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What if There Was An Easier Way To Attract Clients?

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You can fully book your 1:1 work
and you don't have to be behind the computer 24/7 to do it.

Having a truly successful and sustainable business isn't about just branding or growing your following. It's about showing up as who you truly are and creating authentic relationships, which turn into loyal followers, raving customers, and lots of referrals. Some bffs too!

When I started my business three years ago and started teaching my first couple of clients how to build websites, I had $200 to my name and was working as a server in the restaurant industry.

My goal was 6 figures in 6 months. I didn't know how I was going to make it happen,
but I did something really important:

 I made the decision that I was going to be successful.

Maybe that's how you feel right now. You're not sure what's on the path but you've decided to take it anyway.



But then the clients stopped.

I didn't know what to do to book more. I felt like I was trying everything, working harder and harder, looking at successful entrepreneurs and replicating what I saw them doing.

The problem? I didn't have a clear strategy that was authentic to me.

Once I figured this out, my business exploded.

Within three months I had made my first multiple 5 figure month in sales.

It was so exciting, but I was behind my computer all day long! After about a year of that, I was burned out. I kept pushing myself though because I thought feeling that way was normal. Sustaining my success became harder and harder.

Does this feel all too familiar? If you feel like you’re heading down this path, whoa! Hello! Stop right there! It’s not going to get better if you just keep pushing harder.

For me, it took a true reality check to snap me out of it.

Everything changed when I found out that I was pregnant.

I knew that I wanted freedom to spend time with my baby, so I was going to have to make a big business change that brought in clients consistently.

I had long since decided to be successful in my business, but now I needed to redefine success. It wasn’t just about consistent cash and clients I loved anymore. Now I wanted a profitable business that allowed me to enjoy every moment with my daughter.

So I started doing attraction marketing my way.

I took my fierce determination to create my own version of success and fully booked my business out. This time I did it on my terms. First I did $30,000 month, then a $50,000 month, and then broke my first $100,000 month in sales. Plus I had plenty of time for sweet baby snuggles. Wowza! I was never going back to the tired and old way of doing business.

Showing up as an influencer in an authentic way was what changed my business.
Knowing how to do it sustainably changed my life. 

So why is all of this so important for you to know?

Because I was just a twenty something server who made a decision and now I'm a mama on track for her first 7 figure year in business.

If I can do it, then it's possible for you too.

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You want a really successful business and a life too, but right now it seems like your only friend is your computer screen. You know that being an entrepreneur is supposed to give you freedom and that marketing does work, but it's just not working for you.

You've made all the freebies, tried to be visible, and tried to network, but it seems like getting clients is hit or miss. Your biz is never consistent and that makes it really hard to breathe, relax, and go have fun. So now you're questioning everything. Am I on the right platforms? Am I talking to the wrong person? 

You see so many people with huge followings and it seems like it's a distant dream, if we're being honest. You want it and you know you're going to have it, but the question remains: What is the secret sauce that has made these other people's brands explode?

Even though you're making some money it still feels like you're running a hobby business, which doesn't feel good, let me tell ya! You've been working at this for a while. So it's like, hello! Is there something wrong with me? Why can I not figure this out?

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  • Clients consistently reaching out to you and they keep flocking to you month after month
  • Thousands of followers who trust you and are ready to buy
  • Always growing your community no matter if you're behind the computer or out living your best life
  • Having a successful, consistently growing, sustainable business.
  • Being able to be yourself on social media and not worrying if you're going to say the right thing because you know that the community you're building will love the real you
  • Your message being spread because people fall in love with your brand and want to share it

Go on adventures, have fun, and know that your business is growing with you

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Influential Is A Program That shows you how to fully book your business with ease and keep it growing every month

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Even if you...

🌈Don't consider yourself an influencer.

Influential will show you how to talk about your business and position yourself so people to start paying attention, become fans, trust you and want to be your next case study who share their results with all of their friends.

🌈Only have a few clients so far.

That's ok! Building your momentum so you do book your next client or 10 is exactly what this program is about. It's not a quick fix, it's a long term strategy to keep your income growing.

🌈Have a super small following

We're not just growing your numbers, we're growing your influence which means creating relationships with people. So it doesn't matter if you have a community of 10 or 10,000. I'm going to show you how to reach more people and connect with them.

🌈Feel like you're not good at selling

It might seem confusing now, but I promise you that selling is easy. We're covering how to sell on social so you know exactly what to say to get people saying "oooo I want that, yes please"



Who Is Influential For?


Influential is for product and service based entrepreneurs and influencers -- you if you've had a couple of sales and want to create big momentum now and sustain it.

It's also for you if you created your brand, had the gorgeous photoshoot done and started gaining momentum, but now you're feeling super burnt out in your business because the way you're showing up just doesn't feel like you, at all. I'm here to help you change all of that!


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Before working with Ariel, I had was running a 6 figure business, super burnt out, doing everything I was taught I “had to” do in my business. Working with Ariel has been one of the most transformational and FREEING experiences of my life. Within a few weeks I was able to turn my monthly income into my weekly income creating $10k Days, $15k weekends and $17k weeks in cash! I even had my 1st $60k month working only 10hrs a week with the world’s best clients. Working with Ariel taught me to put myself, my truth and my voice 1st and that confidence not only transformed me financially - 6 figures in 6.5 months - but it also allowed me to have deep fulfillment and fun too.
— Shaneil Stewart , Intuitive Success Coach,
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Influential is everything you need to know to create momentum and consistency in your business in 6 weeks.

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Module 1

irresistible content

  • Know exactly what type of content to create to reach your clients and build trust

  • Uncover your brand story and the unique messages within it so that you get known

  • Decide on your 5 core content categories so you never run out of content ideas

Module 2

selling on social

  • Create curiosity so that people are ready to buy before you even tell them what you're selling

  • Understand how to sell in any format -- posts, live streams, and Instagram stories are just the beginning

  • Build trust and lots of referrals through connecting and creating genuine relationships with people you vibe with

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Module 3

Cohesive brand look

  • Know what makes a brand visually stand out and make people intrigued to keep reading or watching

  • Develop your own brand style that matches your voice

  • Get my favorite tools for image editing -- it's easy and fast

Module 4

keep it simple

  • Get my content planning guide which teaches you how to write powerful content in bulk

  • Learn how to automate and delegate the right things so that you can spend more time living your life

  • Understand the best practices for recycling and reusing content so you are visible with your audience and stay top of mind

  • Get a behind the scenes look at my favorite content planning apps and choose the best one for you


Module 5

Influencer Mindset

  • Consistency is key and that starts with your mindset. Get in the right head space to show up for your community without burning out

  • Really stop caring what people think so you can put the true you out into the world, fully

  • Selling is of service -- understand a true sales mindset so that you never again hesitate to tell people what you're offering

Module 6

Insta everything

  • Learn how to curate a gorgeous Instagram feed that makes people want to click, read, and read some more

  • Get the scoop behind Instagram stories, why you need to be using them now, how to show up on them every day without feeling like you're on social all the time, and exactly what to share

  • Learn Instagram growth strategies to take your numbers up a notch and decide which is going to be aligned for you

bonuses baby

extra extra

  • Get the list of presets I recommend for getting your photos to go from drab to fab

  • Influencer's Live Stream Guide -- There's a way to prepare for your live streams, invite people to them, and show up on them that gets people commenting, sharing, listening, and ready to become your customer. I'm showing you how in this guide

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What Makes Influential Different?

There are thousands of programs on attraction marketing, but Influential is different.

    There are a lot of programs out there promising big results online. The problem is that they aren't showing the endless hours of work behind the computer that most entrepreneurs experience. I tried the 24/7 hustle and burnt out big time. So I figured out another way that's sustainable and it's what I'm teaching you inside of Influential. Imagine going on a week long trip without your computer, cuddling up to binge watch your favorite show or working just a few hours a day and still seeing payments coming into your stripe account. Influential gives you the steps to make that happen.

    I've created this program with everything that you need and nothing that you don't need. It's not filled with fluff just to make it seem more valuable. Influential gives you tech tutorials along with actionable steps to get your brand seen by more people so you can book more clients and make more money now.

    I'm not saying that creating success is a piece of cake. It's not. What I am saying is that when you have the right strategy that works and you know how to fully book your business, it can happen quickly. The students who follow what I've outlined in Influential get huge results fast.

    I'm not just giving you what you need to do, I'm telling you how to actually do it with tech tutorials on the platforms I recommended inside Influential. There's no guess work. I've got you covered!

    Yep. You read that right. Module 6 of Influential is like a full blown Instagram course inside within one single module. Learn how to grow your Instagram with engaged followers who turn into clients.

    Have you seen my testimonials?...check them out!

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I had the life-changing opportunity to work with Ariel when I decided to finally play big and go all in with my passion in health, spirituality and transformational life coaching. I went from dreaming to doing, becoming a 6-figure coach who makes plenty of time for traveling, nourishing my body + soul, and living in pleasure, purpose, and fun, while working with amazing human beings and helping them get life-changing results. Ariel saw the fire within me and gave me the fuel to live the life beyond my wildest dreams. And it JUST. KEEPS. GETTING. BETTER!”
— Michal G. Hochman Copenhagen, Denmark Holistic Health Coach + Healer, Spirit Guide, and Iyengar Yoga Teacher


All The Details

INFLUENTIAL ($11,800 total Value)

The only 6 week course that focuses on authentic attraction marketing that's sustainable.

Video Trainings ($6000 Value)

6 videos walking you step by step through the Influential program, plus your bonus trainings and tutorials.

Tech tutorials ($2000 value)

For each platforms I recommend to automate, plan or edit, you'll have a lesson on how to use that platform.

6 Downloadable Workbooks ($1400 Value)

I'll be asking you the hard questions that give you a breakthrough so you can move forward with ease. 

6 Lesson Transcripts ($1400 Value)

Prefer to read while you chill? Take these babies on the go.

COMMUNITY ($1000 Value)

Grab an accountability partner, get feedback, and be reminded on the daily that if you can imagine it, it's real.


Plus, the content is yours to keep forever.

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Ariel was the first coach to truly give me the loving (but firm!) kick in the butt that I needed to actually start accessing the power I knew I was capable of bringing as a coach. Before we started working together 1:1, I’d literally made $2,500 the ENTIRE year before. Ariel invited me to make the powerful decision to really do what was necessary for my business, and it totally paid off. I made $20k in sales and $12k cash during our first month together! It’s all thanks to Ariel showing me that I can do business based entirely on my intuition, and giving me the permission slip I needed to do things my way. If you get the opportunity to work with Ariel, take it, because she truly is a powerful mentor to have on your side.
— Niki Wells Philadelphia, PA, USA Success Mindset Mentor
I’ve never felt more powerful than the day I signed up for this program. Before I was working with Ariel, I was barely scraping by and just hoping and praying the next client would come, one at a time. I didn’t know how to use my intuition in my structured business, and I didn’t know how to make money consistently as a coach. Luckily, the day I signed up for Ariel’s program, the whole game changed. She made me realize I am the authority of my own life! I then made my biggest sale yet, $4,500, and became fully booked. I then had a $19,000 month in sales which was my biggest month in sales yet. I’m so grateful to Ariel for her service mindset and strong coaching. She saw my purposeful potential and lifted me to my own next level. I finally feel like I am in the drivers seat, following and creating my own desires.
— Colleen Coles, Charlottesville, VA, Purpose Coach
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Want in?

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Two Things

If you've read this far you've probably got a gut feeling that's nudging you to take the next step. Trust it! Here's why.

1. Attraction marketing is the way to build a profitable online business

2. Influential will show you how to do it in a sustainable way that you won't find anywhere else.


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Ariel Frey is an online business coach and new mom who has had a multiple 6 figure business for the last three years.

She helps entrepreneurs create simple, scalable, and impactful businesses with her signature framework, Intuitive Success™so that they can have a wildly successful business that is aligned with the life they want.

When she started her business she was a server in the restaurant industry with a few hundred dollars to her name and in just a few months had done her first $20,000 month in business. 

Ariel currently lives in Chicago with her husband Nick and her daughter Francis. She has built a community of over 23,000 entrepreneurs who follow her behind the scenes as she creates success on her terms and inspires them to do the same.




Will Influential work for me?
I wish I could tell you that Influential will absolutely work! Unfortunately, I can't. You're the one who has to make it work and go all in with what I'm teaching you. If you go through the program, trust the process and take massive action on what you learn in Influential then you will get results quickly. 

I'm not clear on how to talk about my offer. Is this program still a good fit for me?
Yes. Talking about your offer is just one piece of what you learn in module 1. You don't have to have everything together to get results from this program. That's what we do together. I'm teaching you how to talk about your offer and sell it so that you become fully booked.

I'm pretty busy right now. Should I just wait for another time?
Honestly, it's never going to feel like the perfect time to do this work. You're also not going to expand your audience and book more clients if you don't learn how to attract clients to you. And you're probably really busy because you haven't been taught the sustainable way to do business. Let's change that and actually give you freedom along with a big bank account.

I'm in network marketing/direct sales. Will this work for me?
Yes 100%! It will! Networking marketing is all about building trust with your audience and showing up as an influencer. That's exactly what I show you how to do inside Influential. You learn to create content that draws people in, brand yourself to stand out, and sell on social. I've got you covered if you want to sell product or build you're team. Influential is the way to do it!

I'm just getting started in my business, is this for me? 
Yes! It's perfect for you if you have 1 or two clients. Influential shows you how to fully book your business!

Is it only for coaches?
Nope! It's for service based entrepreneurs who have booked 1 or 2 clients already and want to become fully booked asap. I've had clients do this work who own hair salons, are massage therapists, and even online business managers. Influential is designed for anyone who wants to get their brand seen by more people and book more clients now!

What is the refund policy?
Zero refunds. When you work with me, you've got be all in. That's up to you.

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