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Ready to stop playing small?

It's time to live your most JOYFUL LIFE
by following your big business dreams







one on one 1


Ready to stop playing small?

It's time to live your most JOYFUL LIFE
by following your big business dreams






One On One Coaching Program



This signature program was designed specifically for you - the driven, female coach or serviced based entrepreneur who is playing big in the world, wants an extraordinary life, and desires to create a big impact with your business.


Imagine how would it feel to...

  • Get clear on your ideal client and confidently market to them.
  • Know how to create and sell high level, signature coaching packages.
  • Own your value and start charging your worth.
  • Feel so much more confident about your offering and the results that your clients will get.
  • Create a brand and a business that is an extension of who you are.
  • Have clarity about the direction of your business and a plan to get you there.
  • Be filled up by the work that you do every day.
  • Have sales conversations that feel easy, freeing, and never pushy.
  • Learn how to create and run live trainings to provide value to potential clients.
  • Have a consistent flow of dream clients enrolling with you.
  • Start showing up on social media the way that a 6 figure business owner does.
  • Learn the mindset shifts required to have 5 figure months.

It's all possible in 90 days. Yep.



Ariel Frey is a rising star in the coaching industry and a mega blessing to the world. She’s gone from a girl working in a restaurant to a thriving Success Coach with clients all around the world. It’s been an honor to be on this journey with her, and I know she’s going to the top! Hire her while you still can - it will be a game-changer for you and your business!
— Emily Williams, Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life Limited


Why I Do This Work

Because I know what it’s like to feel purposeless, to be hustling for less than I’m worth, and to feel unfulfilled in my work. I know what it’s like to feel shame around money, to feel financially suck, and to not feel like you’ve got anyone who has your back or understands your dream. I get it.

I do what I do because I believe that we all have a unique purpose, gifts, and wisdom that are meant to be shared with the world. And I want to help as many women across the globe be the tide and rise all the boats by using the gifts that they have. I want them to be lit up with purpose, joy, and be really living their dream life by having a business that they adore.

I know that the more women (nurturing spirits that we are) that put their work into the world, are charging their worth, feeling joyful, and free, and making an impact with their business - we will collectively create healing on and in the planet. It’s inevitable.



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It's time to live your most extraordinary life.

one on one 2





It's time to live your most extraordinary life.

You Are A Powerful Woman

 You want to live your dream life and you are meant to have it.

Here's what I know about you:

  • You feel like you don't know how to start creating momentum in your business and you're starting to freak out because the job you have is draining your soul.
  • You may have blocks that you don't know how to move past and desire an intuitive business coach to help you make big changes and get bigger results. 
  • You are ready to stop spinning your wheels and start selling signature coaching packages now
  • You are no longer available for being overwhelmed and confused about how to grow your business
  • You've tried to get everything going in your business, but something just isn't working and you want help to finally start making big money now.
  • You've got some of the structures set up, like your website, but you want to make sure that everything in place the right way so you know you'll really skyrocket your success.
  • You're also very nervous about sales conversations and just want to make sure that you are being authentic and not pushy toward potential clients.
  • You want to start charging your worth, owning your value, and showing up as an expert.

This is your time to become a joyful visionary with a business that is an extension of your soul, clear blocks that are getting in the way of the success that you desire and deserve, and step fully into the women that you are meant to be.

What's My Story?

I understand where you are and where you want to go

I was in that place, a short time ago, where I felt like there had to be a way to create the success I wanted, but I just didn't know how to make it happen. I committed myself to transforming my life and growing my business exponentially, and that's exactly what happened. 

I had to do the work and be the woman with a 6 figure business

Having the courage to follow your heart is a powerful sign to the universe that you are ready to create your something big. I wish that I could tell you creating success is easy and that freedom comes right away. But the truth is that I had to work a lot on myself and my business to make my dreams a reality. 

Before all of that I was a server in the restaurant industry

I was just a girl with a dream that had been working on trying to create it for 3 years. I never gave up.


Still, nothing seemed to be happening

 I was more than ready to get out of the restaurant industry forever. I knew that the smart thing to do was get help. That's when I hired a high level business coach.

I chose to believe that I had nothing to lose

Making big investments in yourself and your business can seem scary, if you allow them to. But I decided that this investment was going to be the one that changed my life. Intention is everything. 

I noticed transformation immediately

Saying yes to myself and getting the support that I truly desired was the best decision that I've ever made. Within 40 days I had my first $23,000 month in sales and a year later I am a multiple 6 figure business owner.

I've gotten to travel first class, work with amazing women from around the world, and live the purposeful life that I always wanted.

Now I help other driven visionary women do the same.

Imagine a life that completely fulfills you.

You're meant to have it and I want to help you get there.


one on one 3







one on one 3







Coaching Program Details

Your coaching experience will be unique and personalized to you, but these
are some of the topics we might cover.  


  • Gain insight on your true purpose and message - the one that only you can share with the world
  • Know exactly who you are meant to serve with your business, on this slice of time
  • Develop a brand that is an extension of who truly you are
  • Understand how to market yourself in a way that makes you feel powerful and stand out
  • Get clear on the beliefs that are in the way of the success you desire


  • The heart of your most joyful life, is knowing every detail of what you want
    • Gain clarity on your desires for your life and business
  • Get clear on what programs and services you are being called to offer to your dream clients
  • Start being fully in your truth about who you are and what you are meant to do in the world
  • Learn how to dream even bigger and start preparing for your new reality


  • Have empowered sales conversations that never feel slimy or awkward
  • Know how to overcome objections without being pushy
  • Raise your prices and generate more income
  • Have confidence in your offer and know your worth


  • Build your first successful group program
  • Incorporate passive income products into your business model
  • Learn how to hire a team and effectively delegate
  • Streamline your business processes to get more done in less time
  • Learn how to create an irresistible freebie and use Facebook ads to double and triple your list


  • Receive intuitive guidance from me about what mindset blocks or old conditioning are keeping you from the purposeful life you desire. 


  • Understand what's behind every limiting belief so you can easily shift them
  • Transform your thoughts about money and success
  • Overcome old conditioning and habits
  • Start claiming your unique gifts and value
  • Learn how to simplify life and business to continue moving forward powerfully  
  • Create more space for self care


  • Create a marketing strategy that is always bringing in a flow of clients to your business
  • Start showing up on social media in an authentic way that feels good
  • Learn how to laser in on what needs attention every day, week, and month in your business
  • Build a community of followers who resonate with your message and can't wait to work with you
  • Develop core systems and structures in your business


What's Included

  • 30 Minute complimentary clarity call
  • Twelve 45 minute coaching sessions via video
  • A signature welcome packet to help you gain clarity even before our first session.
    • This will help to accelerate your success because we'll both be clear about exactly what we need to focus on for you to create results.
  • Full email support for in between your sessions when you need extra love and guidance
  • Action steps that you'll take away from each call so you'll be clear about your focus for the week
  • Resources galore to help you dive even deeper between sessions.
    • You'll have access to worksheets, PDF's, Videos, Audios, and Checklists to help you maximize our time together.


What Sets Me Apart

I'm highly intuitive - which means I get insight from spirit to help you gain clarity and create incredible transformation in your life.

My passion is going deep with you to get to the core of what you really want and what's keeping you from making it happen.

You will feel momentum after our weekly sessions because I bring that much energy to the call.

I truly believe in your success and that whatever you want is possible for you.

I'm here to ask you the hard questions because I care about you living your most joyful life.

I believe in making business simple, developing a strategy that gets you jacked with excitement, and bringing the core of who you are into everything that you do.

Joy. Intention. Action. Clarity. Focus.



What's Possible

Take a look at a few of my sales figures from the last year

Month 1: $4100     Month 2: $3500     Month 3: $23,400

By Month 6: $91,400 Total

By Month 12: Over $200,000 Total

This kind of financial success is possible for you too and it doesn't have to take 10 years!
Imagine how exciting it would be to finally have the business and life of your dreams in 2016.

I'm really passionate about compressing your timeline and creating results fast
so that you can start living your biggest dreams now. 


Ariel is a rainbow spirit who came here from another dimension to brighten the Earth and blaze a path for women to live their biggest truth. Equal parts magic and mega-marketing-mastery, she is a visionary and a luminary.

In working with Ariel I created a brand and 1:1 coaching program that speaks to the heart of my ideal clients, up-leveled my mindset and wealth consciousness, took consistent action to grow my business, created 3 free guides and an audio training, became visible on social media, held a live training with 119 sign-ups, grew a FB group of over 300, and made the most money I’ve ever made in a month. ($12,407 in December, one month after her launch)

Liivi has since created a multiple 6 figure business!
— Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Business Strategist

I know with what Ariel has taught me, I have big things coming my way. I have set income goals, client # goals, and a date in which I plan to leave my 9-5 so that I can pursue online entrepreneurship to the fullest!

Working with Ariel has been the most amazing thing to happen to me. Ever. I was able to find clarity in my business, tune into my intuition, get super clear about my message that I want to bring to the world, and most importantly my confidence and self-esteem grew like wildfire. You cannot make it very far in business without the mindset to back it up, and luckily Ariel is very good at the mindset stuff :)

Thank you Ariel, for helping me create the life that I’ve always desired!
— Emily Page, Business Designer & Social Media Strategist

I feel so much gratitude when I think of how working with Ariel has significantly improved my life and business in such a short amount of time. I never actually thought it was possible, until it was. Having worked in the entertainment and advertising industry for over 15 years over 3 different continents, I thought I had it all down! I was so wrong. I needed support in getting my systems and structures in place. I am the woman who had 4 contacts on my list when I decided to become a coach. In 4 months while working with Ariel, I built two websites ( and and grew my list to 300. In the tiny little email list I had, I secured my first high-ticket client, and enrolled 4 incredible women into my group program (1 week after launching) earning $7K in 7 days. I’m so excited to continue filling seats in my program while attracting my dreamy clients every day. I literally wish I had Ariel pocket-sized to take with me everywhere!
— Lisa Trublet de Nermont, Los Angeles, CA, Digital Marketing and Business Success Coach for Women

Don’t let that beautiful soft smile fool you. Ariel is a mighty little powerhouse who leads and inspires with the biggest heart. If it weren’t for her I would not have had the courage to find myself, my groove and my way out of a horrible corporate position that was consuming my life. Through laughs and plenty of tears, she encouraged me, helped me see beyond my situation and advocated me finding what worked best for me. While working with her I was able to build the structures of my now booming Online Business Manager business. Ariel may specialize in helping new coaches, but I am proof that this lady can help anyone go from 0 to 100 in a short amount of time. She holds space for you, gives you access to her trial and errors, and provides you the tools to help boost your clarity and confidence.

I’m consistently having $8k months, have hired two team members, am waitlisting clients, and am on track for $10K + months. I’m now making more money than I was in my corporate job.

I cannot thank Ariel enough for being there in the beginning of my journey. Whether you have a plan or not, you simply can’t go wrong with this lady. She isn’t just coaching it...She’s Living It! Thank you Ariel!!
— Chelle Weech, Online Business Manager + Social Media Strategist

Ariel is a pure light of intuitive genius. She’s talented and incredible gifted. Her business is helping women find their true path to build the business of their dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted. You’ve just got to hear her story to know that she’s a fighter who believes that anything is possible. She’s built her dream business on this premise and it’s awe inspiring to see how she continues to excel in her business, surpassing her own goals while making a global name for herself. What a treasure of a woman. If you get the chance, you must work with Ariel. She’ll completely change your life.
— Janelle Ladewig, Success Coach





one on one 4



one on one 4



In the short time I have been working with Ariel I have gone from a girl with a dream and an idea to a woman with a brand and a program. (She’s now almost fully booked with clients)

Her positive spirit, knowledge, intuition and guidance are so in tune with the needs of powerful women entrepreneurs. With her coaching I am not only moving forward, I am exceeding my goals. I am the success I’ve always knew I could be.

Thank you Ariel! You are truly my motivation and inspiration!
— Melissa Vara, Confidence Coach

In a few short months I have noticed INCREDIBLE changes in myself, my business, and almost every aspect of my life.

I have grown my life coaching business, and an incredible Facebook community filled with powerhouse women focusing on adding more happiness and self-love into their lives. I trained under best-selling Hay House Author and Happiness Expert, Robert Holden, and received his Coach Camp Certification. I recently left my 9 - 5 and I got engaged this weekend to the love of my life.

I can now honestly say that I am living the life of my dreams. I no longer just talk about doing and having the things that I want, I take action and claim them as my own. Thank you Ariel for believing in me and showing me that anything is possible. Ariel is truly an inspiration. She has motivated me to be the best version of myself and fully show up in the world to do what I was meant to women find a deeper level of happiness and self-love.
— Ginger Marie, Venice, CA, Life Coach and Certified Angel Card Reader at Life Coach Ginger Marie

Ariel changed my mindset around what my life can look like. She facilitated my release from my ideas of what my life and career “should” be. She opened the door to making my dreams of starting a business without fear come to life, and empowered me to move towards being my own boss. Ariel inspires. She cuts to the core of roadblocks and ignites passion to take action. She is about making things happen, and brings that to her clients by providing high value in all of her content.
— Kate Barnett, Spiritual Healer & Yogi

Working with Ariel has absolutely been the best decision that I’ve made from my business. Ariel helped me so much in gaining tons of clarity about the direction I wanted to go with my business, who my ideal clients were and how to find them, and she helped me power forward and kick things up a notch in getting things up and running.
— Rachel Abott, Personal Empowerment + Business Coach

Ariel has been so supportive in that process of becoming the woman I needed to be in order to make this work. Her intuition is spot on and is helpful in finding blocks I wouldn’t have known were there otherwise. She’s a great combination of the business and mindset sides of becoming a new coach, both of which are so necessary in this industry!
— Lauren Ashley Erickson, Graphic Designer

I’ve had business coaches, and intuitive coaches, and Ariel is the best combination of both. She has an unbelievable ability to use her intuitive gifts combined with her business smarts to break down your barriers, discover your upper limits, and heal your insecurities.
— Shai Ford, CEO Wild Sister & Business Coach, Georgia

Having the support of Ariel, a woman who truly believes in the good life, has allowed me to experience growth on a level I never knew how to attain on my own. In just this time spent reflecting on my experiences with her, I am again filled with positive energy and feeling radiant both inside and out. You have allowed me to trust in my desires and reach for my goals. For that I am forever grateful.
— Jacklyn, Designer, Chicago

This was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I was hesitate to spend the money at first, but I knew I wouldn’t do it alone, my dream would stay a dream. I made the decision to make my dream a reality and investing with Ariel was my first step. It was an amazing first step because she had helpful resources, tools, and support! I am leaving this very equipped to run a successful coaching business!
— Staci Gustiuc, Life Coach

Ariel’s Bohemian-chic style and quirky intuitiveness will make you instantly attracted to this petite powerhouse. She is the perfect mix of intuition and business strategy.
— Cailen Ascher, Clarity Coach + Author,

When I think of Ariel, I feel powerful strength, inspired intuition and unapologetic resilience. Seeing these valuable qualities in her in our coaching time allowed me to discover the huge potential of my own untapped gifts as well.

If it hadn’t have been for her encouraging me to leverage my natural skills such as relationship-building with influencers, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. Being celebrated by Ariel and given the needed strategy she intuitively develops, I was propelled to reach the entrepreneurs who need these networking skills most and work with clients I adore.

I truly believe that Ariel is deeply service-minded. Her commitment to helping others get incredible results in their businesses is felt in every interaction. I’m forever grateful to Ariel for showing me the power of creating a limitless mindset daily and letting that expanded possibility within reverberate outward into all I do.
— Alison LeKander, Creative Video Coach


One on one 5

One on one 5

A Letter For You

Hey lady love!

When I knew that it was time for a big change in my life, I knew. It was a feeling of certainty and determination where my foot was on the gas and there was no looking back.

Maybe that's where you are right now. You know that you're meant to have an extraordinary, joyful life and a business that impacts millions of people. 

This is the start of making that happen. 

Getting high level support was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In order to make that decision I had to really believe that I was worth the investment and deserved big success in my life. 

So I want you to know that where you are now does not reflect who you are. Your purpose is within you, waiting for you to run with it. You are worth investing in.

There's no reason to wait and there is no better time than now to make your dreams happen.

Why not get the support from someone who's been there and knows how to help you compress your timeline and reach your financial goals quickly? I believe in you. 

The success you desire is meant for you! Let's make it happen now.

Lots of love, 
xx Ariel



What Happens Next


You are more than ready to create your dream business and life now.

1.You book a complimentary, 30 minute clarity call
We will see where you are in your business, where you want to go,
 what it's going to take to get there, and if it's a good fit to work together

2. You invest in your transformational coaching program

Your welcome pack comes right away and you start working on it today.

3. My assistant schedules your 12 coaching sessions
at a time that works best for both of us

She's awesome!

4. We meet weekly and you start creating
massive transformation in your life and business