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Products To Help You Master Your Mindset, Nail Your Marketing, and Sell With Ease.

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The Intuitive Entrepreneur’s Guide For 6 Figures & Beyond

The step by step Mindset, Marketing & Manifestation
behind my multiple 6-figure brand - with marketing templates, my manifesting process, and bonus video.
And it’s only $29. Get it below.


Intuitive Success

Exactly How To Create your profitable, service based business that gives you freedom

  • Learn how to create a simple, scalable, and impactful business using my signature framework.

  • Gain major momentum in your business now

  • Get clear on exactly who you are here to serve and what you are meant to do with them based on your unique strengths

  • Set up the proper systems in your business so that you’re ready to make bank and scale your income!



Manifesting Money Course

learn how to start receiving money with ease

  • Learn my exact secrets for manifesting money every month in my business, the easy way!

  • In just 5 weeks, master your mind, so you can finally ditch the wavering feeling for good.

  • Don’t let the doubt and fear get you down. Know exactly what to do to kick negative feelings in the a$$ and turn them into dollars.

  • Learn how to get divine downloads on demand!

  • Bust through limiting beliefs and set major boundaries so you attract everything you want now!



authentic attractION marketing for coaches

  • Learn how to use organic marketing to make 5 figures per month in your coaching business.

  • Attract more followers and clients who are ready to pay you on the spot!

  • Captivate your audience by just being you!

  • Keep them watching until the end, waiting for your pitch.

  • Develop a cohesive brand style and learn the tricks of the top social media platforms.


Highest Self

a 13 day immersion
to bring you back home to who you truly are

  • Understand how to be in the vibration of attracting everything you want - clients, sales, friendships, partner.

  • Learn how your soul sells for you and that it’s really the only way to feel free and always know the money is coming in.

  • Show up fully as the next level version of you. Increase sales, attract higher level clients, and when you deice that you’re doing something, it’s already done for you.


Spiritual Badass business bundle

14 part training bundle

  • Dive deep into the spiritual side of online business and become a vibrational match for more clients.

  • Receive daily journal prompts to get into alignement and receive clear intuitive answers.

  • Learn how to create launch aligned offers and intuitively launch them.

  • Become an energetic match for your desires!