It’s never just about manifesting money, it’s always about who you are being and your ability to manifest everything that you want in every area of your life.

Relationships, body, health, clients, opportunities, and your environment of course like the Chanel bag, luxury car, your dream home and everything else you desire.

The desires are there because they are meant for you to have and that just is what it is.

So you get to decide to step up into a new belief and claim them or not.

But it is your choice to be the woman who has her next level manifestations!

This is how. ↓

Next Level Manifestation Training

  • Get my ACTUAL step by step process for manifesting money and everything else you desire. This is how I’ve called in $20K months and over of $100K months in sales.

  • Align every area in your life! Uncover where it’s not your soul truth and what to do about it ASAP.

  • Clear out all of the sh*t that is like a brick wall blocking money, the man (or woman), relationships, team, and all other aligned desires from coming into your life.

  • Dive into all of the stories that are running your life. This is going to create massive freedom for you in all areas!

  • Get into the energy of the next level you and stay in it! This is how you manifest it all.


Get immediate access to this recorded training, pulled directly from one of my most popular programs The Spiritual Badass Business Bundle.


Who is Ariel Frey?

Ariel Frey is a spiritual coach, intuitive messenger, and business mentor, building a 7 figure empire. She has had a multiple 6 figure business for over 3 years, worked with students from around the world, and helped clients create results like their first $20K months and multiple 6 figure launches.

Ariel is a mama to a toddler and lives with her husband in Chicago. She bought an airstream on a whim and is currently having it renovated for her family to travel across the US in 2019.