistently growing and team who loves working with you.



Everything That's Included

Below you'll see 5 fundamental modules and 3 primary focus modules.

Most entrepreneurs believe that they aren't seeing the lifestyle they want because they need to implement the latest strategy. Businesses fail because they don't have rock solid foundation. The secret to massive success is going back to the fundamentals first before you dive into strategy.

So what I've included in this program is meant to create BREAKTHROUGHS in your life and business that set the stage for your marketing, sales, and team to thrive.  

Module 1 (Fundamental)

Create A Solid Foundation

  • Create a new story around money and success and uncover the old patterning from your childhood that's been holding you back. Start learning how to love money and how it can help you be of greater service in the world. 
  • Bust through those annoying thoughts that keep creeping up around being visible and your ability to actually creating thriving long term success. You can do this. Let's shift your mindset now! 

Module 2 (Fundamental)

Keep 'em Coming Back For More

  • Figure out exactly what your dream clients want so that you're never guessing about what to include in your program or how to offer it!
  • Learn the key action steps you must take that most people skip to quickly grow your list and convert cold leads into excited clients.
  • Uncover your unique "it factor" that truly sets you apart and attracts your tribe. You'll never again longingly looking at someone else's business wishing that you were at that level. You will be there!

Module 3 (Fundamental)

Create Successful Courses

  • Determine what kind of business model is right for you based on your true desires (products, programs, or both). Then outline a signature program you love and that your dream clients can't resist!
  • Learn how to structure your irresistible programs and exactly what to include in them so that your clients meet their goals and rave about you.
  • Understand how to price yourself to gain momentum and also own your worth - which means you'll never be charging less than what feels good and command higher prices.
  • Create a launch plan (there's a couple type of launches to choose from) and know who you need to hire to get everything done on time. 

Module 4 (Fundamental)

Become An Influencer In Your Industry

  • Discover your unique story that turns heads. Learn how to speak about it and write about it in an authentic way that makes the idea of competition obsolete. You'll attract clients who are exactly the type of committed go getters you've been looking for by following these steps. 
  • Understand the different styles of about pages and choose the one that best fits your personality. You'll probably want to edit your current one after this module!
  • Write an incredible about page and understand how to speak about yourself on your sales pages to profit in a big way.

Module 5 (Fundamental)

Have A Brand That Stands Out

  • Refine your visual brand and create an up-leveled version that is 100% authentic to you. Learn the ins and outs of what makes a brand pop and the details to pay attention to, that you may have been skipping over.
  • Learn how to grow your list just by getting traffic to your website and how to create a cohesive brand that profits.
  • Get my website checklist of all the things your website must have to generate leads plus the anatomy of high converting landing page! 

Module 6 (Primary Focus)

Become A Master At Marketing And Sales

  • Start rapidly growing your main business asset, your email list. Understand what kinds of content to be creating, exactly how to grow your list with free and paid traffic (no it's not posting in Facebook groups), and how to create an opt in that converts.
  • Create a social media strategy and stick with it! Get my personal strategies for my thriving Facebook group, Facebook live streaming, how I'm adding over 4000 engaged Instagram followers per month, and get access to my highest converting Facebook ads.
  • Understand how often you need to be emailing your list, what to include, and get examples of my emails with the highest open rates. 
  • Get the list of tools that I use and recommend to grow your list and be consistently very active on social media while saving time. You'll also see exactly how I'm using these tools in my business.

Module 7 (Primary Focus)

Produce Passive Income Profits

  • This module will teach you exactly what you need to know about creating sales funnels that convert. I'll show you how to set them up so that they pay for your Facebook ads, enroll clients into self study courses, and lead clients into higher level group programs.
  • Learn how to craft Facebook ads, opt in pages, and up-sells that make money while you're not working. Take content that you've already created and package it into a profitable offer.
  • Write a 30 -60 day email sequence that leads potential clients through a sequential buying sequences and nurtures them along the way.
  • Get the list of tools I use to easily run my sales funnels so you're generating passive income and making your courses work for you. 

Module 8 (Primary Focus)

Leverage Your Time And Automate

  • Get exact systems and tools that myself and my team use to run my multiple 6 figure business and learn how to create more time in each day by delegating like a boss. 
  • Discover what areas in your life or business are sucking up your day and put time hacks into place so you're increasing your productivity.
  • Understand how to be the leader of a team so that projects get done and the people you work with stick around for a long time because of your commitment to them and your company culture.


II feel so much gratitude when I think of how working with Ariel has significantly improved my life and business in such a short amount of time. I secured my first high-ticket client, and enrolled 4 incredible women into my group program (1 week after launching) earning $7K in 7 days.
— Lisa Trublet de Nermont, Los Angeles, CA, Digital Marketing and Business Success Coach for Women
When I started Ariel’s course, I was lost. I knew I couldn’t return to my 9 to 5, after giving birth to my son, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do or how I should do it. Ariel introduced me to the world of coaching and I am forever grateful. With Ariel’s help I completely revamped my mindset work and was able to accelerate the growth of my business! With my first client I was able to make my normal monthly salary in just one day and left my 9 to 5 three months earlier than planned.
— Michelle Knight, Branding and Business Coach
Within 2 weeks of launching I landed my first high-end client. Since then I have implemented systems and structures that are growing my business, I have the confidence to be visible in my marketing, have had a $4,000 day, and I have the confidence to show up for my business and my clients. I even quit my 9 to 5!

Thank you Ariel, for helping me create the life that I’ve always desired!
— Emily Page, Business Designer & Social Media Strategist
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Exclusive Bonuses

Enrolling in The Headturner will not only give you access to the 8 modules with videos, worksheets, and checklists, but you'll get all of these bonuses for free!



My complete Facebook ads video training course that walks you through everything from setting up your ads to targeting and testing. Your getting 6 videos and access to my top converting Facebook Ads.

(Value $997)


Get my guide to hiring a team you love and why I'm a big fan of hiring an Online Business Manager as soon as you can. You'll also git my biggest rule for hiring freelancers that I wish I would have known at the beginning of my business.

(Value $497)


It's here for you if you need it! Use this extensive Squarespace training yourself or pass it off to your team. In this 16 video training I'm showing you the ins and outs of creating a designer website just like mine. Plus I'm giving you the code I've used to make tweaks that have a big impact.

(Value $997)


This training is great even if you've already hit 6 figures, but you want to double or triple that. Get access to one of my most popular intensive workshops so you can see what 6 figure marketing is really all about. You'll also see how I've run profitable webinars, what structure I use, and hear my pitch at the end. 

(Value $497)


What's Included

Receive my personal email swipe file, up-sells, and list of recommended tools

Members only Facebook group for support, accountability, and feedback from me

Everything you need on marketing, sales, leadership, and consistent business growth

Lifetime access to the content and ongoing updates

Access the members area from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Surprise! You'll see the extra bonus videos when you log in

What in the world are you waiting for??

This training program is only for driven and determined entrepreneurs who think big and are ready to take action NOW to start generating more money and creating more time in their life and business. I've created more than a quarter of a million dollar business in a short amount of time so I know what it takes to have big success and I've spent years learning the ins and outs of marketing online. 

If I was able to go from server in a restaurant to multiple 6 figures in one year, then learn how to create a thriving business (while pregnant) that creates more freedom in my life...

it's possible for you too! 

You Are Ready For This


  • You're driven to scale your business by launching courses and program
  • You are willing to put in the work up front to have the freedom you want
  • You're willing to continuously be transforming your mindset for success
  • You are feeling positive about the market research and testing that must happen
  • You are ready to get back up over and over again and be persistent with your goals
  • You're a problem solver and love finding new ways to do things
  • You are willing to put money aside ($300-$500) for your Facebook marketing testing. Everyone needs to do this.


  • You tend to give up and not push through when something doesn't work the first time
  • You quit things that frustrate you, rather than taking a breather and getting back to it
  • You aren't open minded and are not a problem solver
  • You think that mentors have magic wands and that you won't have to put in the time, energy, and work that it takes to be successful
  • You aren't willing to make the time to create real genuine connections with people and do testing in your business.
  • You're lazy and aren't committed to your business goals.

Successful People Make Decisions Quickly


The standard price that most people pay for a program content like this is $5000 - $8000

What I've included in this course is what I've learned over the course of 4 years and after investing over $100,000 into myself and my business.

You've Got Options

Option #1:
You can spend the next three years trying to figure out how to create more freedom in your business OR

Option #2: 
You can learn from someone who has already done it, save yourself countless hours, and start generating more money quickly through marketing mastery, leadership, and your new incredible sales skills.

...I know which one I'd choose!

Get Instant Access!

Pay Monthly

3 Installments $394


One Payment (Recommended)

$997 (SAVE $185)




Ariel is a pure light of intuitive genius. She’s talented and incredible gifted. Her business is helping women find their true path to build the business of their dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted. You’ve just got to hear her story to know that she’s a fighter who believes that anything is possible. She’s built her dream business on this premise and it’s awe inspiring to see how she continues to excel in her business, surpassing her own goals while making a global name for herself. What a treasure of a woman. If you get the chance, you must work with Ariel. She’ll completely change your life.
— Janelle Ladewig, Success Coach
It’s a challenge to put into words exactly how much of an impact Ariel has had on my life, but to say monumental would be an understatement. She is a unicorn of joy, strength, confidence, and insight and pulls them together in a way that is motivating beyond belief. In our time together I gained enormous understanding of who I am as a person and businesswoman and was able to take my craft to the ultimate next level. I went from a girl with a kind-of sort-of dream to a woman with a passion and a mission that must be completed...all in just a few short weeks. I am eternally grateful for Ariel and our work together and cannot wait to see what’s next!
— Emily Socha, Body + Mind Coach
In a few short months I have noticed INCREDIBLE changes in myself, my business, and almost every aspect of my life.

I have grown my life coaching business, and an incredible Facebook community filled with powerhouse women focusing on adding more happiness and self-love into their lives. I recently left my 9 - 5 and I got engaged to the love of my life.

I can now honestly say that I am living the life of my dreams. I no longer just talk about doing and having the things that I want, I take action and claim them as my own. Thank you Ariel for believing in me and showing me that anything is possible. Ariel is truly an inspiration. She has motivated me to be the best version of myself and fully show up in the world to do what I was meant to women find a deeper level of happiness and self-love.
— Ginger Marie, Venice, CA, Life Coach and Certified Angel Card Reader
Working with Ariel has absolutely been the best decision that I’ve made from my business. Ariel helped me so much in gaining tons of clarity about the direction I wanted to go with my business, who my ideal clients were and how to find them, and she helped me power forward and kick things up a notch in getting things up and running.
— Rachel Abott, Personal Empowerment And Business Coach
When I think of Ariel, I feel powerful strength, inspired intuition and unapologetic resilience. Seeing these valuable qualities in her in our coaching time allowed me to discover the huge potential of my own untapped gifts as well.

If it hadn’t have been for her encouraging me to leverage my natural skills such as relationship-building with influencers, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. Being celebrated by Ariel and given the needed strategy she intuitively develops, I was propelled to reach the entrepreneurs who need these networking skills most and work with clients I adore.

I truly believe that Ariel is deeply service-minded. Her commitment to helping others get incredible results in their businesses is felt in every interaction. I’m forever grateful to Ariel for showing me the power of creating a limitless mindset daily and letting that expanded possibility within reverberate outward into all I do.
— Alison Lekander, Video Value Coach
This was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I was hesitate to spend the money at first, but I knew I wouldn’t do it alone, my dream would stay a dream. I made the decision to make my dream a reality and investing with Ariel was my first step. It was an amazing first step because she had helpful resources, tools, and support! I am leaving this very equipped to run a successful coaching business!
— Staci Gustiuc, Life coach

Get Instant Access!

Pay Monthly

3 Installments $394


One Payment (Recommended)

$997 (SAVE $185)


Questions & Answers

Who is this program for?

The serviced based entrepreneur who is ready to scale her business, launch courses, and create passive income to make her business work for her. It's also for the seasoned entrepreneur whose current marketing hasn't been getting her the results she wants.

When do I get access to the modules?

You'll get access EVERYTHING as soon as you enroll. You can go through the course in 8 weeks or do the whole thing in one week. It's up to you!

What if I need extra support?

Should you desire  more support than what's included and are serious about taking action, please reach out at to speak about additional options.

I'm not techy at all and it freaks me out to think about tech!

That's totally ok! I'm super techy and so is my online business manager so we've got you covered. I've created tutorials for my recommended systems so you can get things up and running quickly. I'll also show you how to outsource the tech in your business so if you don't want to touch tech, you don't have to.

Can I do this if I'm still in my 9 to 5?

If you've got your business up and running with a few 1:1 clients already and you want to launch a new irresistible offer, become a marketing master, or develop a team to help you, then this is the perfect time for you to move full force ahead! The sooner that you get these business steps down, the sooner you can put in your notice and replace your corporate income. I know some people who build their business to 6 figures and beyond before quitting their job, so if that's your plan, rock it out.

Do I continue to have access to the Facebook group or does it go away?

You'll have continued access to the Facebook group to get support and feedback from your program peers!

Do I have access to the course content forever?

You sure do! And you'll get any updates that are made to the programs. #bonus  

How much money can I expect to make?

The amount of money you make is completely up to you. As you can imagine there are no guarantees when it comes to programs like this, but as you can see on this page my clients have gotten incredible results. I'm teaching you exactly what I've done to scale my business to a quarter of a million dollars in sales quickly. Clients that have implement what's in this program have made passive income just days after putting the strategies into place. 

What format is the course content delivered in?

Great question! The content is all in our members area and once you enroll you'll automatically get your username and password. Then we've got PDF guides, fillable workbooks, videos, checklists, and action steps for you throughout the course.

This course is a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?

One of the things that I've always believed is that the more you learn the more you earn. This has proven true in my business and I see it in the lives of my clients too. I've made the payment plan super accessible so that you can get your hands on this content right away and start scaling your business now. And I've honestly never seen a course with this much value in it at this price point. I know that I could price this a lot higher because I invested 100K to learn what I'm teaching you, but my goal is global impact and I wanted as many people as possible to get their hands on it. So, yes I absolutely think its worth the price.

Get Instant Access!

Pay Monthly

3 Installments $394

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.27.12 AM.png

One Payment (Recommended)

$997 (SAVE $185)

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 12.27.12 AM.png

You've got one life...

to make the impact you've always wanted, grow the business you've been dreaming of, and have the joyful, freedom filled life that you know you're meant for. 

This is about you standing up for what's in your heart and no longer settling. You are meant to have the spa days, write that book that's been burning inside of you, take a week off to be with the people you love, travel first class if you feel like it, and take your love on the vacation of a lifetime.

It all starts here. You saying yes to yourself, yes to a thriving online business, yes to dream clients, yes to taking action, yes to everything that is your truth, and your souls desires.

This is about you living your most joyful life. And the time to do it is now!

Lots of love, 
xx Ariel


If you still have questions email my team at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!