You want a really successful business and a life too, but right now it seems like your only friend is your computer screen. You know that being an entrepreneur is supposed to give you freedom and that marketing does work, but it's just not working for you.

You've made all the freebies, tried to be visible, and tried to network, but it seems like getting clients is hit or miss. Your biz is never consistent and that makes it really hard to breathe, relax, and go have fun. So now you're questioning everything. Am I on the right platforms? Am I talking to the wrong person? 

You see so many people with huge followings and it seems like it's a distant dream, if we're being honest. You want it and you know you're going to have it, but the question remains: What is the secret sauce that has made these other people's brands explode?

Even though you're making some money it still feels like you're running a hobby business, which doesn't feel good, let me tell ya! You've been working at this for a while. So it's like, hello! Is there something wrong with me? Why can I not figure this out?