Social Media Strategy That Sells


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We’ll Create a 30 Day Custom Content Plan To Fit Your Brand

Our team will create a custom social media strategy to fit your brand in 5 days flat. You'll receive a 30 day content plan for Instagram, Insta stories, and your Facebook feed. We'll take the guesswork out of growing your following and selling on social!

Plan $750


We’ll Deliver 30 days of Custom Content

Our team will build every piece of your social media strategy. Consider it a total social strategy rebrand where your vision is combined with our proven strategies for growing your business with targeted leads. We'll create a strategy to meet your big goals and deliver 30 days of custom content in 5 days.

Custom $2500

*Coming Soon*

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We’ll Give You Our Best Social Media Strategy & Marketing Advice

We offer social media strategy consulting. Talk brand direction, marketing strategy, and everything business with Ariel Frey, our CEO.

Consulting $299