a 13 day immersion to bring you back home

To everything you know you are

The spiritual, intuitive being with a message to share and epic shit to sell



Connecting to your highest self, allowing her to shine in your life

Her message
Her desires
Her presence
Her decisions
Her standards


When she (YOU) does this, becomes the ultimate version of herself, her light is beaming from her heart, her wings are visible, she feels her true power.

From there her next program comes

From there her marketing comes

From there her desires manifest easily

From there she feels free

From there the worry is gone

From there the questioning is gone


From there she turns heads and the people she is meant to reach with her work, appear.

She draws them in with her energy.

She knows exactly what to launch and what to say.

She can clearly see what to get rid of in her business.

Or where she is denying her true inner being.

The light is already there
We simply need to turn it on and turn it up.

The desires are there
It’s time to feel worthy.

Your message is within you
You have everything you need to let it out.

The wait is over
Your highest self is you right now.

She is here. She is present, waiting for you to stand up and say, I’m ready to come home to who I am.

She’s saying to you, likely even screaming.


I’m ready to trust my inner guide.

It’s about time I let my intuition speak for me in my business and let the worlds flow out of me effortlessly.

It’s about time I sell from my soul.

It’s the only way for me and I know that this is true.

I’m no longer available for the strategies, the heartaches of the failed launches that come from what I thought would sell or the doubt inn myself.

I’m through with it.

I am ready to look my highest self in the face and say, let’s go higher.

Let’s be stronger

Let’s be bolder

Let’s no longer be afraid of the real me, the messenger, the chosen one, chosen for a message to share, work to do, a vision to bring into existence.

Like a mind craftswoman, you are full well knowing that your greatest work flows through you from a state of joy and connectedness.

The state you were always meant to be in, reside in, the highest self.

I’m giving you everything but the cats pajamas

As I don’t have a cat and if I did, she certainly would not wear clothes

But there is THIS.

You will see the truth of who you are, who you’ve wanted to be and who you’ve been afraid of allowing out. She is the one who glides through the room turning heads, captivating her audience without doing much of anything.

She is the one who doesn’t need another strategy to make it all work, to relax, to feel at peace, to feel that she is on purpose.

And selling form your soul. Ahhh if you think I’m going to make you get on another sales call, ever, you’ve lost your mind and likely should just leave the page right now.

I would never. Not unless your higher truth says yes.

You will no longer fit yourself into a box that isn’t made for you.

You will no longer focus on anything other than your zone of genius, the brilliance that your highest self brings forth

You will let go of all of the constraints and constructs that have been making everything so hard

Her message

You allow it out so fast that you can hardly keep up typing with the words that are flowing out of you. It’s bold. It’s unique. It’s what you’ve wanted to say all along. No holding back and no backing down.

I will say it, as odd as it sounds coming out onto the paper, this is your time to shine.

The brilliant light within you that has gone dim, explodes into the darkness lighting a way for millions. Yes, millions. Because this is just the beginning for you. Turning the light on is just the first step of the no rules journey that you’re on. Your soul will guide you and she already has, to right here.

You can choose to tell her (your soul) that you’re going to back down and back out this time, or you can not. It’s your choice.

Her desires

You don’t ever hold back again in saying what you want and receiving it. The desires of your soul are big, like massively big. Your take one foot and put it in front of the other, allowing yourself to take in each desire as it comes to you and then bringing them all into your life though who you are being.

It’s that simple if you choose it.

And you will choose it, that’s why you’re here. You aren’t here to pussyfoot around staying small, living a meek life in fear and doubt, hoping that someone is going to save you and make your dreams happen. Uhh, no. That’s for the other people, not you.

You are here to lead, to vision and create, the expect and demand your desires of yourself. You are here to win. And also be present in knowing that you already have in fact won, in the energy of your highest self.

Her presence

Need I say more?! The luxury, love, gratitude, freedom, expansive energy dripping off of you
It’s more than enough to turn anyone on.

And you will, turn the people on…to you. Your vibe. Your grace. Your relentless nature is what has gotten you here and brings you past the point of no return. You must follow your soul. You must trust your inner guide. You must. You MUST.

And you know this too, even without my EXTREME emphasis, which I have to say, I do love!

Oh and that’s the other thing…you get to actually just be you. Sounds simple. But wait until we remove all of the shit (let’s call it what it is) clouding your beaming light from God. How about we do that now so that it’s never hidden again and neither is your true message?!! Yas? YES.

Her decisions

Oh my Gahdddd the DECISIONS.

This is the most powerful thing you own on the planet. The earthly planet!

You decision to do, to be, to show up, to inspire, to motivate, to empower, to encourage, to serve, to choose to allow money into your life and love and friendships. DECISION IS EVERYTHING.

Like the flip of a divine switch, they are firm and foundational to receiving all that you desire. Everything is a choice. It’s all a choice. It’s a true decision.

Feel what that actually is. Know it. Step into it. Be it. That’s how you change your reality now.

Her standards

What holds it all together…THIS. No one ever got anywhere by starting and stopping.

Your standards to hold strong, to not give into the shiny strategies that you know take you nowhere and fast down the dark dead eyes and dragging yourself out of bed rabbit hole. The non purpose work.

It’s through the decisions, presence, desires, and allowing your soul to be fully seen everywhere as who you are, the highest version of you, accessing her and drawing her in, feeling her and the knowingness that everything falls perfectly into place.

Your standards require you to stay the course in integrity with the ultimate version of you, so you become her fully right here, right now.

Selling With Soul

You didn’t think I was going to skip out on this part did ya?! Ohhh hell no girl. It’s all a part of it. Your message, desires, standards, decisions for yourself and what you are available for. The choice to receive everything you want. This is you selling it all to yourself and to other people.

It’s through your energy that you sell and nothing else. That’s it.

Yes the words will come out, yes it will all fall into place, but it’s your expansive, glowing, high vibrating being that reaches through the screen and pulls them in through your vortex so they can really SEE you and then see themselves.

That’s of course, where they buy all the things…in case you were still looking for me to say that part!

And one last thing…

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The unlimited realties exist and you get to choose.

What would you be selling? How would you be thinking, acting, feeling, speaking and believing?

Becoming the truest version of you who you know you want to be, but just aren’t being yet, can’t quite see the whole picture of yet, but you’re driven AF to embody her now.


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To create the freedom you’re meant for — internal freedom. Freedom to play, to experience joy, to create, and to write your mother fucking message already. It’s in there.

Your highest self is very ready to let it out.

Are you ready?


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We will go deep.

We will excavate the bullshit, the limiting beliefs under the limiting beliefs.

We will not hold back.

You will see all of you now and all of the version of you, who you’ve chosen to be.

The one one main thing you must know about your intuition, higher self, and goddess in the wind….

She will never let you down.

She will always lead you to exactly where you are meant to be, to who you are meant to meet, and to what you are destined to say.

There is no higher truth than her.

Are you ready to meet the one divine being who knows it all for you?

Are you even ready?

You better be. She’s ready for you.

xo *wink*