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How I manifested over 7 figures in revenue online.
Decide when you want the cash money and receive it.

Hey love! I've been in the online space for over five years now and what I know for sure is that you always get to decide how much you receive, when you receive it, and what is required to attract it in. It's not just understanding the manifestation principles. It's in understanding the mindset and energy behind knowing that you get to have it, then leaning back and receiving it. 

I’ve sold a lot of different things online, from courses to high ticket coaching, to live events. I’ve also sold all of this in a lot of different ways. I trusted myself to market my work in the way that felt good to me.

That’s why I know for sure that this level of success I’ve created has been first and foremost an inside job. What you believe is true gets to be true for you.

I want to share all of this with you!! 

This training will be live with me and we will have time for questions at the end.

We will be live on Tuesday November 12th at 3pm CT and the recording will be yours forever.

Learn how to receive more money with ease so you can impact more people with your heart centered business.

We’ll dive into

✨How to feel the energy of receiving so that you know exactly what it feels like to consciously call in more sales.

✨How to truly open to abundance. No gripping on or trying to figure out how it’s all going to work. I use this along with my business strategy to attract opportunities to make my strategies work even better.

✨My step by step process for manifesting anything in your life and business.

✨The common blocks that come up for women when they are working on receiving at higher levels. I have seen these patterns hundreds of times with all of the clients I’ve worked with. Knowing this could be the missing key you need right now.

✨Exercises to elevate your ability to receive and to overcome any blocks that come up.

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Your Manifestation + Mindset Deep Dive